Greece’s Syriza leftists promise money that doesn’t exist

According to CNN, the new Greek Syriza party is promising rainbows and sunshine if elected.

Syriza promised to raise the minimum wage, freeze wage and pension cuts, reduce taxes on food and increase unemployment benefits, the reports said.

Sounds great! But how the hell are you going to do that! Easy. Print the money. Like all statist parties, Syriza believes that money is a function of government decree instead of the hard work of an individual. Since the State is all powerful, they have the right and responsibility to take care of the people.

This is quite consistent with the rest of Syriza’s platform, which states that it is the State’s responsibility to plan the economy, to eliminate competition, and to organize society. You can read about Syriza’s platform on The post is in Greek, but run it through Google translate and you’ll get a pretty good, if disjointed translation.

The allure of having this kind of ideology is that if you actually believe in it, you feel pretty powerful when you are part of the government that is supposed to save everything. If you believe that the government is supposed to plan everything and make sure all the people are alright and have money, then you pretty much feel like a god when you are part of the government. This is the real allure of Statism. It allows man to be god when man governs.

It is this ideology that got Greece into so much debt in the first place. The government believed they were responsible for running the country instead of protecting the freedom of Greeks. Running a country is too much for any government to do, and it costs way too much. That’s why Greece is now bankrupt.

I’ve said many times on this blog that the beginning of the end of Western Civilization will begin in Greece. Greece is the seat of the West, the seat of Democracy, and it will be the first to fall. Democracy and atheism are a toxic mix. It makes governments believe they are God.

The only democracy that is moral is a democracy that believes that ultimately, God is in charge. When you have that humility, you understand that your basic job as government should be simply to protect the rights that God gave humans. That is, the right to life and freedom.

If you believe all people were created in the image of God, then you will humbly back off when asked to run the country. Instead, you will let the people run it.

If you’re a Statist, you will resort to robbery and theft until the people have nothing left. Greece is at this point now. If Syriza is elected, they will try to steal more money from the people in order to run the country. Problem is, there’s nothing left to steal. The saddest thing is, even if they aren’t elected, the other parties will steal just the same.


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