Do you really need my money?

No. We are all working adults, and we earn enough money with savings. Rafi writes stuff for people, Natasha is an English professor for people who don’t know English and Haifa University in Bnai Brak. Moshe is a magic teacher and magician, and is in school in the University Center of Ariel (also in Samaria) learning computer science. I think he’s still doing that. Suzy works in a big company somewhere. The Barrixes also work in a big building doing corporate stuff near in the Azrielli Towers, Israel’s equivalent of the World Trade Center.

Then why should I donate to you?

Because unlike us, there are people in Israel who do need it. If we all end up taking out a mortgage, we will all end up buying a $200,000 house for $400,000. The difference, all interest payments, will all go to some bank executive who will use it to buy caviar and gold plated hubcaps for his limited edition Alpha Romeo GT 5000 whatever. That money will go to Italy which will be confiscated in taxes for a bankrupt government who will spend it on bailouts for failed businesses. If, however, you enable us to build houses without having to take a mortgage from a bank,  we will pay every dollar forward to causes in Israel, month by month, until the entire principle is given away.

How can you afford to do that?

Because, as said before, we are working, wage earning people with jobs. A $200,000 mortgage would cost us nearly $1300 a month for 20 years, which we would not be able to forward to charity. We would barely able to afford paying our dear bank executive so he can buy his caviar while we split our toilet paper in an attempt to squeeze by.

We don’t earn that much and we’re not rich. But if we build a house in cash with no mortgage over our heads, we would easily be able to pay $500-$1000 a month to charity. Month by month, everything would be paid forward, all to people who actually need the money and have no use for caviar and golden hubcaps, so craved by the CEO of some bank giant.

What’s the deal with the stick figures?

I (Rafi) can’t draw, but I find that basic illustrations say a lot. I did the same with my wedding invitation I drew up in 20 seconds on an oily napkin at my father in law’s house in Miami, Florida.

Why should I trust you?

You probably shouldn’t. But I’m a libertarian, and I believe in the non aggression principle, and stealing is aggression.

How will I receive my tax deductible receipt?

Give us your name and email. When we pay your money forward, we will donate in your name – NOT in ours, and we will email you a copy of the receipt.

Why aren’t you a 503C?

Because I refuse to jump through government hoops.

What are your administrative costs?

$40 a month hosting this site.

How much money are you going to raise?

$603,550 for three couples.

When will my donation be paid forward?

Once we raise $200,000. We’re about half way there.

Where does the money sit in the meantime

In gold and silver. I don’t hold paper money because the government prints that and it constantly loses value. Gold and silver do not over the long term.

Can I decide which charity my donation will be paid forward to?

Yes, provided that the charity of your choice does not go against our values and is one that supports Israel. You can also opt to have your money go back in to Settlers of Samaria to support the next interest-free house.


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