Defending Ron Paul against Alan Dershowitz

Alan Dershowitz wrote an op ed about something the other day. I have to be honest and say I didn’t read the whole thing. I just read the parts about Ron Paul.

I think Alan Dershowitz is a great guy. Reasoned, principled, and consistent in his views. Unfortunately though, along with almost every other Jew in America, he has a blind spot when it comes to Ron Paul.

See the original article here.

I’ll make my defense very short, since Dershowitz’s attack is surprisingly shallow for a man of his stature and knowledge. He attacks Ron Paul on two fronts and accuses him of being an anti Semite.

Front #1: Ron Paul doesn’t return money donated to his campaign by men with anti Semitic opinions. Therefore, Ron Paul is an anti Semite.

Alan – this blog does not return money donated by people who believe that in order to convert all the Jews to Jesus, we have to give them money to build houses in Samaria. In these people’s minds, they are donating to a cause that will hasten the demise of Judaism in favor of Christianity. And I take their money and I don’t return it. Does that make me an anti Semite? If a neo Nazi donates to this blog because he thinks that the more houses I build in Samaria, the more chances I have to get killed by Arabs, and I accept the money, am I a self-hating Jew?

You know what, as a matter of fact: Calling all neo Nazi’s and anti Semites! I hereby solicit your donations to Settlers of Samaria. Just drop them off with a note about how you want the nearest Arab in Samaria to shoot me with weapons I gave him through the Dershowitz-sanctioned Oslo Peace Accords.

I think I’ve killed that point. Now…

Front #2: The other point Dershowitz brings up is those stupid newsletters.

That’s all you got buddy? A twenty+ year voting record in Congress of tolerance, freedom, respect, and incorruptibility are nothing to you? One screw-up over a newsletter that he didn’t read at the time and was negligent in allowing to get published is enough to overturn decades or trust, honesty, and tolerance to all?

Man, you are tough.

Nowhere in the article does it mention a thing that Ron Paul ever said or did that was anti Semitic. Because there is nothing he ever said or did that is anti Semitic. Nothing. Zilch. Zero.

The bigger question is why does Dershowitz have to attack Ron Paul? The answer, I think, is a profound Jewish fear of loneliness.

Ron Paul wants to leave Israel alone. Really, alone. Dershowitz fears this because if Israel doesn’t have her American caretaker, she will not be able to survive. This terrifies Dershowitz. So he has to attack Ron Paul.

Alan, lay off, OK? We’ll be fine. More than that: We’ll be great, grand, fantastic. We won’t have people pushing peace plans at us that just get us all killed. You also won’t be selling as many of your Israel books because very few people will care about the Case for Israel when US tax dollars are no longer involved in this sordid affair.

Ron Paul is not an anti Semite. Any Jew that says he is, is either being careless or intentionally disingenuous.

Explain to me, Alan Dershowitz, how an anti Semite would defend Israel’s right to bomb Iraq in 1981.


5 thoughts on “Defending Ron Paul against Alan Dershowitz

  1. The US doesn’t give money to Israel. It gives military aid, usually in the form of planes and helicopters built by US workers in US factories paid for by US taxpayers. However, this is only because the US sells Israel’s enemies, such as Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt and others almost 3 times as much arms,. All AIPAC did was pressure congress to give one plane to Israel for every three the US sells its enemies. It also has to do with compensating Israel for forcing it to give back Sinai three times to Egypt since 1949 Imagine if Israel had held on to Sinai. Not only would ISrael have the oil and natural gas, but it would have strategic depth and bases for its planes and missiles. There would also be no tunnels into Gaza supplying Hamas and others with Iranian and other rocket parts, to shoot into Israel.

    Tell the US to cut off arms sales to EVERYONE in the region, and give back the Sinai to Israel, and Israel won’t need a penny of aid! If the US wants to tell ISrael what do to do while selling its mortal enemies vast amounts of arms, it has to compensate Israel for that.

  2. I think you are mistaken about the fear of loneliness.

    Right now, American Jews convince themselves that its ok that they don’t live in Israel, because they live in America and help send money to Israel.

    If Ron Paul gets his way, then they will no longer have that excuse, and they will need to face up to the reason that they have not yet made Aliyah when it has never been easier in History to do so.

    • Guest –

      What does public tax money have anything to do with Jews sending money to Israel? If Jews want to send money to Israel, then let them send money to Israel! I have NO problem with this whatsoever. But public tax money? Do Jews have to use their muscle to lobby for public money for Israel when they can give it themselves? Yecch…

      If Ron Paul gets his way, Jews will have even MORE freedom to give money to Israel since there’d be no income taxes!

      • Rafi, they don’t want to send their private money, they let the US government do that for them. They send their money to AIPAC.

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