A New Jewish Look at US Skinheads and Neo Nazis – Are they reasonable people?

No, I am not a fan of Skinheads, Aryan Nation people, Neo Nazis etc. Let’s just get that out of the way. However, I did come across this 1988 clip of the Gerald Rivera brawl. If you listen to what the Aryan guys are saying, it’s actually quite reasonable. No, not when they use slurs and generally act like hateful idiots, but some of the points are reasonable.

Americans, and especially American Jews, have been conditioned and trained to demonize and totally deligitimize anyone who calls themselves Aryan. Anything they say is automatically foaming-at-the-mouth nonsense. But listen to what the guy is saying and how Gerald responds to it.

The first Aryan dodges a question about whether he endorses the murder of innocent people. The fact that he couldn’t answer the question is of course disturbing, but politicians do the same thing all the time. However, he sort of answers it by saying that blacks are not part of the Aryan agenda, whatever that agenda is, so they shouldn’t be worried. The Nazi’s name, Metzger, is ironically the same as the former Chief Rabbi of Israel, by the way.

Second, when challenged about the Holocaust, one of the other Aryan guys goes on about Stalin and the Ukraine, where Jews were also murdered. He quotes the number 30 million, not sure if it was that much, but he didn’t even mention Mao who clocks in at 45 to 55 million, and that’s not even counting the years outside ’58-’62, which would be ’48-’57 and ’63-’76.  When asked if the Holocaust happened, the Aryan asks, “Does it matter?”

Then Gerald pins him as a Holocaust denier and the whole thing descends into a brawl.

To wit, the guy responded, “I didn’t say it didn’t happen, I said it doesn’t matter,” and keeps reiterating that Stalin killed more and that nobody seems to care, or even acknowledge the point at all. Is that equally holocaust denial? Yes, it is.

I can’t call these Skinheads jolly people or anything like that. They are not nice people, that’s for sure. But neither is Gerald, Geraldo, or whatever he calls himself. I’m fairly certain that in a room with libertarians, there would be a levelheaded discussion with these Nazis instead of some dumb sensationalist fight erupting. I would agree that Hitler’s Holocaust is irrelevant to him as a non Jew, but very relevant to me as a Jew, and that Stalin’s Holocaust should be more relevant to him as a non Jew because it was directed against humans as economic beings, which is everyone. He would probably agree with that. We could go home, not necessarily liking each other, but at least understanding each other and agreeing to keep our distance.

I’m waiting for the comments calling me a Nazi sympathizer now, just because I don’t completely discount every single word coming out of their mouths. “If you listen to even a single word they say you’re guilty of committing genocide against your own people!” someone will undoubtedly say.

They are simply tired of Hitlerian Holocaust education to the detriment of Stalinist (and Maoist) Holocaust education. And if I were a non Jew, I’d probably be frustrated with that as well. Even as a Jew it annoys me.


12 thoughts on “A New Jewish Look at US Skinheads and Neo Nazis – Are they reasonable people?

  1. Why should the Aryans care about the Holocaust? Did they listen to all hitler’s speeches, especially the early ones with “violence, violence, violence” and how great violence is? Violence per se not necessarily directed he said. Then he picked a target. They’re very close to seeing themselves when they count all the history after hitler being bigger in murder and extermination than the Holocaust in itself, but they can’t mutter this with their lips – it was only the beginning of something. Same way they’re homophobes but are okay with worshipping Goering who was gay.
    I know Aryans love conspiration theories, they live on them, like a man smelling the sea but never quite seeing it. Because nobody says they themselves would not be pushed in it. If you look at hitler’s propaganda he said German people are superior and free… to be a certain way. At the end he called them weak and morons and praised the Russians for being superior, contradicting himself when he called them inferior, which proves he had other plans and words were details and irrelevant to get to some point.
    History around the Holocaust (WWI included, first war when USA began mixing in other countries business at large and they did not want it, and still complain about it, justifiably so) all look extremely occult, and conspirational and they should care just for the sake of it. If they’re not braindead washed they should care.
    The Americans are violent, it’s true, which makes them most of the target for being pushed around for those who seek control for whatever idea they think is highest of them all.
    I would like to point out also that Aryans in nazi vision had to be purely white without any mixed blood from outside, American Native blood excluded – unlike the black blood it’s a blood that’s easily hidden. Like for example – Angelina Jolie. She’s mixed. Can you tell? But like hitler proved, details, details, the details can change, whatever means necessary. These skinheads look white so they won’t have to change the posters too soon.
    Why I don’t like conspiration theories – they try to find out the “why”. Wrong. The why is irrelevant, I bet it sound great enough to make anyone weep and dream butterflies. But the “what” is living proof just waiting to be seen.

  2. I think ,what you really mean is: are Iranians reasonable people? Yes. How? Aesthetics.

    I’ve never encountered a bonafide Nazi, although I’ve met Skinheads before. It’s a subculture. I’ve also seen that Geraldo footage before, yet it’s the Violence intrinsic in Americans that makes 75% of them Closeted Catholics, not their theology. Donald John Trump could be a Nazi, however, if you’ve ever seen Zelig before.

    It’s not Sensationalism you should be after. It’s their underlying motives.

    The West has been considered Weak for quite some time now. Over 7 years. Gay Marriage has only emphasized Western Weaknesses.

    A better question would be are Iranians honorable because, if push comes to shove, that’s where Israel could end up on top, so to speak.

    What Would Asher Do?

    • Wow! That is the most incredible spam disguise I have ever seen! I mean, really, that’s a sophisticated spam mask. Good job. I’ll allow it through, just because it is so poetically nonsensical, but your links are going bye bye.

      • “I would agree that Hitler’s Holocaust is irrelevant to him as a non Jew, but very relevant to me as a Jew”…I thought this sentence referred to Geraldo, but I guess you were referring to the Nazi at the libertarian symposium. My mistake.

      • The Nazi at the Libertarian Symposium would be a good name for an Off Broadway Play. Or a B Horror Movie. Or maybe it is the true name of the Lost Dialogue of Plato, as a sequel to Symposium.

  3. I will hazard a guess that the skinheads did not want to answer certain questions, because they did not want to risk jail and/or more intense government surveillance (something which I happen to know that you do not particularly care for, either.

    So, maybe they’re hypocrites, or maybe they’re just being pragmatic.

    I also do not like all of the money spent on Holocaust education, and inundating everyone with it, mainly because it’s just the Jew playing the martyr/victim, instead of standing up and do more in the way of preventing the current and future Holocausts. I recommend Holocaust Prevention, rather than remembrance.

    BTW, I remember first hearing about these guys (SHARP: Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice) years ago. Their thing is supposedly music. Ever heard of them? I think they had a presence in Florida.

  4. Rafi, you are very brave. You have exposed yourself to being labeled an anti-Semite or self-hating Jew. I can think of few smears that are more difficult to exorcise.

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