Cops and Soldiers are Not People to Look Up To

When the average indoctrinated government curriculum (private or public school educated) person thinks of cops or or other government-trained human weapons, he immediately thinks of “public service”. I have no doubt that many people become government-trained killers because they think it is noble. No doubt some of what they do, minus the thievery in order to do it, is noble. Many cops protect people. Many soldiers protect people. But all cops and all soldiers without exception are sworn to serve politicians, because they are sworn to uphold the laws that these politicians pass, whether they are good laws or horrible laws. Most government trained armies think they are fulfilling some kind of duty by upholding evil laws.

Let’s keep in mind that the murderer of the cops in Dallas was a government-trained killer. When you send people to war for a cause that is not 100% obviously defensively just, it causes people to lose their minds. Let us also never forget that the amount of suicides among Vietnam veterans is higher than the actual death toll of US soldiers in Vietnam.

Send people out to murder other human beings and they will kill themselves. And sometimes others before they kill themselves, as is the case with this Dallas shooter.

No doubt if the government monopolized the food sector and forbade anyone from supplying food privately, as is the case in Canada regarding healthcare and as it almost was in the US had Hillarycare passed in the mid 90’s, then government food suppliers would think of themselves as feeding the hungry and fulfilling their “civic duty”. When in truth, all they are doing is forcing themselves on an entire sector and causing many to starve. The fact that they exist means that private security forces cannot. If government monopolized food, millions would die. This is exactly what happened in China under Mao Zedung’s reign, and 45 million people died in unutterably horrible ways. Thank God the government only monopolizes police and army and lets the food sector be dealt with through the free market (minus farm subsidies and various government food regulations).

Government monopolizes domestic security through police forces, and monopolizes foreign security through its army of trained killers. Every so often these people who make up these monopoly forces save lives. But most of the time they are simply out harassing people and making everyone’s lives miserable. Marijuana possession, selling narcotics, setting up a business without a license, tax evasion, whatever non-crime it happens to be, they will be there to draw a gun and kill you if they have to.

Concession statement: One should always pay taxes l’chumra and only set up businesses with a license and never deal drugs if they care about what little freedom they have and their very lives. Doing any of these things can get you killed by the police. 

We are taught that it is wrong to judge government-trained killers because they are simply “enforcers”. In Israel we have government-trained killers expelling Jews and Arabs from their homes and anyone who fights back is called suicidal. Antiwar people are accused of not “supporting the troops” when it is specifically the antiwar people who support the troops because we don’t want any of them killing or being killed. The war hawks care little about human life so long as their amorphous goals are achieved. What those are, they war hawks themselves couldn’t even tell you beyond “end terror”. Good luck with that.

I lend my moral support to Black Lives Matter only insofar as they attempt to disrupt police activity without destroying private property or hurting private citizens or even hurting government agents who are not an immediate danger to them. Killing cops or soldiers is morally outrageous so long as the cop or soldier poses no immediate physical threat to your life.

The problem is, this Black Lives Matter movement is fueled by anger with no reason behind it. They think the problem is white people. If they were in charge, they’d go on a white murder spree, so keep your distance from them. But still I want to let them know that I understand what has set them off, as shallow and unreasoned as they are.

There is no war of white against black. There is no war of rich against poor. There are two classes of people, and two classes only. There are the tax payers, and the tax receivers. The war is always between those two classes.

White lives matter too. All lives matter. Even the lives of government-trained killers. If Black Lives Matter wants to be relevant, they need to adopt nonviolent measures immediately. Set a citizen’s siege of police headquarters. Surround it on all sides, old school war style. Do not actively resist arrest. Have replacements come and fill in for those arrested. Overwhelm the prison system until there is nowhere else they can put you. Do not fight back unless your life is in immediate danger.

Bring lots of food and water for staying power. If tanks come, treat them like Tank Man in Tianenman Square. The US government has still not sunk to the depths of firing on unarmed civilian protests, thank God.

Notice that whenever riots break out, the police do nothing to protect private property, as is their supposed job. They only protect their own buildings and leave everyone else to the dogs.

Everyone’s lives matter. Its us vs government, and all we need to do is fight it nonviolently and we will win. Because the taxpayers vastly outnumber the tax receivers. The minute that tax receivers outnumber taxpayers, and that day is fast approaching, society collapses.

I dream of the day when it becomes shameful to join the police or the army. It should be embarrassing, like going on welfare. When the truth is that going on welfare is more honorable than becoming a government policemen or soldier, because at least welfare recipients don’t actively harass you. They only collect their loot.

Every parent in Israel whose 18 year old is kidnapped into the army should feel shame, not pride. The only exception is if the 18 year old joins the army and swears to himself never to uphold any unjust law or war, even at the expense of prison.

I will personally do everything in my power to discourage my kids from joining the army or doing national service, what they call שירות לאומי here. God forbid my kids should ever be government agents.

I recently and proudly exclaimed to people close to me that I refuse to serve in Miluim, the Israeli army reserve. I was almost taken for a week of wasted time but it was cancelled two days before I was to be taken. I proudly said that I would have gone to prison rather than followed orders from people forcing me out of the honorable routine of MY life, to serve the routine of detestable politicians.

What I got was boos.

But the joke is on them. If I stop working and stop making money, there would be no money to support the army they love. Perhaps I should be honored for refusing, because that way I will make more money and more resources will go to the army that supposedly protects everyone from everything.


4 thoughts on “Cops and Soldiers are Not People to Look Up To

  1. In my humble opinion, this is a very naive, simplistic and historically ignorant opinion. Anything can be used for good purposes or for bad depending on who’s using it. Both the army and the police are useful in maintaining a secure and peaceful society.

    Granted, I’m biased having had served 21 years in the military…but I’m also experienced, something you seem to lack. I know first-hand that the vast majority of people in the military are honorable, upstanding people who want to serve their country and countrymen. I don’t have personal experience as police officer, but considering that many of them are prior military, I tend to believe the same about them.

    There are a few bad apples to be sure, and the police in particular have a serious problem with self-policing and getting rid of those bad apples. They tend to close ranks and protect each other even in the face of egregious misbehavior and criminal acts…a cultural trait that needs to change.

    But saying that we should “be ashamed of them” because their society puts them to questionable use is a disservice to a lot of good people.

    I find it particularly offensive that you, who have admittedly never served in any military capacity, let alone combat, have the audacity to claim to have some insight as to how soldiers should feel about what they’ve been through or why they commit suicide at alarming rates.

    I would humbly submit that you simply have no idea what you’re talking about.

    You seem to be blaming some faceless, entity called “politicians” but those politicians are are in office because we allow them to be there and endorse the things they do. The problems you point out are not problems with the police or military, they’re not even problems with “politicians” telling the police and military to do bad things, the problem is the society that allows these politicians to remain in office, patently endorsing their acts.

    Railing against the spoon because you are fat will not make you any skinnier.

    • I did “serve” in the Israeli military for 6 months when I made aliyah (moved to Israel). I am not proud of it. If I could do it over I would have refused. I was not a libertarian 7 years ago and I thought it was my duty to “serve”. I did no combat, you are correct there. I assume most people in the military and police are good people. I assume you are as well. However, you’re complaining about society electing politicians when you yourself choose to serve those politicians. I choose to attack them, so from your own logic, you are part of the problem. Don’t blame me for putting them in office. I don’t vote. People who vote are the problem. I did vote for Ron Paul in 2012, but otherwise I don’t vote.

      As for suicides in the army, I can only assume that unjust combat causes it. The percentage of suicides from WWII vets is much lower. Though that war wasn’t totally justified, it was much more so than Vietnam.

      • “I did “serve” in the Israeli military for 6 months when I made aliyah (moved to Israel).”

        My mistake, I misunderstood.

        “I assume most people in the military and police are good people. ”

        Yet you call them “trained killers”. While technically true (at least of the military), you know as well as I that this is an emotionally charged statement intended to be shocking and to belittle, not add insight to the discussion.

        “when you yourself choose to serve those politicians.”

        I didn’t join to serve politicians, I joined to serve my country and countrymen.

        “I choose to attack them”

        And you assume that I don’t? You know nothing about me and yet you presume to know my heart and history?

        “Don’t blame me for putting them in office. I don’t vote. People who vote are the problem. I did vote for Ron Paul in 2012, but otherwise I don’t vote. ”

        And you don’t think you’re part of the problem? You ARE naive and simplistic aren’t you? Even moreso than I originally thought.

        “I can only assume that unjust combat causes it.”

        Why is that the only thing you can assume? Because it fits your preconceived notions? Not a very solid foundation for a bold assertion like that.

        At any rate, we probably agree on a lot of things. There are a lot of things about the libertarian worldview with which I agree (though not all) and I’m not exactly the most enthusiastic person in the world when it comes to the future of western civilization. Also, I’ve got plenty of gripes with the way Police do things and the laws they enforce, but when you place the military and police in the same handcart you are making a mistake (at least in the US) and your insistence using loaded terms and intentionally being demeaning when stating your opinion says more about your own insecurity than on the ostensible subject of your post.

        And with that…

        “That’s all I’ve got to say about that.”
        –Forrest Gump

      • No, I’m not part of the problem, specifically because I do not vote. Only people who do not vote have a right to complain. Those that do vote have no right to complain specifically because they are sanctioning the very system they are ostensibly complaining about. You can say you joined to serve your countrymen all you want, but invading foreign countries that are no threat to US citizens does not serve your countrymen. Had you joined pledging to defy immoral orders then you could claim such, but I doubt it.

        Neither of us knows much of anything about the other. I don’t presume to know anything about you personally. I make assumptions based on the information I have. You can take them or leave them.

        I’d say the military as a unit is much worse than the police because they kill many more people and cause much more blowback. The US military has killed millions. The police is nowhere near that number.

        I am confrontational by nature. I use inflammatory rhetoric that I believe is accurate in order to convey an emotional impact while conveying what I believe is the truth. Just because you are or were in the military does not mean I am attacking you personally. I am attacking people that join the military without pledging to defy immoral orders. If you are one of those then I guess I am attacking you personally. If you aren’t, then I’m not.

        My conscience is 100% clear. Yours does not seem so. Have you ever killed anybody on orders?

        I don’t mean to push you away though. If you lean libertarian then I consider you an ally no matter what you may have done in the past. I’m glad you’re open enough to questioning the US military’s role in the world.

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