HA! Holier Than Thou Bible Thumper Ted Cruz Is A Womanizing Sleazeball

With politicians you are guilty until proven innocent. So until he can prove he didn’t cheat on his wife multiple times, I assume he did.

TargetLiberty is saying that according to the National Enquirer, not exactly the most reputable of newspapers but which knows what libel is, he slept with hookers, co-workers, and other sites are claiming that Trump’s spokeswoman may also be one of his “conquests”.

Cruz is one of the lesser scary candidates running for president. He at least gives lip service to the gold standard but that’s about it. He’s a fake conservative that talks about cuts but would never actually cut anything without adding even more to something else.

That he’s a sleazeball is not surprising, as in order to succeed at politics you need to be sleazy. I wonder what happens now. Do people care?


5 thoughts on “HA! Holier Than Thou Bible Thumper Ted Cruz Is A Womanizing Sleazeball

  1. No clue if he is a cheater but I had guy feeling he thinks a lot of himself and had low opinion of women. His wife is aggressive . she is no prize the same as him. He has no qualifications to be president. He made bad reputation for himself and how can you fogey his terrible government shut down costing taxpayer’s like millions if not billions. He is a jerk and I knew that by looking at him. He won’t no Christian neither! He is sleazy. He looks greasy too! Obama has more brains in his toes. He is so arrogant. He can’t run the country no one can stand him.

  2. The National Enquirer is a tabloid that is not to be taken seriously which speaks about UFOs and the ghost of Elvis.The women have denied the tabloid’s phony claims:


    Enquirer owner American Media Inc.’s CEO David Pecker, is a “close friend” of Trump, “flies to Florida on Trump’s private jet” and is “personally involved in the anti-Cruz stories.”
    The National Enquirer is tabloid not to be taken seriously which speak about UFOs and the ghost of Elvis.

  3. Two faced gutter trash with a peanut brain. Lies with a straight face so he should go far with the young liars of this country. Anyone who ever worked for a living or is above the age of 45 knows this guy is bad news.

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