UNBELIEVABLE New Greek FM Euclid Something Forgets his Homework at Home

You know, when people flippantly say “Greeks are lazy and that’s why they’re bankrupt,” I have dismissed it. Japan is much more bankrupt than Greece by debt to GDP and I would’t call Japanese people lazy. Japan can print its own money though, so they can keep financing it through inflation.

America is also much more in debt than Greece in terms of unfunded liabilities into the future, but America can print dollars until the currency collapses. Greece can’t.

But now, I think I’ve seen it all. The new Greek Debt Minister Euclid Tzakalotos came to the emergency post referendum meeting with nothing. Un-be-friggin-leavable. He wrote cursory notes on hotel stationary.

Maybe they are just lazy.



2 thoughts on “UNBELIEVABLE New Greek FM Euclid Something Forgets his Homework at Home

  1. I try to see what it’s written coz it’s fun. I am attracted by fourth row from the bottom near his hand “..AI message to people..: and last light at the bottom “..with all partner” (is it “partner”?)
    This is odd. Greek people are lazy but it still was strange that they sang and ate and drank at terraces (with what money?) on referendum day as if nothing matters while others were showed humiliated at ATMs. So we were shown.
    Then yr old fren’ Francis said “remember human dignity” in the Greek crisis (what? he’s gonna give them money? jobs? everyone knows about human dignity and everyone wants theirs, mentioning it means nothing). This is like talking in tongues – they sound insanely hopeful to look surreal so that.. so that.. what?
    Anyway I don’t get these images – why didn’t the people who had money to go to the terrace help the old people struggling at ATMs instead of drinking? It’s either staged or Greeks are psychotically selfish and cold-hearted. But the news are staged because the mix of those images barely even shows anything coherent.
    It’s all like: Greece is bankrupt ~ if you believe it.
    I think you do have to be psychotically selfish and cold hearted to be a famous tourist destination while in the middle of Athens the destroyed of society push crack drugs in their veins (expensive drugs since crack is expensive) and people walk by syringes and filth and death. Definitely a place of humanitarian emotions and charities…

    • If I were one of the people who could afford to drink, I would use whatever money I had left to get me and my family out of the country by any means possible. Come monday and they’re out, depositors lose everything, and if the government doesn’t collapse and let the economy go, people will start to starve. Literally.

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