Naftali Bennett on the torture of children by the State

From here.

שר החינוך התייחס גם לעדויות על התנהלות החקירות בשב”כ ואמר כי כל החקירה מפוקחת ומבוקרת “שמענו המון דברים ואני יכול לומר שהפעולות שמבוצעות הן פעולות בבקרה ובפיקוח משפטי צמוד ובמטרה למנוע את הפיגוע הבא. אנחנו יודעים לסמוך על השב”כ, השב”כ מגן עלינו יום יום מפני אלפי פיגועים פוטנציאליים וצריך לסמוך עליו גם בפעולה הזאת”.

“The Education Czar spoke about the testimony (including torture) regarding the Shabak interrogation, saying that the investigation was being conducted with oversight. “We’ve heard a lot of things (about torture) and I can say that what is being done is being done with judicial oversight. (Meaning Judges say the torture is OK so it’s OK.) The purpose is to prevent the next terrorist attack. We know we can trust the Shabak. The Shabak protects us day in day out from thousands of potential attacks and we need to trust them on this.”

Ah, Bennett. You are my favorite. Love you. May you live forever.

Lesson being: Question not. Be loyal. And shut up.

Notice what the primate is doing here. By saying “the purpose is to prevent the next terrorist attack” he is saying that the torture is happening and that it is justified. Because the “law” in Israel is that torture is legal when it is to stop a ticking time bomb, but not regarding past events. Bennett is saying that the kids constitute a ticking time bomb because their interrogation is for the purpose of stopping the next attack. Theoretically you can say that about anybody. Which means torture is legal in Israel.

He’s saying, in his own politician way, that the torture is happening as it should.


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