Politicians Playing Gay Ping Pong

By gay ping pong I don’t mean some lewd game at a gay bar. I mean Bayit Yehudi and Yesh Atid standing on two sides of a ping pong table and batting around the gay political ping pong ball. I’m trying to imagine if I would be offended assuming I were gay and have the same principles I have now. As it is now, I’m annoyed.

Bayit Yehudi is running some inane ad about how all their members did this and that to help prevent gay marriage and how important that is because if homosexuals were allowed to “marry”, then the whole world will erupt in an orgy of homosexuality by sheer compulsion.

I hear from a Bayit Yehudi party member that the guy in the 16th seat on the list, Ronen Shoval I think, actually said that if gay marriage were legalized, by which I mean gay couples got the privilege of being more heavily taxed like straight couples (thank God for taxes) then “more people would want it”.

I looked at the guy (a male) who told me this, and said to him, “I’m sorry, but regardless of whether gays can marry, I still wouldn’t find you in the least bit sexy.”

To the meat of it: I like Youtube cooking channels. So I’m watching a recipe, and I usually skip the ad. But this time it’s a big hairy guy, a massive hulking gorilla-looking man, dressed like a woman with a wig and makeup. I’m suspended in morbid fascination so I don’t press the skip button. S/He’s saying something about how s/he decided to become a woman because this is how s/he feels on the inside.

I’m fine with that, I really don’t care how people want to dress themselves or why. All the power to ya, whoever you are, really, do what you gotta do. But for some reason I’m supposed to vote for Pretty Boy Lapid because of this gorilla transvestite girl unfortunate enough to be born into a decisively manly testosterone-infested body?

So we have Bayit Yehudi telling me how great it is that all their guys are totally against gay people doing whatever it is they do, and then I have Pretty Boy Lapid telling me how great it is that he’s so totally supportive of hulkingly masculine cross-dressers.

Really, this is what politics is. These are the people that have the ability to start nuclear wars in my name. The ones bitching to each other about how much or little they support the right of transvestites to cross dress or marry other genderly confused people. They’re playing a game of gay ping pong and I don’t want to be in the stands.

OK, I’ll admit one thing though. As stupid as the transvestite clip was (I really have no idea why I’m supposed to vote Yesh Lapid because of a transvestite) this ad was better.

Basically, two women who decide to get married and have a baby by artificial insemination have to go through a parenting class before the baby that just came out of one of the women’s bodies is legally considered the baby’s mother. She has the baby, then must take a government class before being considered the legal guardian, even though she just gave birth to it. Now that is certainly messed up and should be changed.

However, something tells me that Pretty Boy Lapid won’t be changing squat about anything. He’s just playing a game of gay ping pong, and it’s his volley.


7 thoughts on “Politicians Playing Gay Ping Pong

  1. You are absolutely right, joking or not. Guys do the the gay thing in a guy way. Torah and research both confirm this.

    In the animal world, same-sex behavior occurs in terms of dominance and aggression; i.e. one of the dogs is having a better time than the other one. Or in unnatural settings. Among humans exactly the same thing is true, but our power of imagination masks that outside of unnatural settings as with sailors on long voyages or prisoner populations etc.

    But what you said is happening. Now that sex does not usually result in offspring, women do not qualify their partners and reserve their relationships as much. In other words, they are acting more like gay men. Don;t take my word for it, but the writing team behind Sex in the City consists of gay men. “Not That There’s Anything Wrong With That, haha”. So anyone taking their cues from TV characters, which is quite a few are not learning normal behavior.

  2. I am not a libertarian purist, but on the issue of marriage I am. Governments have a relationship to citizens, who have civil rights. However marriages are not people, they are relationships and have no rights. At best, they are economic domestic partnerships which should fall under private commercial and contract law. Governments for their part have no business in the personal or emotional or intimate life of people, which is actually the basis for the push for gay marriage. Rather than expanding rights, gay marriage restricts everyone’s right to recognize or not those relationships. What do you want to bet that a religious landlord will end up in jail because he won’t rent to two cowboys, or a cowboy and his brother, or a shepherd and his sheep, or a warlock and his coven?

    Marriage once served to support childbearing and rearing. It has been decoupled from that by birth control and abortion, and has shifted focus to relationships which do not really justify a legal basis. We got here because governments took over the role of religious authority. But marriage laws are hardly enforced anymore, and religious authority will take care of its own adherents. Privately.

    Rather than institutionalize a whole zoo of weird domestic units, I propose that government get out of the bedroom, and shred all of the licenses. Instead, grant every child have a legal enforceable financial claim upon the man and woman who are his/her genetic parents. A permanent child support responsibility, pursued to the ends of the earth and retroactive and collectable to the beginning of time. Incentivize real parents to remain on the job.

  3. Was this actually an ad *for* Yesh Atid, or was it an ad that YouTube stuck on at the beginning? I have a YouTube channel, and we don’t get to choose the ads we get.

  4. It’s funny the way transvestites do makeup. In the women world that used to be considered “bad makeup” as in “two much makeup, you’re clueless!” Now it is generally labeled as an aesthetic of its own right, it’s called “drag queen makeup”. Now to go far stretched and say that Marilyn Monroe or Rita Hayworth wore “drag queen makeup” just because many transvestites mimic their makeup style, is just insane imho.
    About the compulsive “gaymania” resulted from gay marriage – it is just as bad as any other thing done just because someone else is doing it. Monkey see, monkey do. Sure some people will just do it to be cool. Then they will say that society made them do it, probably, have no idea what they will say when they will realize they are boringly romantically straight.

    P.S. to the guy in the video, or any other – how do they know they feel like a woman feels? because women are known to be best world liars. All those things men used to say (and were considered sexy, now they are considered “sexist”) – “women you are such mysteries”, “when she says maybe she means no, when she says yes she means no, when she says no she means maybe” – are because we are good at pretending and hiding what we feel. It’s the way we are. We rarely share it with anyone else should they be women too – because they are competition. So how would they know? Hee hee hee, they don’t! Their disguise is in their clothes, not in the inside…But if they want to just take this last bit of intimacy from women, well they are such men! Typically men! They wanna be women too, now! What else do the men want to control? (j/k)

    • It’s actually worse than that. Now that most sex no longer produces children, and women no longer need to qualify their intimate relationships or require commitment (the original liberation), they are more and more resembling gay men. Case in point – the writing team for Sex in the City are gay men (don’t take my word for it). In case anyone was wondering if women really talk and act that way in the real world. They don’t, unless they have been indoctrinated by such media as Sex in the City.

      • Without love there is nothing, it’s true.
        In a world full of science where everything seemed possible, humanity just realized what they really want. And they got it. And it’s not pretty, is it? The gay man is not archetypal image of a God (father or not), and the gay woman is further more away from the archetypal image of a Goddess (mother or not).
        The world is insane. Politically correct or not. But self-inflicted in its insanity and thus completely liberated for both genders.
        Of course in the end children will no longer happen just because they were a means stage to an end. The end result is not acceptable so children happening is no longer necessary so there. The End.

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