How can a settler who usurps Palestinian land be a Ron Paul supporter?


This was a question that came up repeatedly in several comments to the last post. It is a question that warrants a good and thorough answer. Many of the comments were so nasty I didn’t publish them. Some were just mildly hostile and I published those, but there was one comment in particular that caught my eye for asking the question honestly and respectfully. Here is the comment by a woman named Valerie:

I thank you for your support of Dr. Paul; however I do not understand your freedom message when the Palestinians are not afforded those same freedoms. Maybe I am misunderstanding your blogs? Maybe I am misunderstanding the Palestinian cause? Could you please elaborate more on your feelings toward the Palestinians. I believe in your message of freedom and support your message of freedom. I am not coming down on you, but I do believe freedom is for every man, woman and child no matter your ancestry. We are all brothers and sisters in this world as we have only one Father and that is God.

My answer, point by point:


You are correct when you say that everyone has freedom and should not be punished for using it, including my Arab cousins. I respect them as human beings created in God’s image just as I respect any other human being. Let me just be clear on that point first.

Now, I must start out this answer with a two axioms, those are, assumptions I rest my argument on that I assume to be true. If you don’t accept either one of these assumptions, then you obviously will not accept my conclusion. This is fine, since I don’t rely on the world’s agreement to justify my presence in Samaria, or what you call “the West Bank”. Consider this a window into my thoughts rather than an attempt to convince you that I’m right.

So here are my two assumptions:

1) The Bible, what you call the “Old Testament,” and only the “Old Testament,” is the Word of God. (“Old Testament” is actually an offensive term to me but I use it here so we both know what I’m referring to.)

2) The Jews of today are the legal descendants of the Israelites of the Bible, and are therefore the recipients of the legal covenant God made with Abraham in the Covenant Between the Parts. (See Genesis 15) In that covenant, God gave the Land of Israel to Abraham’s descendants for all eternity.

Now, with that in mind, we can continue.

Ishmael, father of the Arab nation, also Abraham’s son, was weeded out of this covenant explicitly by God. See Genesis 17:15-21. He received his own land and it is not the Land of Israel. Arabia is not mine, and I will never claim it as mine.

As a lover of freedom Valerie, I’m sure you also believe in private property rights. Private property is either property you purchased, or property that you inherited. In either case, you have the right to allow who you want in your property, and to exclude who you want as well. Israel, as defined Biblically, which includes where I currently live, is the private property of the Jewish People, as we inherited it from Abraham, who inherited it from its Creator and Owner, God. (Which I spell with an O for all the Jews reading this thinking I’m a plant.)

Before we get carried away thinking I want to expel or kill any and all Arabs living in my private property, let me say that I categorically do NOT. I have no problem with Arabs living here in my land and doing whatever they want. That is, provided that they do not hurt me, or, and this is key, provided that they do not claim that my land is actually theirs.

Let me put this into perspective for a second. Let’s say that a group of illegal Mexican immigrants claimed that Texas was actually theirs and they wanted to take it away from America. Actually, they’d have a much clearer claim to Texas than Arabs have to Israel, because your nation actually DID take Texas from the Mexicans, and fairly recently. You have no Biblical basis to have done that, though still, notice I didn’t use the word “steal”. You “conquered” Texas in an act of war and annexed it, which is legitimate. It’s what nations do when they have power.

Going back to the illegal Mexican immigrants who want Texas back, remember ¬†they are illegal immigrants with no voting rights and no citizenship. Now they start gathering in a group with a supposed national identity. They don’t want to go back to Mexico because well, life sucks there with all the drug wars and no welfare, so instead they name themselves “Texastinians” and they want to establish an independent “Texastine”. So they start killing American Texans and demand the Federal government sit down to peace talks with them on the condition that you agree to give them all of Texastine before any negotiations even start.

Your response would probably be “Get them the hell out of my country and #$%# peace talks, Texas is mine!” And I certainly wouldn’t blame you.

So, my feelings towards the “Palestinians” are the same as your feelings towards the “Texastinian” Mexicans. There are no Texastinians, just Mexicans, just as there are no Palestinians, just Arabs.

You wish the people who call themselves Texastinians would just leave you alone, you don’t believe “Texastine” is a real sovereign nation anyway, and you’d love to just live in peace but if they keep acting like Texas is actually theirs, you want them gone and out. You’d probably kill the worst of them, meaning the leaders of the attacks against American Texans, you’d probably pay the rest of them who would accept the money to leave back to Mexico, and those that wanted to live in peace and be left alone, you’d just let them stay.

The “Palestinian” cause, Valerie, is simply the cause to get Jews out of their God-given land. They have no positive national aspirations. They never have, nor will they ever, actually produce anything. 80% of their GDP is foreign aid. They can’t even have positive national aspirations, because their nation is the larger Arab nation that spans hundreds of times bigger than the Jewish one. They have plenty of places to go if they want to. They can even stay here where I live. But NOT if they claim that my land is theirs.

The only issue we have left to touch on is the issue of citizenship and the definition of nationhood. Theoretically speaking, if confronted with the issue of “Texastinians,” the Federal government could simply give all of those illegal Mexican immigrants American citizenship to try and stop the fighting. This would probably work and would end the whole affair. You could do this because “Americanness” or the reality of being part of the American nation is simply incidental. You call yourselves the melting pot, which is great. Anyone can become a citizen and that’s it. Why can’t that be done in Israel?

Because, Valerie, God did not give Israel to “Israeli citizens.” He gave Israel to the Jews. And unlike “Americanness” which is only incidental, “Jewishness” is essential. The Israeli government can’t simply grant “Jewishness” and call the conflict over. Jews are not a religion. We are, and always have been, a distinct nation.

Just as there are no “Palestinians,” there really are no “Israelis” either. “Israeli” is just a made up term by Jews trying to shed their Jewishness in favor of a new modern national identity under a philosophy called “Zionism” that they even try to incorporate Arabs into by calling them “Israeli Arabs”. That term is absolutely ludicrous. It is a complete contradiction.

The reality is this: There are Jews in the land of Israel, and there are Arabs in the land of Israel. The Jews are the owners of the land, and the Arabs just happened to be here when the owners returned in 1948. What the Jews must do to end the conflict is make it clear that Israel is ours, both to them and the entire world. Those Arabs who are here and agree, are welcome to stay and be treated with the utmost respect and courtesy. They of course should not pay any taxes to the Jewish government, nor should they get any benefits at all. If they stay, they should be completely independent, without voting rights just as non-Americans in your country don’t have voting rights.

Those Arabs who are here and disagree that the land belongs to the Jewish People, however, must be paid to get out. Those who are here and disagree to the point of fighting me over it with weapons, they must be destroyed, just as you would kill anyone who barges into your private property with a gun.

Israel is the private property of the Jewish Nation. Without private property, there is no freedom.

You say:

I do believe freedom is for every man, woman and child no matter your ancestry. We are all brothers and sisters in this world as we have only one Father and that is God.

You are right. Freedom is for everyone just like you said Valerie, regardless of ancestry. And we are all brothers and sisters and have one Father and that is God. That one Father gave me the Land of Israel as my nation’s private property. And if you believe in freedom, you can’t do whatever you want on someone else’s private property.

Therefore, I am a freedom-lover who lives where I live. Because it’s my land given to me by God Himself, and not anyone else’s.


Nakba Day, A Nation Defined by Jewish Lack of National Identity

Diskin is worried about September. Good for him.

Two news pieces to review today from a faith based perspective. One is former Shabak (Israel Security Agency) head Yuval Diskin whining about how he’s scared for September, and that Israel will be in trouble if there is no movement on the diplomatic front. September, of course, is when the Arabs in Judea and Samaria will ask the UN General Assembly to recognize them as a State. Diskin is very worried about this, and so were the people in the room he was speaking to. Here’s why.

He was speaking to a group of enlightened people who all believe that we live in Israel to be a beacon of Western Civilization to the world, while in the meantime the rest of Western Civilization collapses all around us in a gluttony of debt and confusion. As the West collapses, they are unsure of how they will survive, of who will support Israel, because beyond enlightened Westernism, he and everyone else in that room have nothing.

The other piece of news I just saw today is that the American Postal service is collapsing and will need a taxpayer bailout above and beyond the $700 billion that was given to failing banks. This is just another rotting branch of what is the buckling American financial system.

Back to Diskin, he also said during his harrowing speech that Jewish terrorism is even worse than Palestinian terrorism, in his words. You can find this quote on page 3 of Thursday’s Israel Hayom newspaper in Hebrew. The question is, what Jewish terrorism is he talking about? The time when those two Jewish terrorists broke into that Arab home in Itamar and slit the throats of two parents, two children and a 3 month old baby, wanting to die holy deaths as martyrs?

Somehow I think he’s remembering his stories incorrectly. But seriously, he may be referring to the Jews who have prostrated themselves at the Temple Mount in a terroristic attempt to ignite a holy war. That’s just as bad I guess.

Why is Diskin and everyone in Tel Aviv University terrified about September? Because they know in their gut as we know in our minds that the West is just about bankrupt and losing its power to support itself, let alone support Israel. Israel may be the only financially sound Western Style democracy left on the planet, but that won’t stop a national collapse when what’s left of the Western World converges on Israel and recognizes Arab Palestine. When that happens, and America stops being a superpower, no one will support Israel, our little “Western Proxy,” and we’ll be doomed. That’s why they’re afraid.

The Jewish Perspective – Why we need not Fear September

I was listening to a lecture by Rabbi Uri Sherki the other day. I have a deep mistrust of almost all Rabbis of all shapes and sizes, because I believe that almost all of them are so stuck in the world of religion that they no longer understand that we are a nation. But Rabbi Sherki I trust because he understands history. He speaks like a national leader, not a religious one.

He interpreted Deuteronomy 32:21 in a way that made a lot of objective sense. The verse reads: “They angered me with non-Gods, riled me with nonsense. I will anger with with a non-Nation, rile them with a sickening People.”

For those who don’t know the context, this is Moses’s good bye poem to the Israelites. Rabbi Sherki interpreted it this way: A non-God is not an idol. Hebrew has a specific word for that. It’s “elil”. The word here, however, is lo-El, a phrase that is extremely rare in the Bible. “Lo-El” says Rabbi Sherki, is not an idol, but a philosophy of non-Godism. Not necessarily Atheism, but the philosophy that one’s opinion about God doesn’t really matter, as long as you play nice.

This is how the Jews see themselves as of right now. God is a nice thing to believe in, but the main thing is that you should be pragmatic, practical. It doesn’t matter if Gaza is yours. If it’s pragmatic, leave. If you say God gave it me, then you’re one of those religious zealots, a danger to society. In response to this non-God rhetoric, says God, I’m going to rile you with a non-Nation – not necessarily a nation that doesn’t exist, but a nation that exists insofar as you do not.

In other words, a nation that only exists to get rid of the Jews. A nation that plugs up the holes in our own national identity. The Palestinians don’t care about a State. They care about getting rid of the Jewish one. They are not a Nation. They are an anti-Nation. They only exist insofar as we are confused.

There is no need to fear September. When the non-State of Palestine is declared, the West will continue its freefall. With no one to protect us, we will have to fill the national void that the Palestinians are now occupying inside of us. The only thing to fill it with is ourselves, and of course, the Guider or our national history, God. The only One we need to Support Israel is the God of Israel.

When we all realize that we did not come back to Israel to be a Western enclave, but rather a Jewish one (not religious, but National), the void will be filled. When we realize that how we see God in our history does indeed matter, then we will be filled. When we realize who we are, the Palestinians will simply melt away. In all honesty, they will probably just leave voluntarily.

In order to come back to ourselves, we will need to be alone. We need not fear it, but embrace it. Bring on Palestinian Statehood. It’s just a name. An anti-nation can’t really accomplish anything, especially given the fact that two thirds of its budget is comprised of tax revenues that Israel actually gives it, and the other third is financial aid from the West.

Don’t fear being alone. When it happens, we’ll feel the pressure. When we do, we’ll realize that we’re not here to be the West. We’re here to lead the West. We don’t need the West to support Israel. We don’t need their aid, we don’t need their money, and we don’t need their vote in the UN. We don’t even need to BE in the UN. It’s not that without them, we’re doomed. Its the other way around. They’re collapsing. We’re growing. Without us, the West is doomed. Soon Europe and the US will be asking for loans from the Jewish people.

Spiritual and national growth, especially for the Jewish people who are the most stiff necked of any people on the planet, can only happen in isolation. But worry not. God is with us in our isolation. Better to be alone with Him than to be surrounded with friends like Barack Obama.