Why most Ron Paul supporters are wrong about Iran, and why I don’t care

I visit Lewrockwell.com several times a week. I read the economic articles and some of the Ron Paul updates there. The site published one of my articles here that was read by about 100,000 people so I appreciate it, and he and his staff of course do great work, especially with founding the Mises institute in the 80’s.

The problem though with diehard Ron Paul people like Lew is that they have blindspots. Just like Zionist Jews and those who are freaked out by Jihad have blindspots regarding Paul’s foreign policy and cannot possibly entertain the notion that maybe 9/11 was actually partly America’s own fault, Paulians like Rockwell cannot possibly entertain the notion that maybe Iran actually does want to annihilate Israel.

If I had just stumbled onto Lewrockwell.com without being lured into the whole Paul universe and community first with his economic, libertarian message, I would have ran out of that website screaming and calling the ADL. Every day there is another article about how peaceful Iran is and how they would never hurt a fly and whoever believes otherwise is buying propaganda. Read that without understanding the message of liberty and you’re a Jew with the cultural history of Persians trying to annihilate you in the past (read the Book of Esther), you would be instantly repulsed. But when I read it, it only annoys me mildly. Less and less every day.

Two days ago I was listening to the Lew Rockwell show, one of his podcasts, and he was interviewing Bob Wenzel. Lew said something like “We don’t want Iran or Israel to attack each other, but of course Israel is the one that’s threatening and Iran is just being peaceful.”

That turned up the dial of annoyingness from mildly to moderately, and I am a Jewish ultra nationalist. Other Jews would have been horrified by that comment. Why can I stomach these and keep admiring Rockwell when I have what we would call a “nuclear disagreement”?

It has to do with liberty and independence. When people are independent and free, then other people don’t resent them for their problems. While Lew is obviously wrong about Iran being peaceful and he chooses to ignore statement after statement to the absolute contrary (most recently Khamenei saying that Iran must attack Israel by 2014 and killing Jews is a Muslim religious duty) much like an Obama socialist ignores economic reality, he is blind about this not because he hates Jews, but he hates fighting other people’s wars. He just doesn’t want anything to do with it, and Israel has much more influence in America than Iran does, so he blames Israel.

Essentially, if we are to reword what Lew is saying when he says that Iran is peaceful and Israel is the aggressor, we can say that when it comes to America being involved in the whole Iran Israel fight, Israel is much more responsible for bringing America directly into the picture than Iran is. This is what he hates, and because Israel is dragging America into the Iranian mess, he pins Israel as the aggressor. In that way, he’s right.

The reason his statements don’t bother me all that much are that even though he’s wrong, I know full well that he doesn’t hate or love Israel. He really just doesn’t care and doesn’t want anything to do with it or my problems. And I don’t WANT him to care or have anything to do with it either, so Lew and I basically agree. I want to be independent, I don’t want any charity, and I want to take care of my own problems in Israel.

If everyone took care of their own issues, then there’d be a lot less calls to the ADL and the malinvestment that goes into keeping them running will be redirected to something that actually matters instead of something that just makes people resentful of Jews whining about Anti Semitism all the time.

And if you want to make the claim that Iran is the world’s problem and not the Jews’ problem, I’d say, again, stop trying to bring the world into Jewish issues. It really makes them resent us, and if Lew doesn’t hate Jews now, he really WILL if this drags America into yet another war that will destroy his country.

Man up, be a Jew, let’s take out the trash and get some respect. I didn’t get my independence back after 2,000 years to freak out and cry to the world about some Persians trying to kill me. I got my independence back after 2,000 years so I can take care of them myself.


10 thoughts on “Why most Ron Paul supporters are wrong about Iran, and why I don’t care

  1. Whether America likes it or not, it is everyone’s moral duty to support and defend Israel. No matter who is the president of USA, the IMPORTANCE OF ISRAEL and the security of her land cannot be played with. USA show to the world that ISRAEL is a better choice than people who throw bombs for fun.

    • No it’s not. It’s Israel’s moral duty to support and defend Israel. If individual Americans want to support and defend Israel, then they should. But to force them to through government is immoral.

      • You are both right, of course. America – if they seek moral enlightment should do it freely is they so desire, not in a system. There is no system or stairway to Heaven. Yes I am afraid of what they would truly choose in all freedom, and so are they and this is why no president would ever fulfill this promise ever no matter what color they are (and I mean red or blue not other colors). All I can say is that I don’t believe that America did all they could to help Israel or that they are in this conflict out of true empathy with the Jewish people until they completely give up their self-confusing religion called Christianity. And no president will ever be able to do so, not even Obama who I do believe is in fact atheist or theist (hence all the accusations that he is a Communist but he’s not).

      • America was designed as a system, rational system following the French-British concept of utilitarian ideas. The problem is, as Ron Paul does say, that the system and the Constitution do not add up. But to simply overthrow a system – this is chaos. Now any country will be a system eventually once the economy and the social classes coagulate. Countries that could not do this, have been prone to be mercenaries to other countries that were already systematic. England is a very powerful system in itself, see how many colonies have remained within the borders of Commonwealth willingly. The French system is based on constantly avoiding religious issues – which can be understandable considering religions make people extremely emotional, but is it according to human nature to completely give up mystical beliefs in order to live a sane life, as Jung noticed? Without religions people turn their mystical side to the public figures – in politics, art, sports, whom they literally worship. This is what happened to America and in the end celebrities took the vacant place of worship. And now it’s a twirl, talented people seem like prophets and beautiful people seem like Heaven’s favorites, politicians are the very well known devils. Religions are made on kitchen tables and the internet delivers any given information and it seems reliable because a lot of people say so.

        No America is not another planet, it is the social product of many people leaving Europe mainly seeking religious freedom and most of them were Protestants who were being stigmatized by traditional Christianity (not so the church but also the people) so in the end, yes America is quietly Christian Protestant because the founding members were mainly so, even if it encompasses many other religions.
        Americans don’t want trouble, they don’t dislike their system until it forces them in situations when they have to obey or leave the country.
        Religion will never truly corrupt Americans except out of boredom, which is a true flaw of theirs. They only like the positive part of Christianity – the forgiving God – and they only seek in other religions the parts that create inner peace and relaxation. This is a result of the utilitarian ideas of the system, not the religion itself. If you ask an American hippie who is Khrishna he will say he loves Khrishna who is an all forgiving god with a transcendental nature that can be accessed through matter or something like this.
        A country of Pope (the British philosopher not the Catholic Pope). Now isn’t it what any human being would want? But those celebrities are also human and afflicted with human flaws – power corruption, passion for abuse, etc. However Christianity for real, as a religion, stated that humans need to seek redemption on this planet, this is what God gave it for, it’s not paradise,but is still a sign of God’s faith in humans not to waste the chance. There is a long way between this and the exaggerated way in which the utilitarian philosophers on 19th century criticized religions, both Jewish and Christian, for inflicting into people’s minds the idea that life is for suffering unlike the old Greek philosophy that stated that one should only seek absence of pain (ataraxia).
        Which is the truth, because no one can prove the existence of the God the Jewish mentioned, claim the theists. The atheists no longer want to be bothered with this problem. And the violence done in name of religion only gives them rational proof they need that religion makes life bad.
        In the beginning of the Bible faith was a feeling God’s creatures felt, for the flawed human beings. To have or not to have, faith in humanity. From up to down. Prozelitist religions have done the terrible mistake of claiming to be other way around, that God needs you, thus making things appear very relative and appealing to the power freaks who saw an opportunity to use people’s disbelief. You need God, God doesn’t need you, He just wants to see the good signs – from down to up.

  2. Ron Paul old American puritanism, Marilyn Monroe’s makeup, “Mad Men”. longer skirts, Grace Kelly’s passion for European aristocracy, the French have a beautiful first lady who married the ugly guy, Jimmi Hendrix sells albums from beneath the veil, all this 50’s-60’s nostalgia I understand in Americans. The grass was greener…the sky was clearer…then Vietnam. But to be consistent they should vote for Gingrich who promised a new American state on the Moon. It’s not an economical issue, it’s a representation issue. I cried too when I saw “The Remains of the Day” and the servant was stuck to the ground in front of a Lord he would have otherwise disapproved of, if society did not exist. Then I got angry, then mad, then crossed. Then I realized the Lord had a reason too in claiming that probably the servant was more empathic in thought with the Lord’s bad ideas than the servant was willing to admit. So the biggest hypocrisy came from down there, “the great unwashed”, those who used their muscles for evil. I only love the great unwashed more because their heavy-rock evilness is fascinating. It’s always there, they will always be those people, they are like a living work of art of life – watch me never ever change at all! The stars are different. Galaxy Andromeda is in pieces and who knows what will replace it if anything ever. All that’s left of it a little pink pony.

  3. The whole debacle with Iran goes all the way back to 1953. I am not going to get into the whole story, but we institute the shah so we can get oil and other goodies and in turn he is “pro western”. Then the Islamic republic comes in and then in the 80’s, Israel is arming Iran against Saddam Hussein. So to a certain extent, Israel arming Iran, is then the situation partially Israel’s fault? I don’t know.

    It drives me mad that first we are allies with them, then we bomb them etc. Yes Iran is dangerous but I don’t feel that going to war is the solution because it will be dragging. If Israel does go to war with Iran, then Israel better not ask America for help. If you launch nuclear weapons, you kill civilians. So then what do you do? Regime change will lead to chaos.

    • I agree with what you’re saying. In Israel though, Iran actually is a direct threat, and we didn’t put in any Shah’s in 1953. We were busy trying to survive. And we still are, so we’ve got to attack them. Without your help or dragging you into it of course.

      • Iran has been armed by the Russians and Irak by the Americans back when the entire Cold War started. One should document the seriousness of that conflict and sadly I agree that the Americans caved in to these British Intelligence games (no quotes needed for they are just a history of hats) that only fed fuel to the Arab world. Religious conflict? ^%&S*S6 (I don’t talk like that but here is needed). Western Europe war games on other continents far far away? Yes. Fear not a conflict between the Islamic world and the current Western Europe – culturally there is greatest respect between the two. Like Queen Elizabeth said “I don’t like war, it ends up having unaccountable results” but once it started and they said prophets and Heaven and Faith I feel attacked. There is no purpose in a history of hats but the continuation of conflict for the sake of it. I have no doubt that there is no true conflict between Iran and Irak except that created by the British through their mandate and if the Arab is truly horrified by the Western lack of respect they would have stopped the conflict by now. But they don’t. The Americans may have begun with the right heart after World War II but I fear have been engulfed in a maze of ancient Pagan symbolism, insane ambitions to conquer the Sun, haunting the Christian God, French rationality never explained anything but fashions as if, stubborn German atheism that has never passed as faith, all which comes from the Old World. Even people’s “hate for Jews” is devoided from passion and it’s mechanical and psychotic like a very sick brain that suspects genius is the other side of its stupidity. I don’t think anybody hates the Jews they just WANT SOMETHING from them. What do they want? They already got it, why don’t they just name IT? They always win because they don’t care. Don’t care at all. The only thing they fathom is the rush of the wind and the dust they managed to create. But that will drown them in the end too. I don’t know what the Arabs from that “Aryan land” know but the Christians do know violence and cruelty will NOT impress their Lord God to take them to Heaven. What else do they know.. in the end they’ll know nothing on the path they have started on. People slice each other in Rwanda still because one Belgian guy once told them that some are more noble than the others because of their different features… Ron Paul will not win in the Republican Party, useful or not, this will not happen. Then what? Again, more war, more dust in the wind to fill the cruels’ hearts with pleasure of pain and music? No. This time I will turn to see exactly WHO stabbed me in my back and turned my mercy against me with torture and with tears. This is not a war. It had a name for it.. what’s that called? I think it was called justice once… a long time ago…

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