Socialist Healthcare in Action: Doctor Googles Antibiotics in Front of Me

I have no problem with doctors Googling things in front of me. Really, I don’t, it’s fine. It’s just funny that they do it and aren’t embarrassed about it. In fact, the doctor that did this is actually a pretty good one as State doctors go.

But anyway, my wife has strep last week, so she is immobilized and I have to take care of 3 kids by myself, one with a butt problem and a stomach problem, a baby with a stomach problem and a 4 year old who is sort helpful but is still a 4 year old. The doctor gives her penicillin, which has never worked for her before. The doctor said it is proven to work.

Unsurprisingly, it doesn’t work, and the strep comes back. She is immobilized again, and wants another strep test. The nurse refuses, saying that since she already had antibiotics, she can’t have strep. I guess it’s illegal. Nobody told the schmekl male nurse that bacteria doesn’t follow government protocol.

Meanwhile the one with the tushy problem we go in for an appointment and we say we suspect parasites. The pediatrician asks what parasites are.

Added to that, this time I have a staph infection in right ring finger and I need antibiotics too. But I can still move around. So wife goes to a neighborhood Leumit doctor who gives her the same penicillin again, insisting that it works. It doesn’t work, again. We make another appointment at the state-funded Kupat Cholim and she explains the situation to the doctor, and tells him she has strep again, and she needs a stronger antibiotic because penicillin has never worked for her as a kid.

He orders a strep test, and lo and behold it is positive. He looks at my finger and says I could lose a fingernail and gives me ointment and puts me on the same antibiotics.

Wife asks if the stronger antibiotics have side effects for breast feeding. So…

He Googles it. We already Googled it.

And his government computer crashes.

Sometimes I think God is whispering personal jokes into my ear, because I’m the only one that gets them.

My fingernail is still on my hand. But if by Sunday it gets worse, I may have to get surgified.


5 thoughts on “Socialist Healthcare in Action: Doctor Googles Antibiotics in Front of Me

  1. I think the behavior in the nurse saying “you can’t have that” has more to do with most doctors attitude than with government. Except that when they are private doctors they see it a service so as long as you pay for another test it’s your problem (which also inflicts with their ethics, since they’d like to see more of you….if possible.. so they come up with diseases you may have).
    Does Natasha has strep A or strep B?
    People I know who had strep got a cocktail of antibiotics and had to redo their test 2 months after they finished the antibio and then again after 6 months and 1 year. It’s very common the strep will not just die after one cure of antibio.

    The only side effect on antibio is they are very toxic to the liver and will destroy your tummy’s good bacteria that is why doctors usually prescribe herbal pills to protect the liver and advise to eat yoghurt to help with the tummy problem. On long term (like if you take it for every flu for years on end) antibio are suspected to affect the immune system (that’s another reason why you can’t buy them without prescription)
    It’s great when doctor look up antibiotics. When doctors don’t look up they’re either brilliant or murderers.
    I once got a prescription from a private clinic for an antibio that toxic that it was off the production lines for some years so the pharmacist gave me a replacement similar drug, wondering why the doctor “tried to kill me” with that pill.

    • I don’t know if she has A or B. We didn’t ask. This is the first time I’m taking antibiotics since 2006, and she since 2008. Every few years isn’t going to do much to your liver I don’t think, but I get the whole yogurt thing.

  2. Maccabi, while it also has its problems, is better. Especially if you get supplemental coverage like Zahav. Unless they lack a clinic in your area. Their dental unit sucks, but there’s lots of private dental options. The other kupot sound like jokes to me. My doctor is a former IDF medic and really knows his stuff. Plus, he actually listens to you and specific requests (like certain old antibiotics not working). The system sucks for him too.

    I have had experience with docs I don’t care for. I do my best to avoid them.

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