In defense of Bill Cosby

News is coming out now that Bill Cosby gave drugs to women he wanted to have sex with who were not his wife. Nothing says he raped any of them or tricked any of them or gave them something they did not agree to take.

People love it when otherwise good people slip up. The better they are, the better people feel when it is revealed they made a mistake. It makes them feel better about themselves.

A few years ago my father and I discussed a case of a family friend’s husband soliciting a 15-year-old for sex. It turned out to be a cop and he got arrested. I argued, and still argue, that this is not a crime, and that sex with a post-pubescent teenager is not pedophilia or especially perverted. A bad idea, yes, but sick, I wouldn’t go that far.

Pedophilia is a crime and a perverted sickness because young children cannot consent, and there is no biological reason to even want to have sex with a child. The desire belies something deeply wrong that infects your fantasy world. To want to have sex with a prepubescent child shows that something is inherently wrong with your sex drive. As for homosexuality (if we want to go there), it does exist in the animal kingdom, so there is room to say it is not a sickness but simply an aberration that is known to exist across species.

Pedophilia, in terms of sex before breeding age, does not exist among animals. It is a uniquely human sickness.

In any case, the cops should stay out of all consensual sex, which does not include children, and Cosby must only answer to his wife and family.

Drugging women consensually in order to have sex with them is a problem of low self esteem. Some people hurt themselves because of low confidence, some suffer depression, some take drugs, and some have consensual sex with people who are not their spouses. It is all the same disease, stemming from a lack of satisfaction from current circumstances leading to an inability to control one’s fantasy world (which we all have) and prevent it from intruding on reality.

But it goes full circle with the people dumping on Cosby because he did this. They want to feel better about themselves because they are, to a degree, suffering from a lack of confidence in themselves. Pointing a finger at Bill Cosby for doing this is just a different way of dealing with a lack of confidence, just like having sex with multiple women who are not your wife.

We would not dump all over Bill Cosby if he were simply depressed. We would reach out and try to help him. This is the same thing. If he actually raped women (I don’t know if he did, but the news that came out today had nothing to do with rape) then Cosby haters would have more of a case.

Oh, and if you don’t like Bill Cosby, you’re a racist. Etc.


5 thoughts on “In defense of Bill Cosby

  1. You really need to look up the definition of rape. Which is sex without consent. Which Cosby allegedly did when drugging unsuspecting women, thereby preventing them from giving consent to sex. None of the accusers ever said that they consented to be drugged. Cosby may have suffered from a paraphillia fetishizing sleeping women, but what all the accusations claim is most certainly rape.

  2. Hate the sin, love the sinner.
    If one just uses this to see only the human behind the sin and attack the personna violently (physically or psychically) they are not fighting the devil, any devil, any demon. Why? It’s simple. Because they do not see the devil or any deceit any other cause for the sin except the person (and the devil is the deceiter if one is seeking such a war).
    The way out of racist views (preconception about someone’s soul because of their appearance) is pretty neat. Not a complicated thing.
    This is my dissapointment with the anti-racism cause and those affected by racism who suffered from it: why did you abandon your flag – the rainbow – to the LGBT crowd? Anti-racism it makes perfect sense a rainbow – many colors all beautiful together and by the way the white color is composed of all colors (and there is no such thing as black skin, darkest shade of skin is not black is dark brown so it’s color).
    This is my dream anti-racism campaign that will never happen because it uses a rainbow and it’s not about LGBT – “White is not a color. But it’s composed of all the many colors.”
    Also I would use something about rain on a sunny day (yeah the Southern Creedance Clearwater Revival so fit) and how nobody wants to rain on a sunny day but without rain we would not see the rainbow.
    I can also think of a clip with aurora borealis and how beautiful that is, coming from sun, the winds of the sun, and how you have to go all the way to the freeze to see it because even if solar winds are all around the planet only near the Polar Circle you can see it. Plus you can think about it that even if you don’t see the solar winds anywhere else on the planet they are all around it.
    But now the rainbow is LGBT and if you talk about the beauty of the sun one must be talking about skin cancer and moles.
    And it all gets physical and medical about all the things that can go wrong in a human life (and most of them happen anyway, we die at the end ok? why worry about it?) and of course… LGBT.
    Brothers and sisters from Africa – why did you abandon the rainbow front? This is my sadness against them, so maybe it’s racist.
    Maybe racist means running too much because race is also a race in sport. Someone who runs the race constantly without even trying – that is racist.

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