UNDERSTANDING MURDER Why Arabs hand out candy and why nobody cares that Jews were murdered today

Sure, seeing a bunch of people hand out candy in celebration of mass murder is not an easy thing to stomach. But unlike any of the outrage I have seen on Facebook, nobody has made an attempt to understand why they hand out candy and why nobody really cares that 4 Jews were murdered today in a Har Nof shul. It’s easier just to blame it on Islam, imply that therefore all Muslims have to be expelled, or blame it on Arabs being inherently evil and therefore the solution being get rid of them all.

It feels good to say that, especially when they’re handing out candy.

But we should understand why they hand out candy. You’re probably thinking by now that I’m one of those lefties who tries to “understand the criminal” and “blame the victim”. Well, think what you think, but that’s not it.

They are passing out candies because they are happy. What are they happy about? From their perspective, they are happy that people who are living in their land and who kicked them out of theirs, are now dead.

If someone physically threw you out of your own house and then started praying in your house to their God, and then somebody came in and shot them all to death, you may hand out candy, too.

What nobody wants to deal with is the question of whether they are correct or not. Whether it is their land or not. Nobody wants to say that Jerusalem is ours. And so nobody gives a crap that Jews were murdered, because as far as the world knows, we have already admitted that Jerusalem is not ours when we gave the Temple Mount to the Jordanians and signed the Oslo Accords with Arafat.

We say to everyone that the place where those Jews were praying before they were murdered is Arab land. If it is indeed Arab land, then those Jews murdered today were committing the crime of trespassing and were not murdered, only killed in an act of self defense.

There is no reason that anyone but Jews should care that Jewish trespassers were killed by a property owner in self defense.

Unless those Jews are not trespassers. In which case they were murdered. But we have to make clear that they were not trespassers by proclaiming our ownership of Jerusalem. That begins at the Temple Mount.

Not at CNN. Har Habayit.


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