PSEUDO SCIENCE What do Climate Scientists and Keynesian Economists have in common?

As record low temperatures blast the United States for the second year in a row, the theories behind global warming look stupider by the day. There’s only so much of this freezing cold weather that global warming enthusiasts can shrug off before looking like real idiots.

What about the science behind it? It makes about as much sense as Keynesian Voodoo. Not because it doesn’t have its own system of inner logic, but because climatology and mainstream economics based on econometric equations are trying to use math in order predict the behavior of humans, which is inherently impossible.

The economy is governed by human action, which does not fit into mathematical models. Logical necessities can be deduced from given facts based on the axiom of human action and the basic observation that resources are finite, but that’s it. Beyond that, trying to predict anything with certainty is impossible, not because it’s really really hard to do and we just haven’t figured out how yet, but the nature of human action not following the cause and effect rules of physics makes it impossible intrinsically.

So where does climatology fit in? Climatology tries to measure and predict a system that is chaotic. It is governed by the Butterfly Effect, which means that the flap of a butterfly’s wings on one side of the world can cause a hurricane on the other. Given the Butterfly Effect, then kal vachomer (a fortiori), the action-movement of a human pinky in California can also create a typhoon in Australia, or create a really cold winter in the US.

So at bottom, human action governs the climate as well as the economy, be it one step more removed, which makes it even less predictable.

Sure, it sort of makes sense that carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas and that the more greenhouse gas the hotter the planet in a positive feedback loop. But when you’re dealing with the Butterfly Effect and an entire planetary system, to simplify the global climate down to such simplistic principles is about as effective as asking your local econometrician which stocks to buy.

It’s all voodoo, pseudo science. Following the forms of science but not getting any real laws.

Here’s Richard Feynman on this issue. Love that man.


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