The Jewish State is pissed that Jews are building without being robbed by the State

The State Comptroller today came out with a report about how there is such “lawlessness” in Judea and Samaria and so much building is going on without the State’s knowledge and resulting property taxes. So Jews are rightfully homesteading land and making it productive, but since the State doesn’t get its loot, it wants to stop this.

It calls these builders “criminals” because it didn’t get an opportunity to rob them of their money. That’s like a guy breaking into your house calling you a criminal for putting your valuables into a safe so he can’t get them.




5 thoughts on “The Jewish State is pissed that Jews are building without being robbed by the State

  1. Horrible and I don’t mean the money thing but everyone seems to pretend they don’t get it and take it back to the money… We were thinking also that there may be many things difficult to order about the Middle East but the Jewish State in the Holy Land disrespecting Jewish people and even Jewish Holy people is simply one thing that should outrage any person on Earth pretending to believe in God first and foremost before any other care of the world.
    But what am I saying? Pierre Onfray and Richard Dawkins have established Moses never existed, the “christian” world never even whimps a sigh whenever in the news or at competitions the name Jerusalem is being mentioned, everyone puts the secular rules above all else (see the Americans trying a free way into catholicism by trying to ban abortions…) then complains but the Egyptians complained too and God was not moved by their artistic tears while the Pharaoh was still on top and they were doing nothing about it.

    Oh and also a very intense cult of Egypt is ruling the western civilization but this time is cool esoteric (thank you UK and freemasonry all over and those who work for them). Soon the pope will say “Isis, oh I mean Jesus.. oops what am I talking about?” while the Americans shoot machine guns in the air and scream “no more lefties! God bless the queen she has a grandson!…” and so yes.

    Will God be shocked? No. I hate to look up the exact scripture and numbers attached to these words but they are sooo true (those who sleep thinking proselytism will make God like them more should be reminded) : Narrow is the road to Heaven and even narrower the Gate through It.

    Will God just forgive because He’s not surprised? No. But the world will carry on spinning and .. lamenting…. until it sleeps.

  2. Homesteading is a great principle when it is equally applied to all. Unfortunately, only Jews are entitled to homestead a whole 62% of the west bank (Area C). So I guess it’s kind of a double edged sword for you – the state does get in the way sometimes (especially Bagatz), but overall you gain more than you lose because the state keeps out the Arab homesteaders by law.

    • The government keeps out WAY more homesteading Jews than Arabs. You’ve got it all upside down. If we had free reign to build everywhere, we’d have the whole thing homesteaded in two years.

      • How many Arabs are there in Area C (62% of the west bank)? Around 40K. How many Jews? Around 380K. Does the army allow any Arabs from areas A/B to move into C? Absolutely not. Do they allow Jews from within the Green Line to settle down in area C? Absolutely yes (or at least, they don’t prevent them actively from doing that, in most cases). So what did I get upside down, exactly?

      • “Area C” is cherrypicked to include specifically the land that Jews are already on. To say there are more Jews on that land is circular reasoning, that’s why it’s carved the way it is – because a majority of Jews are already there. The army does not prevent arabs from moving anywhere or doing anything within Area A or B, and there is “illegal” arab building everywhere. Of course, I do not believe the army should be preventing anyone from moving or building anywhere that is not homesteaded, Jew or Arab. But the Jewish army will raze so much as a tiny Jewish outpost, it has and it will again. There is no Jewish building going on anywhere that hasn’t been zoned 10 years ago.

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