SURPRISE Obama Adds More to National Debt Than Any Other President Ever

Who would have guessed this? Apparently Obama has added $9,036,534,448,884.32 to the national debt. George W. Bush added only about $5 trillion.

Wasn’t the Obama administration always bragging about cutting the deficit, and that deficits under him were lower than anyone something blah blah? That’s like saying “I only cheated on my wife with hookers 4 trillion times and not 7 trillion times. I’m relatively faithful.”

Keep it coming guys. Pile it on. Let’s see how big it can get before it falls.

And when it does, make sure you reading this if you’re in America have plenty of riot gear and an exit strategy.

In fact, all those Jewish Obamaniks and other lefties who keep saying that Trump is Hitler and mean it seriously, I expect you to all get your tickets to Israel and get over here before the next 6 million are gassed.

He grabs vaginas apparently, so he’ll be grabbing them Jews next! Makes sense, no?

I wonder what the gematria of the debt will be when the world finally stops lending the American government any more dollars.


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