Bring them all down

I smell blood.

Greece. Italy. Spain. All of them either destroyed the Beit Hamikdash, or expelled us. In the next three months, they are all going down.

And Francis, give me my menorah and books back that you stole from me over millenia and have stuffed in your vault of theft. I’m asking nicely now.

As big as the government is in Israel, we are still Jews. We know how to handle money. Even the thieves among us. Goodbye, European States.

The match has been lit. Now watch the fire spread. You cannot keep piling debt on debt and expect to survive. It cannot be done, and it will topple. It is now toppling.

I generally make a feeble attempt to mask my hatred for States and the fractional reserve system of inflation that supports them. I always follow State monetary law no matter how unjust. I pay my taxes and obey all monetary and economic regulations. But I always express my disdain for it because thank God, there is still freedom to do at least that, as long as I wish no violence on anyone. And I don’t . I only wish bankruptcy, and the natural consequences of that.

Now I’m ditching even the feeble attempt of disguising my hatred for disdain. We’re in the home stretch now.


3 thoughts on “Bring them all down

  1. What are Romans doing with the menorah? Anyway if they breed confusion it’s confusion they breed.

    P.P.S. Really shows that EU is not brotherly love or anything just by how the Italian pm slashed at Tsipras et co saying “don’t associate Italy with Greece, Italy pays debts!” etc. This sounds moral to some but it does not hold any spirit of unity or godliness or Love (feels like offending love associating love with the fakeness of “Europe”). EU failing is bigger than surgery, it’s healing. People will get a vertical dimension and see. The clowns at the top probably won’t see anything except the coming of the devil and whatnot because “Europe is divided” and “only the devil brings division”. WHAT is Europe? Really, what is it?

  2. “We know how to handle money.”

    You forgot about the hyperinflation of the early 80s. On the other hand, we seem to have learned from the experience.

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