Karma is a bitch, especially regarding torture

A friend of mine wrote this on Facebook. I’m sharing it here word for word. Truth bomb. You can’t support a government army occupation of a swath of land where torture by the same Shabak is routine against Arabs, and complain about Shabak torture of Jews. Well, you can, it’s just inconsistent.

Some will call me inconsistent myself because I benefit from the security of the occupation. I benefit from every service the government monopolizes and forces me to use. If the government monopolized the food industry I wouldn’t stop eating. Arabs also benefit from the occupation because they get the same security too. The IDF stops private Jews from attacking Arabs because only the IDF is allowed to do that. So what?

Somebody asked me if I have proof that the Shabak tortures Arabs. That’s funny.

Suddenly, human rights are in everyone’s mind in Israel’s vibrant right wing. A group of Israeli Jews who were arrested for perpetrating the firebombing of an Arab home, while the inhabitants were still in it, according to these rightists, aren’t being given the proper treatment in custody.

Here’s something I agree with them about: nobody should be tortured by their government. If they are in custody, they should be allowed to talk to an attorney. If there is not enough evidence to sustain a finding of probable cause, they should not have been arrested.

What’s amazing to me is that the Palestinians living under the occupation regime have experienced the same – or, in many cases, worse – treatment by an arbitrary and capricious Israeli/occupation Justice system.

The very same rightists who are moaning about the treatment of these Jewish terrorists support that. And that makes them dumb. And maybe a little bit evil, too.

If it’s good enough for the Palestinians, it will be good enough for the Jews. That isn’t Karma. It’s just how this works. If your country routinely violates human rights norms, and that’s ok with you, you might be next.


3 thoughts on “Karma is a bitch, especially regarding torture

      • And grownups can’t talk and trick them into whits as to what happened? And if they did what they’re accused of, they can’t be explained why that is wrong (politically or morally, as possible)? At what age does today society give up on people, betting on newer small babies who would turn out perfect miraculously, without any effort? If kids are to be in charge as adults, no exemption because of age, then will it be any surprise that they will (do) run society as they figured it out?

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