A Conversation I had Years Ago with Feiglin Sheds Light on Greece

I remember it was April 28, 2010. Happens to be the Gregorian date of my Savta Betty’s Yahrzeit. The last time I wrote a post about her it was for when my daughter Dafna Betty was born. A lot has happened since then. I said there that if I had a son I’d call him Fry, and I did have a son, thank God, and I called him Fry (Efraim), after Phillip J. Fry my favorite cartoon character, and Avraham, after my Sabba. Since then I also now have a niece named Lila, which is close enough to Leela from the same cartoon, so there’s now Fry and Lila, which is almost perfect.

But anyway, on April 28, 2010, I was finally released from prison, AKA the army, after six months of wasted time. The very next day, I went to Herzliya to hang out with Shmuel Sackett in front of the Herzliya Likud branch. It was a Likud central committee vote about postponing the Central Committee elections. All that seems so remote now as I couldn’t give a crap about Likud anymore.

To the point finally, I love ramble writing. We lost that vote. Moshe Feiglin was considering leaving the Likud then. We spoke for a few minutes a few days later and he said to me something like this:

“Look if we leave Likud, Netanyahu will have a party, Ketzaleh (then head of the extreme right wing National Union party) will celebrate, but one thing will remain: Reality. And the reality is, we need Jewish leadership.”

And so it is with Greece. I can’t find a single main stream media source that doesn’t baffle you with bullshit about this whole thing. Nothing written in the mainstream says anything about reality.

The reality is, the Greek government wants to spend money, and it has no money, and it can’t get any money. That’s reality. Whatever Tsipras and Varoufakis and the rest of those wacknut clowns claim is “just” and “fair” and whatever other label they want to put on it, there’s nothing left. They spent it all. That’s it.

Money may be fiat these days, but it still represents tangible wealth, of which there is only a finite amount that cannot be printed into existence. It has to be produced. And government doesn’t produce anything. The only tangible things it produces are designed to destroy wealth, like armies and weapons. And spies and drones and prisons.

So however long this drags out, reality will remain. Greece wants to spend money that it does not have. After all the games and all the tricks and all the blabbering about justice and fairness and values and morality and all the other crap pulled out of Greek politician’s asses, it’s either there or it isn’t, and it just ain’t there.

The reality is, Greece will default. And further out, all governments going deeper and deeper into debt will default. It’s simply reality. It cannot be stopped by sophistry and Orwellian equivocation and fancy meaningless language fed to the mainstream media. No one, nothing, can stop it.

And once it starts, the dominoes will fall very quickly. Reality will always stand in the way of bullshit. No exceptions.



One thought on “A Conversation I had Years Ago with Feiglin Sheds Light on Greece

  1. The reality was, and few would believe me now since it’s gotten worse, that even when the Greece was happily spending without taxes, the level of poverty in Greece was really high. In the center of Athens there were drug addict beggars (ok now there are even more, but they just became more, they didn’t appear after the crisis), syringes with bits of blood on the street, a lot of dust and people pretty upset (when a country is poor the faces of the inhabitants reflect it). The tourist areas and islands were clean and well-kept and the tourism was flourishing (is not going too bad now either and it will prosper after the German businessmen will buy land to retrieve their debt as it is said). But living in Greece was not ^^well^^. So I don’t know what “moral” thing the politicians have been doing there (and in other new entries in EU, one happier than the other) with those money – overspending and without a doubt some businesses of their own. The whole picture does go “it figures!” and people will weep deeply after eurozone falls believing even stronger after death that it was a good humanist thing, helping people, making hospitals, helping everyone get “a country like in the West”.
    So I expect a high-rise of angry people suddenly vengeful over a dead idea all across Europe. And they will hate everyone who would find a good thing in euro falling (including the lunatic nationalists who just didn’t want euro to exist so their tradition would not be changed or just because it’s new, but they will be hated too and opportunistic as I know them they will quickly abandon their ideas and mourn together with the others to save their skin). People will literally turn into sea-creatures, like the nightmare ship where sailors would lose their identity and turn into coral reef in “Pirates of the Caribbean”, and there will be a couple of forces trying to collect them back, out of which two (now in competition even if they used to be friends once) are pretty obviously preparing – the Churches and the monarchies (more or less supported by free-masonry, the one that survives the clash that is).
    US will scream like crazy that the communists are back in Europe and support the monarchies because they can’t imagine a king “secretary general” of “the party”. The Muslim population in Europe will definitely migrate to US or Asia, because Europe was an attraction as long as it lived “well”. US and Asia (China, Japan) will now advocate nationalism as a perfect capitalist system after the disaster, and produce new ludicrous plans of what it should be like in capitalism now that “everything has failed” (expression will be repeated over and over again with falsely sad expressions hiding smiles at many electoral campaigns).
    It sounds awful, but can’t be stopped.

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