Arab Ambulance passes up dying Jews, refuses to treat them

Let’s swallow our disgust for a second and tell ourselves the truth. None of us really expect a Red Crescent ambulance to treat Jews. After all, why should they? I don’t mean morally. I mean, given the situation where they think Jews are stealing their land, why should they treat dying Jews?

The fact that a Red Crescent ambulance reportedly passed by the victims and refused to treat them is going to be a BIG propaganda piece for the next decade at least. It’ll be used to make arguers and debaters feel more self righteous about their already entrenched positions, and will cement the status quo even more.

The solution is we need to raise money voluntarily to pay these people to get out. And after this, nobody will be thinking of the solution. They will be thinking of how much they have been right about Arabs all along etc.

Does it prove that the Arabs are evil and we, the Jews, are good? In a superficial way, yes. It is certainly very primitive and inhuman not to offer assistance to dying people.

Do Jews have more of a potential for good than Arabs? Probably yes.

Is it conceivable that a Jewish Magen David Adom ambulance would pass by dying Arabs and not help? No, it is inconceivable. At least I cannot see it ever happening.

However, I can conceive of some groups of Jews who would not render assistance to dying Arabs, on the theory that they are all evil and probably terrorists anyway, and possibly using some religious excuse like “Helping an Arab living in Eretz Yisroel is assur, so if they’re dying you can’t help them or you’re over a lav.” I can certainly see this. Yes, with Arabs those groups are more dominant and mainstream and with Jews they are more relegated to the cultural gutter.

Then again, our government is is still the one occupying Arabs with a big army. And that really pisses people off and makes them want to murder. The longer an army occupies a group of people, the more they will want to murder. That’s how it is with humans. The solution is to pay them to get out, but nobody is thinking of that.

So are Jews better people than Arabs generally? Like pick a group of 10 randomly from each and I’ll get better more moral people in the Jew column? Probably yes. But passing by dying people and letting them die when you can help them is still not a uniquely Arab thing. Som Jews advocate this, too.

We should all just keep that in mind.

השם יקום דמם.


One thought on “Arab Ambulance passes up dying Jews, refuses to treat them

  1. Yes. A thousand times yes.

    A young lady from China spoke at a Black Lives Matter gathering and told the crowd about how she and a couple of Asian friends were verbally assaulted for being Asian by a black man driving by, and immediately afterward a white woman pulled up and asked if everyone was ok and if there was anything she could do. In the girl’s broken English, in the midst of a mixed gathering of college students in a Safe Room, she reminded everyone that there are good and bad in Black and White. The crowd didn’t like that very much.

    A joke:
    A Muslim, a Jew, a Christian, and an Atheist went into a bar.
    They laughed, and told stories, and became friends.
    That’s what good people do.

    (Ok, it’s a bad joke, but I like it)

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