Chinese Government Threatens to Physically Beat Shortsellers, Shanghai Rallies


I guess I’ll cover this morning and lock in some profits. China has threatened to physically beat short sellers of stocks in an attempt to arrest the tide of panic selling. They can’t beat me up, those bastards.

Short selling is actually balancing for the market because, as Murray Rothbard not so famously said, because virtually nobody knows anything he ever said, “For every short seller there is a buyer”.

If someone sells a stock short, someone has to buy the stock from that short seller. Otherwise he cannot sell it short. He has to sell it short to somebody. And that somebody has to buy it. Short selling sounds mystical and magical and confusing, but it is very simple. You put in an order to borrow shares from somebody else who is willing to loan them to you. You sell the borrowed shares at their current price on the market. And then, if you are successful, you buy them back at a lower price and give them back to the guy you borrowed them from. That’s pretty much it.

Short sellers must buy shares back in order to return them. The more short sellers there are in a market, the more people are forced to buy shares because they have to by contract. That supports declines when they do happen. By banning short sellers and threatening to beat the crap out of them, all China is doing is ensuring that there will be no support for future collapses.

It will stem the tide for now, so I’ll cover the short, but the decline will continue in a few days, and there won’t be any short sellers who must cover in order to support it.

Thanks to Bill Gross, I now know that the better ETF to short is the ASHR rather than FXI. It’s more concentrated on Chinese development banks and other speculative stuff rather than large cap established Chinese companies.


5 thoughts on “Chinese Government Threatens to Physically Beat Shortsellers, Shanghai Rallies

  1. And that’s why the States fight inter-religious to devalue each-other’s censorship systems linked to morality derived from religion, blindly fighting to get a favoritism from Someone who your people say is not interested in giving it to them (because He knows the real reason is not morality or temples, it’s money). This actually proves you believe God not to be involved in helping them out no matter what prayer they say because if He did He would be involved in their masked games using and devaluing moral issues. So the States hate your people because you took the veil off from them so they go around spreading news that your people promote immorality because you say their censorship is illegitimate no matter what they say because the real reasons are about making money. So the only other way to legitimate a system of censorship (that the Vatican no longer holds – I kept wondering why they just keep quiet on their older issues that bothered them, because they’re doing nothing but making money) is to find a way to blackmail God. Like planning certain strategic wars on issues that affect Him.
    The other thing is teaching people underneath them to want to have nothing so they have nothing to lose and sell this as a moral standard (literally).
    Camel day.

  2. So wars happen when the States want to issue ETFs but aren’t rich enough? (or their richness is not recognized as such like some say I have gold but the others say “gold is down so you have less than what you own”)? So this is why certain assets being considered most valuable (like gold) preserve peace but at the same time this “hurts” industrial development of other sectors so it has been decided that gold’s value and anything else can fluctuate so progress is established and some documentaries keep on saying that “the first world wars created progress” (and I can’t figure out why and how)?
    Of course it’s more about allowed progress, progress allowed by States so that they can make money out of it (instead of the inventors, investors themselves) unlike progress altogether that might not bring them money but still be progress.

  3. So the “computer glitches” yesterday that brought down United Airlines and the NYSE. Do you think that was China? Are they getting that desperate?

    • I don’t know. I’m not so impressed by a single glitch. If it keeps happening I’ll look into it. It could be anything or nothing at this point.

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