Israeli Pigs Save Day, Arrest Doctor for Prescribing Cannabis

How many more stabbings today? Who cares! The police got their man and did something important. They arrested a doctor who sold cannabis prescriptions for money. And the self righteous amoral drones had a press conference about it, as if it was some big thing and they did a good job. Meanwhile people are getting stabbed and run over by crazed Arab motorists.

But at least Dr. Avraham Dotan will be behind bars for selling a plant! We’re saved.

Thank you police, who protecteth us from evil plants.

The next time someone gets stabbed and goes to the hospital, I hope you don’t arrest the doctor first if he happened to sell a medical marijuana prescription.



Why Bennett is so bad and Bayit Yehudi Is the worst, most dangerous party

Vote Zehut!

Why is Bennett so bad? Just in terms of the number of people he is responsible for killing indirectly, and those who have yet to die because of him. Yes, die, because of him. Early on in the last coalition, Netanyahu wanted to do a prisoner release as a good will gesture to Abbas. The budget had not yet passed. Moshe Feiglin was going around to the the most right wing of right wingers in the coalition, telling them that the only way to stop this release of murderers was to vote against the budget, thereby bringing down the government. Bibi would have to recant, and the deal wouldn’t go through.

Moshe needed 3 more people to vote against the budget. That’s it. Bennett had 12. But not even Orit Struck, the most right wing of right wing of right wingers, mehadrin min hamehadrin, would vote against the budget to stop the terrorist release. I don’t like the word terrorist but I’m using it here so people who do like that word understand.

Orit Struck, who was kicked out of Sinai back in 1982, not even she would threaten to bring down the government. Only Moshe. Certainly not Bennett. But if Bennett had instructed his sheep to do so, they would have done it, and murderers would not be on the streets now. And Jews will die, and have died, because of it. Because to Bennett, what matters more than Jewish lives is his seat in the government.

Don’t sugarcoat it. In the end he had to make a decision. Seat in government, or block terrorist release. He chose the former. So did Struck.

The other stuff has to do with medical marijuana – anyone against that, that has the power to make it available to the sick but chooses not to, has no heart or pity and may deserve (I’m not God so I only say “may”) to die in pain for the pain he causes the sick and dying. I hate him for that and though I don’t wish pain on anybody – not even Bennett – if he suffers terrible pain from a disease (which I am not wishing upon him, to be clear) it would be midah keneged midah, theoretically.

Medical cannabis is a joke issue to those who don’t know what it’s like to have a relative sick and dying of cancer who can’t get a joint because some bureaucrat says he doesn’t need it. The chemo patients vomiting blood and unable to eat for weeks and have to be fed intravenously because the Medical Cannabis Regulation Office doesn’t want to give out too many government prescriptions. His fault. HIS FAULT HIS FAULT HIS FAULT. I look at and hear about people in pain and I think Bennett, and German, and other loathsome jerks walking around healthy and it drives me crazy.

Let alone if you are among the crowd that truly believes hash oil is a cancer cure. I’m not in that camp, but those who are should be able to test it and try it and smoke it and eat it and anything they damn will please with no restrictions period. Every time a dying cancer patient screams in pain it’s because of him – others too, but he’s included.

Then there’s the issue of the Jerusalem law to require 80 MK’s to give away the city, which he voted against to keep his stupid job as “minister of the economy” whatever the hell that means.

And there’s the Yisrael Hayom Law which forbids passing around free newspapers for God’s sake, which he came out “against” but did not, conveniently, tell his mindless wacko lackey Ayelet Shaked to shut up about. And that’s the thing with this guy. He takes the positive press for being “against” it when he knows it will pass anyway, but does not instruct his party to vote against it when it could actually threaten its passage.

There’s more, but I focus a lot on him because he talks the talk, but never stands up for what he says he believes in. And people just don’t get it. He vacuums in positive energy of people who think something good will come of him and he flushes all that energy into a bottomless stinking latrine. Nothing good will come out of this fake. Nothing.

All the people under his leadership would be good people if led by an actual person, like Feiglin. But he takes the positive energy in people like Struck and he channels it into the garbage. He’s like a lightning rod for goodness, channeling it through him and dumping it into nowhere so it doesn’t do anything and he keeps his stupid job.

If you vote for him and understand that, then fine. If you vote for him thinking that he’s a good guy, then you’re part of the problem.

Yael German’s Crazy Amazing Plan for Misrad HaBriut that Will Save The Country

Yael German is a sick woman. Besides Naftali Bennett, who earns my title for worst, most disgusting Knesset Member/Minister, Yael German is right behind him for her callousness. Lapid I pity because he’s more clueless than callous, even though arguably he does more damage due to the power of his position as Finance Minister.

One reader turned my attention to this article in The Marker, which outlines German’s new crazy amazing plan for the Government Health Mafia to make it better. My disdain for Yael German comes from the fact that she fought Moshe Feiglin hard on the cannabis legalization issue, and actually made it harder for sick people to get marijuana by giving the entire industry to Sarel, a government crony company in charge of supplying the Health Ministry and all its crony hospitals with all its supplies at monopoly prices.

Yael German, apparently, has the moral authority to make sick people suffer and not let them take what helps them. She is therefore unforgivable in my eyes, unfeeling, and evil for the pain she causes suffering sick people.

But anyway, the title of the article here is “Equalizing the Burden Begins at the Health Ministry”. Already you can tell this is about taxing the rich more to support public hospitals. And indeed that’s all it is. Here is the relevant half of a paragraph about German’s new “plan” that’s supposed to make the Misrad HaBriut a powerhouse of modern health blah blah etc.

גרמןהציגה שני מהלכים גדולים שעודם בחיתוליהם ואמורים להיות הזרזים לשוויון המיוחל: הראשון הוא שינוי שיטת החישוב של מס הבריאות, שיהפוך אותו לפרוגרסיבי יותר באמצעות העברת נטל מהעשירונים הנמוכים לגבוהים. השני הוא הקמת ועדה ציבורית לבחינת דרכים לחיזוק הרפואה הציבורית.

Basically, German is doing two things. One thing really, because the second thing is so stupid it’s only worth mentioning for comedy. First, she’s making the taxes that go to the Health Mafia more “progressive” AKA raising them on the rich people to support the Mafia. Second, she’s…jeez, it’s really hard to write this without rolling my eyes so I can’t even type…she’s “establishing a committee to investigate ways to strengthen the public health system.”

Translation: She’s paying a bunch of her friends and relatives or political allies and donors some tax money so they can sit on their fat asses and drink coffee all day somewhere in the Knesset’s meeting rooms and discuss how they can raise taxes even more to make the Health Mafia even stronger. This committee will probably cost millions of shekels because everyone on it will be paid obscene amounts to discuss raising taxes even more on you, while spending your money talking about it.

So that’s it. She’s going to raise taxes, and appoint a committee of her friends to discuss how to raise taxes still further. That’s her plan. Ingenious.

The Top 10 Reasons Why Legalizing Marijuana Would Mean Armageddon

On November 4th, Oregon, Alaska, and Washington DC will become the 3rd, 4th, and 5th states in America to make imbibing marijuana for fun a legal activity. Washington DC is a shoe-in with 65% support for the measure. The capitol will soon erupt in a ball of bong haze and there’s nothing the politicos can do about it. They should make sure not to inhale, or pass a law that all politicians in DC must wear gas masks so as not to be affected by THC clouds and set a good example for the children. Oregon voters are strongly in favor of legalization 52% to 41%. Alaska is a bit weird with two polls saying extremely opposite things, but it’s really cold there, so what do you expect really.

I’ve smoked pot twice in my life. The first time, nothing happened except coughing from smoke inhalation, and that was in 9th grade. The second time I was 29, about 15 months ago I took two hits of some high THC strain grown in Homestead and I couldn’t string a single thought together for 3 hours but it really felt like 2 weeks because time was going by so slowly (and time can do so much…blah blah…hold me tight…I need your love), except  for blurting out, “Why would ANYONE start a WAR?”

Other than that all I could do was laugh, not that anything was actually funny, I was just laughing continuously for no reason and my face really hurt because I couldn’t relax my facial muscles from all the laughing. I also remember my throat hurting, specifically my Adam’s apple, because the laughter was so constant and continuous that it got in the way of my swallowing reflex to the point that when I had to swallow, the laughing forced my Adam’s apple up while the swallowing pushed it down and I thought I was going to choke in my own larynx or bruise it.

So yeah, I haven’t touched the stuff since then. But as for the real point of this post, it’s that if Oregon, Alaska, and DC all legalize cannabis, the world will blow up and yada yada. You want to know why? Here’s why.

The Top 10 Reasons Why Pot Legalization Means Doom

10) Legalize weed and people might start to figure out, en masse all the words to La Cucaracha. We can’t have that.

Spanish English
La cucaracha, la cucaracha, The cockroach, the cockroach,
ya no puede caminar can’t walk anymore
porque le falta, porque no tiene because it’s lacking, because it doesn’t have
marihuana pa’ fumar. marijuana to smoke.

9) If weed is legal, patients suffering from acute pain for whatever reason will start smoking it because there are no side effects nor any risk of addiction. The 128 MILLION prescriptions for the addictive opioid Vicodin written just last year will drop like a rock and the pharmaceutical companies that rely on these prescriptions including those for Percocet, Oxycontin, Percodan, Endodan, Dicodid, Hycodan, Hycomine, Lorcet, Lortab, Norco, Tussionex, and other derivatives of heroin for their revenue will go bankrupt, pushing up the unemployment rate in America at a time of fragile economic growth, precisely the thing we don’t need at this time.

8) If grass is legal, Barack Obama might start smoking it instead of cigarettes, which might calm the schmuck down enough to stall for just FIVE SECONDS before our Nobel Peace Prize Fighter decides to bomb ANOTHER Muslim country.

7) If marijuana is legalized, urban primitives looking to buy some won’t have to descend into dangerous neighborhoods at 5:00am in places like San Francisco, knock on the wrong door, and get shot and killed, like what happened to some 18 year old punk named Daniel Beltran on July 23. Instead, he could just go to a dispensary, or Wal Mart, or whatever, and probably not have to get murdered by the cashier. This would save hundreds if not thousands of lives every year of punks who would otherwise succumb to drug-related street crime. Who needs thousands of extra pot addicts roaming the streets anyway? We have an overpopulation problem as it is.

6) Legalizing poMillerst would mean that smuggling marijuana into the US via Mexico would become unprofitable, and it would simply stop. That’s it. Done. No more pot smuggling. This would mean that movies like “We’re the Millers” starring Jennifer Aniston would have no plotline, and neither would Pineapple Express, and we all know that that those were great movies. And who knows how many CSI episodes and other drug-smuggling based plPineapple Expressots focusing on marijuana would no longer be written? They would have to focus exclusively on cocaine and heroin, PCP, etc, which would only expose our children to even harder drugs on TV and in movies, until we legalized those, and then there would be no movies about drug smuggling at all. Think of all the writer’s block.

5) If marijuana is legal, cancer patients could take cannabis oil and cure themselves with minimal side effects without chemotherapy OR FDA approval. All the billions spent on oncology treatments every year would vanish, saving hundreds of thousands of lives and bankrupting 90% of the oncology-industrial complex. That would mean more people to feed and less aggregate demand in the economy. A depression would ensue, which could only be avoided if the government prints up $700 billion dollars to bail out failing oncology-focused pharmaceutical companies. Another bailout that size is politically untenable.

Yup, that's Reagan.
Yup, that’s Reagan. With Magbie.

4) If marijuana were suddenly legal, it will send a message that people like Jonathan Magbie died in vain. Magbie, a 27 year old black guy who became a quadriplegic as a kid when he was hit by a drunk driver, was sentenced to 10 days in prison in 2004 for possessing a small amount of pot that he smoked to relieve his constant pain. Magbie was given the opportunity by Judge Judith Retchin to avoid a prison sentence if he would just swear off pot, but the bastard wouldn’t because he said it was the only thing that relieved his pain. So the Honorable Retchin gave him 10 days in prison as a punishment for his recalcitrance, even though he was a first time offender who needed constant care and a ventilator. Having no ventilator in prison, he simply died. But he died for THE LAW. And everyone knows that without respect for THE LAW society would descend into anarchy and we would all proceed to eat one another. But if THE LAW against marijuana is repealed, Magbie will have died for nothing! Do we really, as a society, want to spit on Magbie’s grave such? Hasn’t his family suffered enough?

3) If marijuana is legal, then so is hemp. That’s bad. We don’t want people making stuff out of hemp. It’s unseemly. Seeing all those hemp logos on back packs will send a bad message to the children who might come to think that hemp is OK. And it’s not. It is NOT. It’s HEMP for God’s sake! HEMP! HELLO!? HAVE WE ALL GONE MAD?!

2) Legalizing pot will send a very bad message to our innocent children, innocent children who are all doped up on Ritalin, Metadate, Concerta, Adderall, Lexapro, Effexor, Cymbalta, Zoloft, and Paxil. That bad message will be, “Taking drugs to calm you down and make you feel better is fine, even if that drug grows on a plant instead of being developed in a Big Pharma laboratory.” We certainly don’t want that horrible message being spread.

And The #1 Reason Why Legalizing Cannabis Will Necessarily Mean The End Of The World

1) If cannabis is legal, its price will go down and alcoholics will turn to pot instead of heavy drinking. Distilleries, wineries, and beer brewers will all feel the squeeze and there will be massive unemployment in the alcoholic beverages sector, and these disgruntled newly unemployed workers will then also start smoking pot out of depression. The money these unemployed distillers used to spend will no longer be spent, creating more unemployment in ever widening circles in an unstoppable Keynesian positive feedback lack-of-animal-spirits loop whereby everyone on the planet, within a few years, will be smoking pot to the point that the Earth itself will get so high that it will forget to keep spinning on its axis. The sun will then pull us all in as the globe loses orbital momentum and we will all die in a giant nuclear fireball that will smell like pot as the planet burns. This will set a bad example for the children, who really shouldn’t be smelling that stuff.

CBD Cannabis Oil May Help You Survive Ebola, but It’s Illegal

There is indirect evidence that cannabinoids, specifically CBD, help treat Ebola by calming the immune system which overreacts to the virus, causing internal bleeding and death.

But since marijuana is a schedule 1 drug with no health benefits WHATSOEVER according to a group of politicians who have no medical expertise WHATSOEVER, it’s illegal, so all Ebola victims can bleed to death for all they care.

The Ebola virus also attacks the adhesions between cells caused by the immune Killer cells to release of VEGF (Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor) which result in the destruction of the Tight Junction between cells and causes a fluid leakage between cells until bleeding occurs. The inhibition of VEGF by cannabinoids prevent the cellular junctions from haemorrhage.

Cannabinoids Inhibit VEGF and inhibit Glioma brain tumors growth by this mechanism. (6) It is reasonable to predict that inhibition of VEGF and other Cytokines by Cannabinoids during an Ebola infection will help the survival of this deadly disease.  (6 and 7) Stopping the release of Cytokines will be a key feature of treatment of this deadly disease.

See more here.

In a true Jewish state, healthcare would be freed from state control

It never ceases to amaze me how freedom is the answer to everything, and how state control is the source of every problem. I was watching a youtube video about medical cannabis – marijuana – which is legal here in Israel but always teetering on the edge of being outlawed. One of the biggest problems is that doctors do not want to prescribe it very often for two reasons. First, they fear that if they’re too lenient, they will be singled out by the State health ministry and crucified. This happened to the doctor of Moshe Feiglin’s father while he (Feiglin’s father) was dying of cancer. Marijuana helped him greatly with cancer pain after Dr. Johnny prescribed it. Later Dr. Johnny was attacked by the State for prescribing it too much to people who didn’t fit the exact criteria, and Feiglin came to his defense. That’s when the whole Feiglin-legalize-pot thing started. You can read the article here.

But more importantly, doctors have a financial incentive not to prescribe medical marijuana. Why? Because drug companies often donate to hospitals and have a very large effect on any given doctor’s career. The more they prescribe medications made by those companies, the better off they’ll be financially.

Any statist who believes in government force will look at that factoid and come to the conclusion that the State should outlaw pharmaceutical companies from donating to hospitals, or whatever they do to give doctors incentives to prescribe their drugs. But this is not the answer. In order to understand the answer, you have to understand the source of the problem.

The source of the problem is State-controlled health care.

When a patient goes to see a doctor, it’s free, or in the best case, extremely heavily subsidized. Doctors get no money from patients. Their money comes from the government. If they prescribe a medication, the government pays for it. If someone gets sick, they get a form from the government which gives them permission to go see a doctor of the government’s choosing. No doctor can compete with any other doctor for patients (AKA customers), and none of the doctors care, because regardless of how many patients they see or whether they heal them or not, their salaries do not change, unless they go on strike and protest the government.

Why would any doctor under a state controlled health care system want to prescribe marijuana to a patient when it doesn’t earn him any extra than prescribing him some expensive drug from Teva? Why would a doctor even want to learn about medical marijuana when there’s no incentive to be a better doctor?

The answer is to free the health care system and have doctors and hospitals compete with each other. In a true Jewish State, health care would be subject to the free market. If doctors started getting their money not from the State, but from the customers – their patients – then they’d have every incentive in the world to make their patients feel good and heal them. Say you have one doctor prescribing a cancer patient chemotherapy and some pharmaceutical drug, vicodin or whatever, to lessen the pain. Vicodin is expensive and the customer – not the government – pays for it. Say it doesn’t work and the cancer patient is vomiting all the time and living in hell. He will not be happy with his doctor and he will stop paying the doctor and he will stop buying the vicodin and the doctor will have a bad reputation because all his cancer patients feel like hell.

Say there’s another doctor that prescribes medical marijuana to his cancer patients, and it’s cheap and it works. His patients will be happy because they’re paying for the marijuana and it’s cheap so they continue to pay the doctor, and other customers – cancer patients – will go to him instead of the vicodin doctor who prescribes an expensive drug that does nothing.

It won’t matter at all if the vicodin companies are paying the bad doctor extra to prescribe the vicodin, because he won’t have any patients left to prescribe anything to in the first place.

The best doctors who heel people the best with the cheapest stuff will make the most money and have the most patients. The ones who have patients buying expensive drugs that don’t work and want to die from the pain will go out of business.

Drug companies want state controlled health care. It allows them to control the system and get rich by creating bad products. In a free market, they’d have no unfair influence. The good drugs they produce will be bought. The bad ones will not. They’ll have to compete just like everyone else.

Freedom solves everything.