Yael German’s Crazy Amazing Plan for Misrad HaBriut that Will Save The Country

Yael German is a sick woman. Besides Naftali Bennett, who earns my title for worst, most disgusting Knesset Member/Minister, Yael German is right behind him for her callousness. Lapid I pity because he’s more clueless than callous, even though arguably he does more damage due to the power of his position as Finance Minister.

One reader turned my attention to this article in The Marker, which outlines German’s new crazy amazing plan for the Government Health Mafia to make it better. My disdain for Yael German comes from the fact that she fought Moshe Feiglin hard on the cannabis legalization issue, and actually made it harder for sick people to get marijuana by giving the entire industry to Sarel, a government crony company in charge of supplying the Health Ministry and all its crony hospitals with all its supplies at monopoly prices.

Yael German, apparently, has the moral authority to make sick people suffer and not let them take what helps them. She is therefore unforgivable in my eyes, unfeeling, and evil for the pain she causes suffering sick people.

But anyway, the title of the article here is “Equalizing the Burden Begins at the Health Ministry”. Already you can tell this is about taxing the rich more to support public hospitals. And indeed that’s all it is. Here is the relevant half of a paragraph about German’s new “plan” that’s supposed to make the Misrad HaBriut a powerhouse of modern health blah blah etc.

גרמןהציגה שני מהלכים גדולים שעודם בחיתוליהם ואמורים להיות הזרזים לשוויון המיוחל: הראשון הוא שינוי שיטת החישוב של מס הבריאות, שיהפוך אותו לפרוגרסיבי יותר באמצעות העברת נטל מהעשירונים הנמוכים לגבוהים. השני הוא הקמת ועדה ציבורית לבחינת דרכים לחיזוק הרפואה הציבורית.

Basically, German is doing two things. One thing really, because the second thing is so stupid it’s only worth mentioning for comedy. First, she’s making the taxes that go to the Health Mafia more “progressive” AKA raising them on the rich people to support the Mafia. Second, she’s…jeez, it’s really hard to write this without rolling my eyes so I can’t even type…she’s “establishing a committee to investigate ways to strengthen the public health system.”

Translation: She’s paying a bunch of her friends and relatives or political allies and donors some tax money so they can sit on their fat asses and drink coffee all day somewhere in the Knesset’s meeting rooms and discuss how they can raise taxes even more to make the Health Mafia even stronger. This committee will probably cost millions of shekels because everyone on it will be paid obscene amounts to discuss raising taxes even more on you, while spending your money talking about it.

So that’s it. She’s going to raise taxes, and appoint a committee of her friends to discuss how to raise taxes still further. That’s her plan. Ingenious.