Bob Wenzel Recommends Hilchos Yichud as the Solution to Date Rape Crisis

I just came across this at TargetLiberty. Bob Wenzel wrote a post about how Bill Cosby is being attacked for being a rapist. I personally do not believe a word of it, and Bob pleads ignorance but doesn’t take a position, and at the end of the post Bob says something very frum actually. Bob is not a religious guy and I doubt he is Jewish, but he gets halacha at least when it comes to Yichud.

For the gentiles reading this blog, Yichud is an area of Jewish law that forbids men and women who are not married to each other from being in a room alone together. The prohibition is much more serious when it is a married woman with a man who is not her husband, but applies in all situations of people not married to each other in various degrees of severity.

He basically says, at the end of the post, that following the Halachot of Yichud will solve the date rape crisis in America. He’s right. It will.

Bob’s words:

Which brings me to my final point. The Mafia boss John Gotti once told his daughter that she should always be careful around men. He said, “They may look fatherly to you or like an uncle, but they all have only one thing on their mind.” And that is good advice for any father to give his daughters, a girl should never put herself in a position where a man can take advantage. In other words, never be alone in a room with a man unless you don’t have a problem sleeping with him. It will solve this so-called “date rape crisis.” It will stop it cold and it would have prevented any problems that these girls allegedly had with Cosby.