Catalonia Proves Democracy is a Sham – What Would Honest Abe Lincoln Do?

Spanish police are beating Catalonians in the streets and shooting them with rubber bullets for “illegally” voting in a referendum to secede from Spain.

All this proves is that when people want to vote on something that really, actually, can make a difference, the government does not allow it. They only allow voting when your vote will change nothing. When your vote threatens the centers of power in any fundamental sense, they’ll beat you. Democracy is a joke, as an idea, as a regime, as a form of government. There is no democracy. When people try to actually vote on something that will change something, they get beaten. Some will probably get killed.

We saw the same thing with Feiglin’s protests of the Oslo Accords here. Feiglin threatened the regime – not any specific government, but all of them and their potential replacements. That’s why they beat his Zo Artzeinu followers in the mid 90’s and why the establishment (left and right) never let him get far in politics.

The question can be raised, why even attempt anything with Zehut? The answer is for the same reason that I am running on its ticket. Because we have a religious obligation to try, and leave the rest up to God. I’m running for religious reasons, not for any practical reason. I will vote Zehut for religious reasons, not for practical ones.

If God wants us to succeed, we will, but not if we give up or don’t try.

Back to Catalonia though. What would Abraham Lincoln have done as Prime Minister of Spain? Send a few policemen in to beat voters? No, he’d send his generals in to slash and burn Barcelona to the ground. A Spain divided, after all, cannot stand.

Or to put it another way, a Madrid government without its biggest province for tax loot, cannot survive. The regime is fighting for its life. That’s why it’s beating voters with batons and shooting them with rubber bullets.

When a regime is really threatened, all the meaningless politician talk goes out the window and they start beating you.

Have the courage, Catalans, to get out, and bring the Eurozone and EU down with you!


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