The Banksters are Worried that the Swiss Gold Initiative Will Pass

The vote is in two weeks, November 30th, and it could be a day for the financial history books, reversing the infamy of August 15, 1971. More important than any election about which group of politicians is going to tell you what to do.

They’re starting to squirm now. The head of the Swiss National Bank, some guy named Something Jordan, was quoted as saying that the Swiss Gold Initiative would be “fatal” for the bank. Usually, this kind of jargon is hyperbole, but in this case, Something Jordan is right. If a central bank must keep something that it cannot print or its buddies cannot print as a certain percentage of its holdings, then by definition that central bank is tethered and restricted from printing beyond a certain point.

The money supply becomes stable and moves only with an increase in gold supplies, and inflation stops. The Swiss Gold Initiative only requires a 20% ratio of gold to Swiss Francs, but it doesn’t matter what the ratio is. As long as there is any requirement to hold something physical in proportion to monopoly money at a fixed percentage, the amount of paper that can in theory be printed becomes limited, and the central bank dies. Unless, of course, it cheats, as the Federal Reserve did from 1913 until 1971 when it finally defaulted on its last gold payments.

If this referendum passes, and with God’s help it will, then the first central bank in the West will go down. The Swiss Franc will shoot up like a rocket, bringing down other currencies in relation to it, and the Swiss people’s purchasing power will double, triple, who knows how high it will go. They’ll be able to buy a lot more stuff with their paper and they will notice it. Then other countries will notice it too and start demanding sound money and declare war against their respective central banks.

The snowball will be fast and furious and central banks will fall like flies. Gold and silver will move up fast and leave paper in the dust. The shot heard round the world will be fired in Switzerland, incidentally, exactly where Zionism began in 1897. I haven’t found much of a link between those two things. I just think it’s cool.

I have already discussed my investment strategy for gold in an article on TheStreet. The most leveraged way to play this is to buy way out of the money calls on GLD going out to 2016 and 2017, which will pay out 1750:1 at current prices assuming gold does what it did in 1980 by January 2016 or 2017, depending on your strike date.

That means that for every $1,000 you put into GLD 225 2016 Calls, you will get $1.75M in return if gold quintuples as it did from 1978-1980. Of course, you could also lose it all if gold does nothing by then.

But if the Swiss Gold Referendum passes, we will be in the end game, a year or two away at most.

Central banks will fall like flies. Incidentally, I swatted three flies today in my house.


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