AWESOME: Haredim Strike Back Against Israeli Government Kidnappers

This is what I absolutely love about Haredim, the Ultra Orthodox. They won’t take any crap from government mafia goons who invade their neighborhoods to kidnap their children into the government army. They are fearless and ready to go to jail. I salute them.

Yesterday in Ashdod, government forces invaded a private neighborhood to abduct children and force them to fight in the army for 3 years. A group of Haredim fought away the would-be kidnappers and flipped one of their cars over with their bare hands.

The riot began once word that military police had arrived in the neighborhood got out. Tens of ultra-Orthodox men came, surrounded the police vehicle, and began to insult them. The rioters then overturned the vehicle.

A large police force was then sent to the scene and they rescued the military police and dispersed the crowd. Several police cars were slightly damaged as a result of stone throwing.

The cowards ran away without taking any of them. They say they will be back with more forces next time.

I dare the government to try again. Go for it guys. See what happens. You won’t win against these guys.

As always, I strongly discourage any active violence against government forces, including flipping any of their cars. It is a very unwise thing to do if you care about maintaining what little freedom you have. If you are about to be taken by the Israeli government into the army and you do not want to go, then the best thing to do is to resist passively and nonviolently, and just sit in jail until they give up and let you go back to your normal life.

And if you want to go, then go, but try to stay out of kravi, or battle, because it is not worth it at all to commit suicide for a state that uses you as cannon fodder.


8 thoughts on “AWESOME: Haredim Strike Back Against Israeli Government Kidnappers

      • Can you elaborate on why you must denounce all calls for violence in writing?

        Is your condemnation of violence not whole-hearted, similar to the perception (shared by some Israelis) of Palestinian leader’s condemnations of violence?

      • It is wholehearted in the sense that I would never encourage violence myself because I am wholeheartedly fearful of the government harassing me and/or my family using “incitement” laws. I don’t want to give any of our rulers any excuse to prosecute me for saying things, so I make it clear in any case of violence against the government that I am against it, and I will repeat this every time it comes up.

        On the other hand, I see no moral problem with destroying government property, whether it be PA property or Israeli government property because it is all stolen property, used to continue a system of systematic theft. It is only a practical problem because it will lead to more harassment.

        I only see a moral problem with killing government officials who are not an immediate threat to someone’s life. That would be murder, as in Parashat Mishpatim, when a thief breaks into your house in broad daylight, you are not allowed to kill him, even though he is a thief.

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