Nakba Day, A Nation Defined by Jewish Lack of National Identity

Diskin is worried about September. Good for him.

Two news pieces to review today from a faith based perspective. One is former Shabak (Israel Security Agency) head Yuval Diskin whining about how he’s scared for September, and that Israel will be in trouble if there is no movement on the diplomatic front. September, of course, is when the Arabs in Judea and Samaria will ask the UN General Assembly to recognize them as a State. Diskin is very worried about this, and so were the people in the room he was speaking to. Here’s why.

He was speaking to a group of enlightened people who all believe that we live in Israel to be a beacon of Western Civilization to the world, while in the meantime the rest of Western Civilization collapses all around us in a gluttony of debt and confusion. As the West collapses, they are unsure of how they will survive, of who will support Israel, because beyond enlightened Westernism, he and everyone else in that room have nothing.

The other piece of news I just saw today is that the American Postal service is collapsing and will need a taxpayer bailout above and beyond the $700 billion that was given to failing banks. This is just another rotting branch of what is the buckling American financial system.

Back to Diskin, he also said during his harrowing speech that Jewish terrorism is even worse than Palestinian terrorism, in his words. You can find this quote on page 3 of Thursday’s Israel Hayom newspaper in Hebrew. The question is, what Jewish terrorism is he talking about? The time when those two Jewish terrorists broke into that Arab home in Itamar and slit the throats of two parents, two children and a 3 month old baby, wanting to die holy deaths as martyrs?

Somehow I think he’s remembering his stories incorrectly. But seriously, he may be referring to the Jews who have prostrated themselves at the Temple Mount in a terroristic attempt to ignite a holy war. That’s just as bad I guess.

Why is Diskin and everyone in Tel Aviv University terrified about September? Because they know in their gut as we know in our minds that the West is just about bankrupt and losing its power to support itself, let alone support Israel. Israel may be the only financially sound Western Style democracy left on the planet, but that won’t stop a national collapse when what’s left of the Western World converges on Israel and recognizes Arab Palestine. When that happens, and America stops being a superpower, no one will support Israel, our little “Western Proxy,” and we’ll be doomed. That’s why they’re afraid.

The Jewish Perspective – Why we need not Fear September

I was listening to a lecture by Rabbi Uri Sherki the other day. I have a deep mistrust of almost all Rabbis of all shapes and sizes, because I believe that almost all of them are so stuck in the world of religion that they no longer understand that we are a nation. But Rabbi Sherki I trust because he understands history. He speaks like a national leader, not a religious one.

He interpreted Deuteronomy 32:21 in a way that made a lot of objective sense. The verse reads: “They angered me with non-Gods, riled me with nonsense. I will anger with with a non-Nation, rile them with a sickening People.”

For those who don’t know the context, this is Moses’s good bye poem to the Israelites. Rabbi Sherki interpreted it this way: A non-God is not an idol. Hebrew has a specific word for that. It’s “elil”. The word here, however, is lo-El, a phrase that is extremely rare in the Bible. “Lo-El” says Rabbi Sherki, is not an idol, but a philosophy of non-Godism. Not necessarily Atheism, but the philosophy that one’s opinion about God doesn’t really matter, as long as you play nice.

This is how the Jews see themselves as of right now. God is a nice thing to believe in, but the main thing is that you should be pragmatic, practical. It doesn’t matter if Gaza is yours. If it’s pragmatic, leave. If you say God gave it me, then you’re one of those religious zealots, a danger to society. In response to this non-God rhetoric, says God, I’m going to rile you with a non-Nation – not necessarily a nation that doesn’t exist, but a nation that exists insofar as you do not.

In other words, a nation that only exists to get rid of the Jews. A nation that plugs up the holes in our own national identity. The Palestinians don’t care about a State. They care about getting rid of the Jewish one. They are not a Nation. They are an anti-Nation. They only exist insofar as we are confused.

There is no need to fear September. When the non-State of Palestine is declared, the West will continue its freefall. With no one to protect us, we will have to fill the national void that the Palestinians are now occupying inside of us. The only thing to fill it with is ourselves, and of course, the Guider or our national history, God. The only One we need to Support Israel is the God of Israel.

When we all realize that we did not come back to Israel to be a Western enclave, but rather a Jewish one (not religious, but National), the void will be filled. When we realize that how we see God in our history does indeed matter, then we will be filled. When we realize who we are, the Palestinians will simply melt away. In all honesty, they will probably just leave voluntarily.

In order to come back to ourselves, we will need to be alone. We need not fear it, but embrace it. Bring on Palestinian Statehood. It’s just a name. An anti-nation can’t really accomplish anything, especially given the fact that two thirds of its budget is comprised of tax revenues that Israel actually gives it, and the other third is financial aid from the West.

Don’t fear being alone. When it happens, we’ll feel the pressure. When we do, we’ll realize that we’re not here to be the West. We’re here to lead the West. We don’t need the West to support Israel. We don’t need their aid, we don’t need their money, and we don’t need their vote in the UN. We don’t even need to BE in the UN. It’s not that without them, we’re doomed. Its the other way around. They’re collapsing. We’re growing. Without us, the West is doomed. Soon Europe and the US will be asking for loans from the Jewish people.

Spiritual and national growth, especially for the Jewish people who are the most stiff necked of any people on the planet, can only happen in isolation. But worry not. God is with us in our isolation. Better to be alone with Him than to be surrounded with friends like Barack Obama.