Supreme Court Gives Liberty to Gays, Slavery to Rich

Today the Supreme Court declared gay marriage legal throughout the US. That’s very good. People should be allowed to sign whatever contracts they want with whoever. The most important aspects as I understand it is that gay couples can now have visitation rights at hospitals, power of attorney, and inheritance rights with whoever they want.

At the same time, the Supreme Court has also legalized Obamacare, or a massive theft from the rich to the poor. It will collapse.

Bob Wenzel notes at EPJ the similarity between Chief Justice John Roberts and Mussolini:

“Congress passed the Affordable Care Act to improve health insurance markets, not to destroy them,” Chief Justice Roberts wrote in a 21-page opinion, which sounds like it came straight out of Mussolini economics.

From My Autobiography by Benito Mussolini:

I have wanted the Fascist government, above all, to give great care to social legislation…I think that Italy is advanced beyond all European nations; in fact, it has ratified laws…for obligatory insurance against tuberculosis…All this shows how, in every detail in the field of labor, I stand by the working labor…from insurance against accidents to the indemnity against illness.

Chief Injustice Roberts was on the wrong side of both these issues. He voted against gay marriage but for Obamacare. Sad to see that gay people won’t be enjoying their marriages very much through their new hospital visitation rights when the healthcare system in the US completely implodes because of people like Roberts.

I myself am against all state marriage. But if gays want to be taxed more so they can be hassled less on inheritance and power of attorney and visitation, then go for it.



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