At Long Last, A Defense of Israel Against Rothbard

Back in 1967, in response to the outbreak of the Six Day War, Dr. Murray Rothbard penned an article entitled “War Guilt in the Middle East“. In the article, Rothbard denies Israel’s right to exist and accuses it of starting an unjust war. We, obviously, disagree.

Now, 50 years later, we his students have written a rebuttal, just published in The Indonesian Journal of International & Comparative Law. It is coauthored by Alan Futerman, Dr. Walter Block, and me.

Here it is. Click the link below and it will download the PDF.

The Legal Status of the State of Israel, A Libertarian Approach


5 thoughts on “At Long Last, A Defense of Israel Against Rothbard

  1. This is an excellent article, both a primer on the essential history up to the present day, and a conclusive, devastating discrediting of Rothbard’s article. It is long overdue. Despite its length, it is worth reading carefully in full.

    I wonder how much influence Rothbard’s 1967 article has had in forming young libertarian minds on this issue over the years.

  2. Excellent! Only PDF? How about a web site? Also, ePub format would be wonderful. Not sure how footnotes would be handled though.

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