Feiglin tears into Bayit Yehudi and others for condoning state torture of Jewish children

All 120 primates in the current Knesset are evil and should be expelled from the country. I have said repeatedly that I never support violence against State officials and discourage anyone from acting violently against the State. However, given that all 120 of them support the torture of children by jackbooted State thugs, if any of them died of natural causes I would not mourn their passing.

The back story here is that 2 kids are suspected by the State of arson against Arabs that ended up killing a family in a place called Duma. The kids have been tortured by the Shabak, including being strung up by the legs while having their testicles repeatedly squeezed, presumably to get a confession. One of them was not allowed a lawyer for 3 straight weeks with no contact with the outside world, not to mention his parents.

The government gang is now made up of 61 primates, the minimum number required for a ruling gang. That means any one of them could bring down the ruling gang in response to this torture by simply voting no confidence and showing there is some sort of humanity in them, but all of them are doing nothing, preferring to stay in the gang. They are therefore complicit in the torture of children, with all the moral implications of being complicit in such a crime. Even so, I still discourage active violence against them.

Here is Moshe Feiglin at his very best, the one and only human being in Israeli politics. Translation below:

אינני מצליח להבין כיצד חברי הכנסת של הבית היהודי והיותר לאומיים בליכוד – לא מפסיקים את הזוועה הזו.

הרי מענים את הילדים של הבוחרים שלכם עינויים קשים – עינויי תופת! אין שום תירוץ לדבר הזה, אין שום פצצה מתקתקת ולא שום דבר שמתקרב לזה.

בקואליציה של 61 כל אחד מכם יכול לעצור את הזוועה הזו בהינף אצבע – ואתם לא עושים את זה.

לא רק חיי הנערים ושפיותם תלויים בצואריכם, כל עתידה של המדינה תלוי באצבע הקטנה שלכם.

כי לאיזו מן סדום נתתם למדינה שלנו להתדרדר! איזו מן מדינה נשארת לנו אחרי שזוועה שכזו מתחוללת כאן “ברשות ובסמכות ובפיקוח”…

היום השמאל מענה את הימין, מחר הימין יענה את השמאל – איזה יופי… העיקר שהכל “ברשות ובסמכות”…

כשהיה צריך הצבעתי נגד (!) הקואליציה (כששחררו מחבלים ובמקרים עקרוניים נוספים) מדוע אתם לא מסוגלים לעשות זאת עכשיו?!

הרי הממשלה והבוגי מבצעים את הזוועה הזו מכוחכם!
אף אחד מכם לא יכול להגיד – “יש להם רוב ממילא גם בלעדי…” ואם האופוזיציה תתגייס לתמוך (והיא לא) אז לפחות לא מכם יידרש הדם.

כשמדובר היה בזכויות אדם – תמיד הצטרפתי לשמאל.
נגד מעצרים מנהליים, נגד הזנה בכפיה, בעד זכותם לסרב, הפגנתי נגד קציר האיברים בסין ועוד.

אם הימין היה היום באופוזיציה – הזוועה הזו לא היתה מתרחשת.

I don’t understand how Knesset Members from the Jewish Home and the more nationalist Likud members do not stop the horror of the torture of the Duma suspects. After all, they are severely torturing the children of your constituents. There is no excuse for this. They are not suspected of being ‘ticking bombs’ or anything even similar to that.
In a coalition of 61 Knesset Members, it takes only one person to topple the government and to stop the horror. And you are not doing it. Not only are the lives of these boys and their sanity on your shoulders. The future of the State of Israel depends on your vote.
What kind of Sodom has the State brought upon us? What kind of state will be left after this horror, taking place with the authorization and oversight of the ‘law’?
Today it is the Left torturing the Right. Tomorrow the Right will torture the Left. As long as it is all with the authorization and oversight of the ‘law’…
When it was necessary, I voted against the Coalition (when they released terrorists and on additional matters of principle). Why can’t you do the same now? The government and the Defense Minister are perpetrating this horror with your vote!
Not one of you can say, “The Coalition enjoys a majority even without me.” Even if the Opposition would support the continued administrative detention and torture (and it won’t) at least the blood would not be on your account.
If the Right was in the Opposition today, this horror would not be taking place.


7 thoughts on “Feiglin tears into Bayit Yehudi and others for condoning state torture of Jewish children

  1. This is a well thought out opinion, based on clearly substantiated evidence, since clearly you have more information about these claims than cabinet ministers.

    • Are you sure you want me to publish this comment? You made the same attack last time and I gave you a source. But besides, this doesn’t follow logically. Cabinet ministers? You mean the ones who pay the Shabak? Don’t you think there a bit nogeah b’davar in the parlance of our times? What do you expect cabinet ministers of the government to say about government agents? That they’re evil torturers?

      • Actually, I would expect them to say that, if there were any truth whatsoever to these allegations.

        Naftali Bennett and Bayit Yehudi are not beholden to the Shabak in any way, nor do they control the Shabak’s purse-strings. If you think that Bayit Yehudi are not honest brokers and are not capable of defending the interests of the nationalist movement and their constituents — by all means, elect new representatives.

        There is no good reason to accept these claims at face value, other than your sympathies for the “victims”.

      • You would expect the government to attack the government. OK. Well, I wouldn’t. Any single MK of the coalition can bring down the government. Of course they are beholden to the Shabak, which probably keeps blackmail information about all the politicians it uses for support. There is no nationalist movement. There is no peace movement. There is the government and its lackeys, and there are private citizens. Those are the two camps. I have no sympathies for the victims as “nationalists”. I have sympathies for all victims of government no matter who they are, left right Jew or non Jew.

      • Sorry, I must have missed your blog post calling for the expulsion of the 120 evil primates (sic) who have “sanctioned” extreme interrogation methods against Palestinians for years.

  2. Bezalel Smotrich and Uriel Ariel do not, quite deserve this level of criticism. Yes, they could have done more, but it’s not like they haven’t received enough hysterical denunciations for what they have done.

    The lesson is obvious. There needs to be an opposition party in every Knesset explicitly dedicated to reversing the Oslo process in its entirety. I will be voting Zehut, but the fact is Otzma l’Yisrael should be in the Kenesset. Yes, one day Feiglin will PM, but we can’t actually wait that long and with better organisation we wouldn’t have to. There are things that need to be done in the meantime, which we can’t do.

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