Mass Murder Rampage in Paris – Why not Switzerland?

So yes, to get over the obvious, murder is evil and civilians who have nothing to do with their governments’ policies do not deserve to die because of things that their governments do in other countries.

Nevertheless, the French government is heavily involved in bombing Muslim countries. That doesn’t make what happened any less murderous, but France’s government should stop doing that if they want to take away an obvious motivation for Muslim criminals to murder civilians in their territory.

Challengers of this assertion must ask themselves one serious question. Why don’t Muslims ever attack Switzerland?

(Shhh, come close and I’ll tell you…it’s because Switzerland is neutral and doesn’t go around bombing other countries.)



One thought on “Mass Murder Rampage in Paris – Why not Switzerland?

  1. Well done, this is not morally depraved like your attempt to deal with the Charlie Hebdo case.

    I will advance an alternative theory:
    “France has a lot of Muslim terrorist attacks because there are a lot of Muslims there. Switzerland has far fewer Muslims, so they have not yet had a terrorist attack. Broadly speaking, the single biggest factor in the frequency of Islamic terrorism is how many Muslims are in a given country.”*

    I am deliberately simplifying my theory to make the discussion easier.

    In the next move I will ask you to explain the following piece of evidence according to your theory.

    I’m not saying the factor you identify plays no role whatsoever in how Islamists choose their targets. I’m just saying that you typically go in for monocausal explanations, which conform to certain dogmas which you will not consider modifying.

    *Obviously once the Muslim population is above 50% terrorism decreases, because there is no need for it when you already run stuff, unless you have different groups of Muslims, as in Syria, where it just keeps going up.

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