Why most Ron Paul supporters are wrong about Iran, and why I don’t care

I visit Lewrockwell.com several times a week. I read the economic articles and some of the Ron Paul updates there. The site published one of my articles here that was read by about 100,000 people so I appreciate it, and he and his staff of course do great work, especially with founding the Mises institute in the 80’s.

The problem though with diehard Ron Paul people like Lew is that they have blindspots. Just like Zionist Jews and those who are freaked out by Jihad have blindspots regarding Paul’s foreign policy and cannot possibly entertain the notion that maybe 9/11 was actually partly America’s own fault, Paulians like Rockwell cannot possibly entertain the notion that maybe Iran actually does want to annihilate Israel.

If I had just stumbled onto Lewrockwell.com without being lured into the whole Paul universe and community first with his economic, libertarian message, I would have ran out of that website screaming and calling the ADL. Every day there is another article about how peaceful Iran is and how they would never hurt a fly and whoever believes otherwise is buying propaganda. Read that without understanding the message of liberty and you’re a Jew with the cultural history of Persians trying to annihilate you in the past (read the Book of Esther), you would be instantly repulsed. But when I read it, it only annoys me mildly. Less and less every day.

Two days ago I was listening to the Lew Rockwell show, one of his podcasts, and he was interviewing Bob Wenzel. Lew said something like “We don’t want Iran or Israel to attack each other, but of course Israel is the one that’s threatening and Iran is just being peaceful.”

That turned up the dial of annoyingness from mildly to moderately, and I am a Jewish ultra nationalist. Other Jews would have been horrified by that comment. Why can I stomach these and keep admiring Rockwell when I have what we would call a “nuclear disagreement”?

It has to do with liberty and independence. When people are independent and free, then other people don’t resent them for their problems. While Lew is obviously wrong about Iran being peaceful and he chooses to ignore statement after statement to the absolute contrary (most recently Khamenei saying that Iran must attack Israel by 2014 and killing Jews is a Muslim religious duty) much like an Obama socialist ignores economic reality, he is blind about this not because he hates Jews, but he hates fighting other people’s wars. He just doesn’t want anything to do with it, and Israel has much more influence in America than Iran does, so he blames Israel.

Essentially, if we are to reword what Lew is saying when he says that Iran is peaceful and Israel is the aggressor, we can say that when it comes to America being involved in the whole Iran Israel fight, Israel is much more responsible for bringing America directly into the picture than Iran is. This is what he hates, and because Israel is dragging America into the Iranian mess, he pins Israel as the aggressor. In that way, he’s right.

The reason his statements don’t bother me all that much are that even though he’s wrong, I know full well that he doesn’t hate or love Israel. He really just doesn’t care and doesn’t want anything to do with it or my problems. And I don’t WANT him to care or have anything to do with it either, so Lew and I basically agree. I want to be independent, I don’t want any charity, and I want to take care of my own problems in Israel.

If everyone took care of their own issues, then there’d be a lot less calls to the ADL and the malinvestment that goes into keeping them running will be redirected to something that actually matters instead of something that just makes people resentful of Jews whining about Anti Semitism all the time.

And if you want to make the claim that Iran is the world’s problem and not the Jews’ problem, I’d say, again, stop trying to bring the world into Jewish issues. It really makes them resent us, and if Lew doesn’t hate Jews now, he really WILL if this drags America into yet another war that will destroy his country.

Man up, be a Jew, let’s take out the trash and get some respect. I didn’t get my independence back after 2,000 years to freak out and cry to the world about some Persians trying to kill me. I got my independence back after 2,000 years so I can take care of them myself.


Seth responds: Supporting Ron Paul is suicidal Israeli insanity

This was a good one:

More suicidal Israeli insanity. Ron Paul goes on Iranian TV, calls Gaza a concentration camp, and can’t believe that Palestinians with homemade bombs are the aggressors.
He stresses that Hamas is a democratically elected government. He’s also a frequent guest on the Jew-hating Alex Jones show, his newsletter blamed Israel for the 1993 WTC bombing, I could go on and on. Yeah, he’ll be a great friend of Israel, idiots.

Seth, you don’t have to call us idiots. We’re pretty smart, well thought out, and we are careful with our words. I had an Iranian email me actually about this article saying that freedom can unite even us. And it can. As for responding point by point, I’ve already dealt with this specific video, but I’ll give it another go just for you.

Seth, Ron Paul is not a Jew. To him, “concentration camp” does not bring forth holocaust imagery. He used a bad term, and he should apologize for it. But essentially, he’s right. Gaza is a concentration camp, or more appropriately, internment camp. They have nowhere to go and we’re not letting them go anywhere, so we are the aggressors. If it’s their land, they should be allowed to import and export what they want. If it’s ours, we should throw them out and move back in. But right now, Gaza is a humanitarian disaster that we created. Read Moshe Feiglin’s article The Gaza Flotilla and the Gallant Rapist. He’s saying pretty much the same thing as Paul.

As for Iranian TV, that’s irrelevant. Morechai Kedar goes on Al Jazeera, is he anti Israel?

Hamas IS a democratically elected government. They were voted in in 2007. This doesn’t mean they aren’t evil. They are, and I’d like to kill them. But Paul’s right. We told them to have elections, they did, Hamas won.

Jew-Hating Alex Jones show? Have you ever watched the Alex Jones Show, or is this a line you simply took from someone else?

As for the newsletter issue, that has been beaten to death. Here’s the final word on who wrote those.

Once again Seth, how does an anti Israel candidate defend Israel’s right to bomb Iraq in 1981?

If you want a more thorough assessment of this video you attached, see this post.

Good Shabbos Seth. Rafi the suicidally insane signing off.


Defending Ron Paul against Alan Dershowitz

Alan Dershowitz wrote an op ed about something the other day. I have to be honest and say I didn’t read the whole thing. I just read the parts about Ron Paul.

I think Alan Dershowitz is a great guy. Reasoned, principled, and consistent in his views. Unfortunately though, along with almost every other Jew in America, he has a blind spot when it comes to Ron Paul.

See the original article here.

I’ll make my defense very short, since Dershowitz’s attack is surprisingly shallow for a man of his stature and knowledge. He attacks Ron Paul on two fronts and accuses him of being an anti Semite.

Front #1: Ron Paul doesn’t return money donated to his campaign by men with anti Semitic opinions. Therefore, Ron Paul is an anti Semite.

Alan – this blog does not return money donated by people who believe that in order to convert all the Jews to Jesus, we have to give them money to build houses in Samaria. In these people’s minds, they are donating to a cause that will hasten the demise of Judaism in favor of Christianity. And I take their money and I don’t return it. Does that make me an anti Semite? If a neo Nazi donates to this blog because he thinks that the more houses I build in Samaria, the more chances I have to get killed by Arabs, and I accept the money, am I a self-hating Jew?

You know what, as a matter of fact: Calling all neo Nazi’s and anti Semites! I hereby solicit your donations to Settlers of Samaria. Just drop them off with a note about how you want the nearest Arab in Samaria to shoot me with weapons I gave him through the Dershowitz-sanctioned Oslo Peace Accords.

I think I’ve killed that point. Now…

Front #2: The other point Dershowitz brings up is those stupid newsletters.

That’s all you got buddy? A twenty+ year voting record in Congress of tolerance, freedom, respect, and incorruptibility are nothing to you? One screw-up over a newsletter that he didn’t read at the time and was negligent in allowing to get published is enough to overturn decades or trust, honesty, and tolerance to all?

Man, you are tough.

Nowhere in the article does it mention a thing that Ron Paul ever said or did that was anti Semitic. Because there is nothing he ever said or did that is anti Semitic. Nothing. Zilch. Zero.

The bigger question is why does Dershowitz have to attack Ron Paul? The answer, I think, is a profound Jewish fear of loneliness.

Ron Paul wants to leave Israel alone. Really, alone. Dershowitz fears this because if Israel doesn’t have her American caretaker, she will not be able to survive. This terrifies Dershowitz. So he has to attack Ron Paul.

Alan, lay off, OK? We’ll be fine. More than that: We’ll be great, grand, fantastic. We won’t have people pushing peace plans at us that just get us all killed. You also won’t be selling as many of your Israel books because very few people will care about the Case for Israel when US tax dollars are no longer involved in this sordid affair.

Ron Paul is not an anti Semite. Any Jew that says he is, is either being careless or intentionally disingenuous.

Explain to me, Alan Dershowitz, how an anti Semite would defend Israel’s right to bomb Iraq in 1981.

Is Ron Paul Anti Semitic?

When the Fed is finally audited and the US finds out how much money was stolen, it won't look good that Greenspan and Bernanke are both Jewish.

Before I get into the question in depth and why it is even asked, the quick answer is no. The question itself is almost meaningless, since the term “Anti Semitic” has lost almost all of its meaning in the decades since Europe tried to exterminate the Jewish people in the 40’s. At this point, calling someone anti Semitic is the equivalent of calling that person a doodoo head. It really lacks any serious definition, means a million things to a million different people, and is about as useful as Jenine Garofallo calling you a racist if you don’t like Obama. It ends any serious debate.

So let’s narrow the question down to something definable. Does Ron Paul dislike Jews? No. Does he think that Jews are trying to take over the world? No. Does he think Israel is responsible for the Iraq, Afghanistan, and Lybian Wars? No.

The reason Jews think twice when they think of Ron Paul is that so many of his followers fit a more broad definition of “anti Semitic”. Let’s not even call it that. Let’s just say many of Ron Paul’s followers hate Israel.

The reason is fairly obvious why Israel haters would join up with Ron Paul. Paul is the only candidate who wants to end all foreign aid, to Israel as well as everyone else in the world. So pretend you hate Israel for a second or pretend you are actually a bona fide neo Nazi or something similar. Who would you vote for? Obviously Ron Paul.

Taking a quick look at Ron Paul’s friends, you can see fairly quickly that many of them genuinely hate Israel, or at least give platforms to those who really detest the Jewish State.

Take Lew Rockwell for example, Paul’s former campaign chief of staff. Does Rockwell hate Jews? No. In fact, he founded the Ludwig von Mises institute, named for the Jewish Austrian economist. The guy is his hero, and he is Jewish. And no, Mises was not some self-hating Jew like Torquemada or Karl Marx (both Jews).

What Lew Rockwell is, is very dubious and mistrusting of Israel. This is clear through the people he invites to contribute to his website, LewRockwell.com, such as Eric Margolis, who has mentioned the possibility that the Mossad was behind 9/11 and that Israel instigated the Iraq War for its own benefit and other such wacky nonsense. There’s also Michael Scheuer, a former CIA agent who really hates Israel in a very clear sense of hate. If you’ve ever heard Scheuer speak about Israel and you’re Jewish, it can make your skin crawl. I mean the guy really sounds creepy with the power he attributes to the Jewish people and their purported ability to lead the White House around on a leash using the all powerful AIPAC.

On everything else, Scheuer’s good. But he is unquestionably in the Ron Paul crowd, and regarding Israel and Jews as a nation, he is a “doodoo head”, to stick to prior terminology.

Hunt around the major Ron Paul hubs like DailyPaul.com or ronpaulforums.com, and you’ll find plenty of hatred for Israel especially. Around the time of flotilla, Paulian hubs were abuzz with Israel bashing hatred.

This is all perfectly fine by me. One of the good things about finally having your own country back is that you no longer have to deal with people hating you by crying to the local bishop, pope, or political leader. You can take matters into your own hands. By that I mean, ignore it, or try to figure out why it’s happening and stop it. What you should NOT do as a Jew, is whine to another country about it (like America). That just makes it worse.

The reason many Ron Paul supporters hate Israel is that we’re always whining to America for one reason or other because we think America is our father. And Ron Paul supporters really want to be left alone rather than be caught up in entangling alliances with anyone. And what is more entangling than to be caught up in the Jewish state with the oldest nation in the world that never seems to go away and always pisses everyone off for never ever GOING AWAY and always being the center of attention? It’s very unnerving, and you get caught up with the arabs who have the oil and weapons and this and that and they just want out of it.

So then they start wondering why Israel always gets so much attention and instead of looking through history and seeing that the Jews are, have always been, and always will be at the very center of the West as the founders of Christianity, that the West actually worships a Jew as its God and has the Jewish bible as its bible and facing up to the implications of these facts (namely that the Jews are the epicenter of Western culture itself), they just brush it all off and say the Jews are trying to control everything, because why else would they be getting all this attention all the time? And their hatred focuses on Israel because that is the organizing force behind the People. It makes sense superficially.

The fact that Israel does indeed want America to take care of Iran for her infuriates them, and I understand why. They’re approaching fiscal Armageddon and they have to defend a bunch of Jews from some Persians and spend another half trillion dollars they don’t have?

To all the Paulites reading this – we can take care of Iran ourselves. Unlike what the politicians say in Israel, Iran is not a global problem. It is a Jewish problem only, Iran threatened Israel with annihilation, not America, and we’ll have to deal with them ourselves. I don’t want anyone defending me except my family. America is my friend, but Iran is my fight, not America’s.

As for Ron Paul himself, he has every reason to actually be anti Semitic, yet he is not. He hates the Fed, especially Alan Greenspan and Ben Bernanke, both Jews. You think Madoff was bad in ripping the country off for $50 billion? Just wait till we get the Fed audited and we see how much we got ripped off by the Greenspan and Bernanke administrations!

There is a serious danger that when America finds out about its missing trillions, a real crusade like wave of “doodoo headedness” could break out accusing the Jews of ripping America off for all it was worth.

I don’t think it will happen, but what you should know about Paul himself on these issues is that he does not blame Greenspan, Bernanke, or any other individual. He blames the system, a system that believes you can artificially set the value of money and interest rates to whatever you want and pretend to have a stable economy.

It doesn’t take much to trigger a wave of Jew hatred in the mind of a society whose bible blames Jews for murdering God. We saw that already in the Dreyfus Affair of the 19th century where France went from liberal to rabid in a matter of days.

What I’m saying is that when the Fed does get exposed finally, the only person I’d trust to be in office and be able to stem a tide of Jew hatred that I can only hope will not be unleashed, is Ron Paul.

Everyone else seems to be yaking about Mitt Romney’s lawn and insisting that Israel needs more money from a bankrupt country. Dangerous indeed.