The Sheer Amount of Bullshit on Israeli Radio is Astounding

I now work once a week in Petach Tikva, aside from my day job from my office a block away from my house. I haven’t commuted in almost 3 years, and thank God for that. Using the government roads at rush hour is a waste of life.

The radio in my car doesn’t work and I have never fixed it. That means I never listen to the radio, but today I took 4 tremps (hitchhike) in total to get to Petach Tikva and back. And I don’t control the radio when I hitchhike.

3 years ago I was leaning more and more libertarian, but it hadn’t quite clicked yet, the way the NAP fits into everything. And I commuted every day, involving tremping and bushwacking to and from work. I refused to take a bus and tried to avoid the train, which I successfully avoided most of the time. So 3 years ago I heard the radio a lot, and since I heard it every day, it sounded normal to me.

What sounded normal exactly?

Being bombarded with the opinions and doings and goings on of politicians everywhere all the time and all the bullshit they drip, everything that they say and do, every intonation that they make, everything their meaningless words imply or don’t imply, and so on. Every hour on the hour being bombarded with updates about what the politicians just said, what they say we can no longer legally do anymore, which ones just died and which ones got to a new level of authority.

And every half hour being bombarded with the same bullshit repeated every hour on the hour, this time in bullet points. And if you’re listening to anything other than repetitive crappy boring music off a mixed tape from hell, talking about all the bullshit that was already said on the hour and the half hour, just in long form.

None of it means anything. All of it is stupid meaningless garbage.

If the garbage I remember hearing today, there was President Rivlin spouting emotional rhetoric about how Israel should excel in this and that, and not compromise on this and that, and lead the world in this and that.

That’s code for spend more government money on this and that, and in order to do that, tax or print more.

And then there was Netanyahu spouting bullshit about how touched he was about the left and right coming together to combat the boycotts that “threaten Israel’s very existence”. This is just more bullshit to get you to put more of your emotional energy into the saving graces of politicians that will rescue you from the sure hellfire of the dreaded “boycotts”, politicians that do nothing but exacerbate the problems that make your life difficult already, like traffic jams every single day on the government roads without fail, that drain the life out of everyone that suffers through them day in day out non stop.

And then there was Bennett spouting bullshit about how no child, whether he is from Jerusalem or [Insert Jewish City] or Rahat or Jizr A-Zarka should have the quality of their education determined by their parents income.

Meaning, everyone’s education should be equally worthless even if you can pay for an actual education, and it should focus on the very bullshit that I’m talking about right now and nothing else.

Well, then why should the house you live in be determined by your income? Or the food you eat? Or the car you drive? Everyone, by that bullshit logic, should drive a pinto, eat gruel, and live in a shanty without plumbing. God forbid we should let anything at all be determined by income, Bennett. What a whacked out concept, you pay for what you can afford. How evil.

And then I figured it out. The government sets the market price of transportation on its roads too low (zero) to create traffic jams every single morning in order to keep you stuck in your car so you can listen to you government-controlled state media bullshit for hours on end about the same meaningless crap and become addicted to it like an MSG soaked Big Mac.

Hours, every day, listening to political bullshit about nothing. On the radio.

Imagine if radio covered actual news. Like technological progress. Or medical innovations. Or the latest news about what we know about the the possibility of life on Europa. Or the latest advances in…ANYTHING?! Anything about human progress anywhere!

Just enough of this political bullshit about absolutely nothing!

Who cares what the hell the Supreme Court said about some kid’s stupid passport!




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