SURPRISE Obama Adds More to National Debt Than Any Other President Ever

Who would have guessed this? Apparently Obama has added $9,036,534,448,884.32 to the national debt. George W. Bush added only about $5 trillion.

Wasn’t the Obama administration always bragging about cutting the deficit, and that deficits under him were lower than anyone something blah blah? That’s like saying “I only cheated on my wife with hookers 4 trillion times and not 7 trillion times. I’m relatively faithful.”

Keep it coming guys. Pile it on. Let’s see how big it can get before it falls.

And when it does, make sure you reading this if you’re in America have plenty of riot gear and an exit strategy.

In fact, all those Jewish Obamaniks and other lefties who keep saying that Trump is Hitler and mean it seriously, I expect you to all get your tickets to Israel and get over here before the next 6 million are gassed.

He grabs vaginas apparently, so he’ll be grabbing them Jews next! Makes sense, no?

I wonder what the gematria of the debt will be when the world finally stops lending the American government any more dollars.


Secret Service Lets an armed convict in an elevator with Obama

Just to clarify, I have no problem with the Secret Service letting an armed convict in the elevator with Obama. I don’t care about Obama, and though I do not wish the man ill at all and I only hope he returns to private life as soon as possible, his safety is no concern of mine. So I am not writing this with a feeling of “how dare they”. More of a “they’re idiots”. In any case, here’s another screw up by the Secret Service that is being reported now.

From Fox News (no I am not a Fox News fan. I just go there for headlines out of habit from when I used to be a neocon. Though I have to admit it’s getting really annoying looking at even a small thumbnail picture of O’Reilly pointing at me with his pompous finger. Every time. That’s the pose they catch him in every time.)

President Obama shared an elevator earlier this month with an armed security contractor who has three felony convictions relating to assault and battery, in the latest report of a serious violation of Secret Service security protocols.

Multiple sources confirmed to Fox News the incident, which took place in an elevator during Obama’s Sept. 16 visit to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta. The incident was first reported by The Washington Post and the Washington Examiner.

The latest embarrassment for the Secret Service comes after agency Director Julia Pierson told lawmakers at a Tuesday hearing “she took full responsibility” for a Sept. 19 breach of the White House. Pierson admitted that presidential security fell apart when a knife-wielding intruder jumped a White House fence earlier this month and sprinted untouched across the lawn, entering the first family’s residence through an unlocked door and making his way into the East Room reception area.

This was not a convict by strictly government definition, like a harmless drug user or dealer or insider trader or tax evader. This was a guy convicted three times of assault and battery, an actual, real crime that in a minarchist society would actually be government’s role to punish.

This is even more proof that there is no government elite. Almost all of them are dumb. The regulator bureaucrats and the actual government officials together. It’s all a show to make you think your rulers are more competent than they actually are, that they can put together a Jason Bourne to protect the world or something, when they’re all just a bunch of bumblers.

I would exclude from that any skilled worder who works in an industry that is monopolized by the government, like a doctor. Included though are most postal workers, cops, and Empire-maintenance soldiers invading whatever country they’re invading and inspiring the next terrorist group. I think the US is invading Syria now is it? Have fun.



Feiglin punches Obama in the diplomatic nose

From Feiglin’s Facebook Page:

Moshe Feiglin: Today, Ta’anit Esther, I understood that we have reached the red line for Jonathan Pollard. If we cross it, G-d forbid, we will lose him. The President of the United State, Barack Hussein Obama, is scheduled to visit Israel and to speak in the Knesset on Erev Pesach. You are welcome, Mr. President – with our brother, Jonathan. With G-d’s help, when Obama releases our brother, Jonathan, I will be pleased to honor him and to listen to his speech in the Knesset. If G-d forbid, he will not release our brother, I call upon all my colleagues, the Knesset Members, to join me and to leave the Knesset plenum empty during the speech of the head of state who has been holding our brother Jonathan captive for 28 years.

The Terror of Obama; the Humility of Ron Paul

Not too long ago my brother and I were discussing a purely Jewish/Israeli issue. That is, what is Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s greatest fear? This was around the time that Moshe Feiglin was duking it out with Netanyahu for power in the ruling Likud Party. Feiglin was about to close in on taking control of the party’s central committee and force Netanyahu literally out of the party when Netanyahu was able to secure a court order allowing him to retroactively change the party’s charter and cancel internal party elections, knowing he would lose to Feiglin.

Anyway, I told my brother that Feiglin was and is Netanyahu’s greatest fear. My brother responded with a bit of verve and said something like, “There’s one man that strikes fear in Netanyahu’s heart, and that man is Barack Obama.”

I’ve only now come to realize that my brother was right, and that this fear is the essence of what is wrong with the American Presidency. Not with Obama as a person, though I don’t have much positive to say about him, but the office of the Presidency itself. No leader should ever “fear” an American president unless they are actually at war (DECLARED by Congress) with America. They should respect him. The office has gotten so distorted and tyrannical to the world at large that America can no longer serve as an example to the world, but rather as a big global bully that thinks it runs the place.

The presidency should be an office respected by the world, occupied by a man (or woman) who is humble enough to know he is just a man, and has no authority to interfere in the affairs of other nations at a whim.

This twisting of the office of the Presidency has gone so far that the American public now thinks that it’s necessary for other countries to “fear” the President of the USA in order to maintain global order and peace. Global order and peace has come to mean wars on every continent. This is sad, dangerous, and unsustainable.

“If so-and-so Republican is elected, then Ahmadinejad won’t dare do anything stupid because he’ll fear so-and-so!” Or some such logic. I used to think like this.

If Ron Paul is elected president, would anyone “fear” him? I seriously doubt it. He would pretty much mind his own business and simply try to trade and do business with other countries. Not wave money around (borrowed from China) and threaten to bomb places that don’t cooperate.

President Ron Paul wouldn’t “threaten” Netanyahu with anything. Israel would go about its business, and unlike America who only bombs places for reasons that are at most only tangentially connected to the concept of national security as an excuse to expand American ego, Israel bombs people who actually bomb its cities.

Everyone knew that Obama had a really big ego before he was elected, and still does. So did Bush, so did Clinton, so did the other Bush. Some people thought this would be a good thing. But what we really need is someone who is humble. In the real sense of the word. Humility.

Humility doesn’t mean someone who’s constantly down on himself. It means someone who has an accurate picture of who he really is in the grander scheme of things.

The purpose of American government is to preserve the freedom and rights of Americans. The office of the Presidency is meant to preside over that function, not push people around globally.

When Ron Paul, or someone like him, is president, America will have earned the respect it deserves as the best country in the world by example, not by force. Force will only come if America is truly threatened.

And when Moshe Feiglin, or someone like him, is the leader of the Jews, the Jewish people will have earned its place in the world as the spiritual brain of humanity.

In the meantime, King Obama will continue to flaunt his borrowed Chinese and Fed printing-press money in an attempt to force the economy to worship his Presidential will.

And Netanyahu who is also a man full of himself up the wazoo, will continue to fear both Obama and Feiglin, who may yet take over the Likud party on January 31.