My Last Word On Greece Until they Leave the Euro

The back and forth on Greece is starting to drive even me nuts. As we get closer to the deadline of reality (whenever that is), the Greek government – the entire Eurozone really – is acting more and more like a cornered animal, changing its tune and tone every hour instead of every day. It’s getting nuts, and I can’t believe any stories that come out of there anymore.

One hour Greece has a deal. The next hour the IMF is pissed as hell. Then Tsipras is groping Merkel and then Varoufakis is growling at Scheuble, then some Greek unknown official named Somethingopalous Flabargatopolous says something very hopeful, but Jean Claude Van Dam Juncker says “we have to hurry” and Christine Lagarde gets hot flashes while Jeroen Djisselbooger says Greece’s plan is not credible, but talks were “extremely friendly”.

This is a term I’ve actually seen a lot. “Extremely friendly”. Does anyone not an an asylum use that term? “Extremely friendly”? Extreme friends, sounds like a reality show where two friends go into the Outback and see if they can survive dehydration and kangaroo attacks.

I have never been “extremely friendly” with anybody. It sounds frightening.

So whatever happens, happens. I’m done. Everything is smokescreens now. As we get even closer, the story will change by the minute.

The Sheer Amount of Bullshit on Israeli Radio is Astounding

I now work once a week in Petach Tikva, aside from my day job from my office a block away from my house. I haven’t commuted in almost 3 years, and thank God for that. Using the government roads at rush hour is a waste of life.

The radio in my car doesn’t work and I have never fixed it. That means I never listen to the radio, but today I took 4 tremps (hitchhike) in total to get to Petach Tikva and back. And I don’t control the radio when I hitchhike.

3 years ago I was leaning more and more libertarian, but it hadn’t quite clicked yet, the way the NAP fits into everything. And I commuted every day, involving tremping and bushwacking to and from work. I refused to take a bus and tried to avoid the train, which I successfully avoided most of the time. So 3 years ago I heard the radio a lot, and since I heard it every day, it sounded normal to me.

What sounded normal exactly?

Being bombarded with the opinions and doings and goings on of politicians everywhere all the time and all the bullshit they drip, everything that they say and do, every intonation that they make, everything their meaningless words imply or don’t imply, and so on. Every hour on the hour being bombarded with updates about what the politicians just said, what they say we can no longer legally do anymore, which ones just died and which ones got to a new level of authority.

And every half hour being bombarded with the same bullshit repeated every hour on the hour, this time in bullet points. And if you’re listening to anything other than repetitive crappy boring music off a mixed tape from hell, talking about all the bullshit that was already said on the hour and the half hour, just in long form.

None of it means anything. All of it is stupid meaningless garbage.

If the garbage I remember hearing today, there was President Rivlin spouting emotional rhetoric about how Israel should excel in this and that, and not compromise on this and that, and lead the world in this and that.

That’s code for spend more government money on this and that, and in order to do that, tax or print more.

And then there was Netanyahu spouting bullshit about how touched he was about the left and right coming together to combat the boycotts that “threaten Israel’s very existence”. This is just more bullshit to get you to put more of your emotional energy into the saving graces of politicians that will rescue you from the sure hellfire of the dreaded “boycotts”, politicians that do nothing but exacerbate the problems that make your life difficult already, like traffic jams every single day on the government roads without fail, that drain the life out of everyone that suffers through them day in day out non stop.

And then there was Bennett spouting bullshit about how no child, whether he is from Jerusalem or [Insert Jewish City] or Rahat or Jizr A-Zarka should have the quality of their education determined by their parents income.

Meaning, everyone’s education should be equally worthless even if you can pay for an actual education, and it should focus on the very bullshit that I’m talking about right now and nothing else.

Well, then why should the house you live in be determined by your income? Or the food you eat? Or the car you drive? Everyone, by that bullshit logic, should drive a pinto, eat gruel, and live in a shanty without plumbing. God forbid we should let anything at all be determined by income, Bennett. What a whacked out concept, you pay for what you can afford. How evil.

And then I figured it out. The government sets the market price of transportation on its roads too low (zero) to create traffic jams every single morning in order to keep you stuck in your car so you can listen to you government-controlled state media bullshit for hours on end about the same meaningless crap and become addicted to it like an MSG soaked Big Mac.

Hours, every day, listening to political bullshit about nothing. On the radio.

Imagine if radio covered actual news. Like technological progress. Or medical innovations. Or the latest news about what we know about the the possibility of life on Europa. Or the latest advances in…ANYTHING?! Anything about human progress anywhere!

Just enough of this political bullshit about absolutely nothing!

Who cares what the hell the Supreme Court said about some kid’s stupid passport!



IRONIC Stanley Fischer Says Bankers Should be Punished for Financial Crimes

Zerohedge alerted me to this today, but I should have seen it myself because I read Bloomberg quite often. Stanley Fischer Says Bankers Should Be Punished

In a world where destroying the wealth of the public through monopolizing the entire money supply and printing it so your cronies and buddies in the government can use the new supply first. Well. As somebody says. Truth is treason in the empire of lies.

What he means is that anyone not appointed by government to create money who creates money should be arrested.

Or in other words, Fischer Says Other Bankers Excluding Fischer Should Be Punished for Doing What He Does. 

John Kerry Falls off Bike, Breaks Leg after Nuclear Talks with Iran

Ha ha.

Those who are against doing anything but bombing Iran will like this one.

(GENEVA) — Secretary of State John Kerry was helicoptered to a Swiss hospital Sunday after a bike crash outside of Geneva, where he had been holding nuclear talks with Iran’s foreign minister.

I don’t mind talking with Iran. I just don’t like John Kerry. May he live a long life, far away from any sphere of power.

What to do when a 3 year old asks the ultimate question?

I wasn’t there at the time. I was in my office. And I got this email midday from my wife of the record of a conversation between Dafna and her. Daf (rhymes with laugh) was taking a bath. “Me” means wife.

Daf: Everyone dies….so…..

Me: So what?
Daf: So what’s the point?
Me: The point of what?
Daf: The point of everyone.
Me: Very big question for such a small Daf.
Daf: Yeah, I know.
I have of course comes to terms with my own answer to this question. But comment below as to your suggestions for how to handle this with a three year old if/when it comes up again.

Socialist Healthcare in Action: Doctor Googles Antibiotics in Front of Me

I have no problem with doctors Googling things in front of me. Really, I don’t, it’s fine. It’s just funny that they do it and aren’t embarrassed about it. In fact, the doctor that did this is actually a pretty good one as State doctors go.

But anyway, my wife has strep last week, so she is immobilized and I have to take care of 3 kids by myself, one with a butt problem and a stomach problem, a baby with a stomach problem and a 4 year old who is sort helpful but is still a 4 year old. The doctor gives her penicillin, which has never worked for her before. The doctor said it is proven to work.

Unsurprisingly, it doesn’t work, and the strep comes back. She is immobilized again, and wants another strep test. The nurse refuses, saying that since she already had antibiotics, she can’t have strep. I guess it’s illegal. Nobody told the schmekl male nurse that bacteria doesn’t follow government protocol.

Meanwhile the one with the tushy problem we go in for an appointment and we say we suspect parasites. The pediatrician asks what parasites are.

Added to that, this time I have a staph infection in right ring finger and I need antibiotics too. But I can still move around. So wife goes to a neighborhood Leumit doctor who gives her the same penicillin again, insisting that it works. It doesn’t work, again. We make another appointment at the state-funded Kupat Cholim and she explains the situation to the doctor, and tells him she has strep again, and she needs a stronger antibiotic because penicillin has never worked for her as a kid.

He orders a strep test, and lo and behold it is positive. He looks at my finger and says I could lose a fingernail and gives me ointment and puts me on the same antibiotics.

Wife asks if the stronger antibiotics have side effects for breast feeding. So…

He Googles it. We already Googled it.

And his government computer crashes.

Sometimes I think God is whispering personal jokes into my ear, because I’m the only one that gets them.

My fingernail is still on my hand. But if by Sunday it gets worse, I may have to get surgified.

Bureaucrat Caught Watching 6 Hours of Porn a Day, Good for Him!

An EPA worker caught watching 6 hours of porn a day since 2010 (it only took 5 years to catch him) with 7,000 videos on his government hard drive isn’t fired because of “Red Tape”. While some are infuriated over the waste of taxpayer money, I would gladly subsidize the porn addiction of any government employee and even pay for his memberships to all kinds of fetish sites of his choice because I’d rather my tax money be wasted on porn than spent on telling me what I can and can’t do with my own body and property.

It’s much more important though for everyone in the defense department to start feeding their porn addictions right now so they stop killing people and trying to start wars with Russia. Imagine if Bush were indulging a porn addiction when he was supposed to be in a meeting with the Joint Chiefs of Staff about how to invade Iraq.

Hundreds of thousands of lives could have been saved. While this is sort of humor, I’m actually kind of serious.

All government workers should be watching porn, all day, all the time, and doing nothing else. Good for you, government porn addict, and thank you for interfering less in my life! Glad to help!

How Many Sex Parties a Year is Too Many? Apparently, It’s Five.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn is that former International Monetary Fund head guy who was arrested for raping some girl in a hotel some years back, but it turned out he was only sleeping with a prostitute so it was fine.

The IMF, if you Google it, will be puffed up with flowery language about how it “fosters economic cooperation” between nations and creates peace on Earth and good will towards politicians and so forth. If it were a voluntary organization pooling together voluntary contributions then indeed it would be a pretty cool thing. But all it is, is a bunch of heads of State pooling together piles of tax loot in case one of its members spends too much of its own. It is a huge money pit worth something like $800B that was made to bail out governments after they borrow too much money and can’t pay it back.

The IMF has bailed out 41 countries as of 2013, and the two top contributors to the fund are the United States and Japan. The US is $18,000,000,000,000 in debt. Japan takes the record for highest debt to GDP in the world at somewhere between 240% and 500%, depending on which source you want to believe. Who knows.

Something is seriously wrong with global finance when two of the most indebted countries in the history of the planet are funding the world’s biggest bailout fund.

Klein BottleIt’s like a Klein Bottle of finance, wrapping in on itself and flipping anyone who goes through it 4th dimensionally.

Enough about the IMF. What about Dominique Strauss Kahn, who once oversaw the world’s biggest pile of pirate booty? This is really great stuff. He is now being charged with “Aggravated Pimping”. Aside from being a good name for a band, aggravated pimping is when somebody buys you a prostitute and you have sex with said prostitute.

This, apparently, is illegal in France, where the venerated head of the largest bailout fund in the world was participating in a libertine (not libertarian) sex party at the time. Prostitution is legal, but aggravated pimping is not, so you can pay for the girl yourself, but once you accept a girl as a gift you’re a criminal.

Hey, it makes about as much sense as prostitution being illegal but pornography being fine. A third party can pay two people to have sex with each other in public, but once you pay for someone to have sex with you, you’re a criminal.

This is what DSK said in court:

“When one reads about this, one gets the impression that this was frenetic activities, the dates are so mixed up. It was four times a year for three years, nothing more.”

Three or four times a year, not frenetic. Just an orgy every now and then, give me a break.

I’m not judging DSK on moral grounds here for taking part in a sex fest. I’m judging him for being head of the IMF. Does it surprise you that a 65 year old man in charge of the largest taxpayer funded bailout pile in world history would act like a bonobo chimpanzee?

Bonobos do not form permanent monogamous sexual relationships with individual partners. They also do not seem to discriminate in their sexual behavior by sex or age, with the possible exception of abstaining from sexual activity between mothers and their adult sons. When bonobos come upon a new food source or feeding ground, the increased excitement will usually lead to communal sexual activity, presumably decreasing tension and encouraging peaceful feeding.

But not frenetically.

By the way, DSK’s business partner Thierry Leyne is the guy that committed suicide right here in Tel Aviv last October, jumping off the 23rd floor of a building my wife once taught private English lessons in. There’s a makeshift dirt parking lot right by that building, free if you can find a spot. Highly recommend it.

Barry Freundel Ain’t Movin’ Out of His House

From the Forward:

The Washington, D.C. rabbi charged peeping at his synagogue’s mikveh has refused to move out of the synagogue-owned house where he and his family had been living, the congregation said in an email to congregants today.

The guy won’t move out. This is going to be fun. I propose a compromise between Freundel and Kesher Israel. I say, allow Freundel to stay in the house, on the condition that cameras are installed in his shower.

I don’t know who would watch, but it’s an idea, no?