Dubious (Bogus?) Haredi Call for Killing Jewish Army Recruiters Goes Too Far

I’ve got a Jerusalem Post in front of me, an article written by Jeremy Sharon, actually an old acquaintance of mine. Apparently there are pashkavillim (flyers) going around urging people drafted into the army to kill soldiers with the M16’s they are given at basic training.

Before I go into the legalities of this from a libertarian perspective, I’ll just speculate that this is a scare tactic by young kana’im (zealots) probably teenagers who printed up a few posters that the media is blowing out of proportion. I do not believe that the actual power centers in the haredi community would post such papers, and Sharon’s article admits this possibility.

Some doubt has surfaced as to whether the flyers were part of the central anti-enlistment campaign because its wording is unlike that of standard pashkavillim, public notices commonly used in the haredi community. It was also not professionally printed, as are regular pashkavillim and anti-haredi military service materials.

It could be a false flag, planted by some state operator to cause outrage and deepen divisions, but probably not because they are not professionally printed. So most likely the rantings of an unstable zealous kid who is taking out some angst issues, seized on by the media to sell some newspapers. (I did not buy the Jerusalem Post. My parents are in town and they bought it.)

Be that as it may, the only situation I would say where it is permissible to kill a Jew, even a State agent Jew, is if your actual life is in immediate danger from the person. Otherwise, you can’t just go and kill a person for kidnapping you into the army. Active resistance is OK as long as you don’t kill anyone (though stupid and I recommend against it strongly), and passive resistance is the best option.

If it were a goy army then yes, it would be justified to kill a recruiter because goyim are much more dangerous. With a goy army, your life is in immediate danger the moment you are recruited, since you can be unwillingly recruited into combat. Whereas in the IDF, at worst you’ll be recruited into a useless unit, never by force into combat.

No state agent Jew is going to kill another Jew for not being willingly drafted. He’ll give you trouble, humiliate you, put you in prison, do other bad things, but he will not kill you. Thank God for at least that limit to State power. Cause him enough trouble and eventually he’ll let you go.

So no, whoever kanai printed these pashkvillim. You cannot go around killing Jews for arresting you. I’m speaking from a Jewish perspective here. From a secular libertarian perspective maybe you can (not sure), but Judaism overrides reshus in libertarian halacha. You have to suck it up and passively resist, unless your life is in obvious and immediate danger.

Jewish army recruiters do not pose an immediate threat to your life.


AWESOME: Haredim Strike Back Against Israeli Government Kidnappers

This is what I absolutely love about Haredim, the Ultra Orthodox. They won’t take any crap from government mafia goons who invade their neighborhoods to kidnap their children into the government army. They are fearless and ready to go to jail. I salute them.

Yesterday in Ashdod, government forces invaded a private neighborhood to abduct children and force them to fight in the army for 3 years. A group of Haredim fought away the would-be kidnappers and flipped one of their cars over with their bare hands.

The riot began once word that military police had arrived in the neighborhood got out. Tens of ultra-Orthodox men came, surrounded the police vehicle, and began to insult them. The rioters then overturned the vehicle.

A large police force was then sent to the scene and they rescued the military police and dispersed the crowd. Several police cars were slightly damaged as a result of stone throwing.

The cowards ran away without taking any of them. They say they will be back with more forces next time.

I dare the government to try again. Go for it guys. See what happens. You won’t win against these guys.

As always, I strongly discourage any active violence against government forces, including flipping any of their cars. It is a very unwise thing to do if you care about maintaining what little freedom you have. If you are about to be taken by the Israeli government into the army and you do not want to go, then the best thing to do is to resist passively and nonviolently, and just sit in jail until they give up and let you go back to your normal life.

And if you want to go, then go, but try to stay out of kravi, or battle, because it is not worth it at all to commit suicide for a state that uses you as cannon fodder.