Yonatan Hailo, Who Killed His Rapist, vs. Elor Azariah Who Killed His Attacker

I was just made aware of this case after perusing headlines in NRG. Apparently, back in 2010, there was this guy Yonatan Hailo who had an attacker harassing him, extorting him for money, beating him up and even anally raping him several times. Hailo had no criminal record at the time. At some point, this rapist was busy abusing Hailo when he turned around to urinate.

Hailo then strangled him to unconsciousness and beat him over the head with a rock and killed him. Hailo then turned himself in to the police. There were no witnesses at the scene.

Hailo is in an Israeli government cage for 12 years for killing his rapist/extortionist. The news from today is that his sentence was (thankfully) shortened from 20 years to 12 years.

The “judges” responsible for this atrocity of jailing a man for killing his rapist made the excuse that he had the opportunity to not kill him and only disable him, and Hailo never went to the police.

Of course he didn’t go to the police. What a joke. Had he gone to the police they would have done either nothing, or arrested his attacker briefly, and when the attacker got out of jail he would go after Hailo again. So Hailo of course had no choice.

This is the same case as Azriah who killed that Arab after the Arab attacked a fellow soldier with a knife. In Azariah case it’s not so clear cut because Azariah as a soldier is arguably the aggressor in the situation and the Arab has the right to kill him. But once attacked Azariah had a right to fight back because he was not there to kill anyone directly at the time.

The reason these cases are so serious for the state is that they challenge the state’s monopoly on administering justice. If anyone does that, the state’s existence is in jeopardy. Vigilantes are incompatible with the state’s existence. But Hailo had every right to kill his attacker, as does every woman or man who is threatened with sexual assault or actively raped.

I would only aspire to do the same. If anyone ever God forbid raped me or threatened to do so, I would have no moral qualms about killing that person in any way possible. The only difference is I would not turn myself in because I know I will be arrested for a long time.

People own their own bodies. The state does not own any of us. They think they do but they do not. Just remember that if you dare defend your own body from attack, you can get in serious trouble.

Had Hailo went to the cops, he might easily be dead today. Had he not gone to the cops after killing his attacker, he might be free today.

Don’t ever go to the cops if you don’t absolutely have to, as in the case of a home invasion or something and there’s nobody else to help you.

Hailo has Jewish law on his side as well. Whatever the prohibition against homosexuality is, meaning whether or not it includes consensual sex (I do not believe it does), it most definitely includes homosexual rape, and the penalty for that is death. In my opinion, the only reason that the Torah did not put heterosexual rape in the death penalty category is out of concern for the raped woman, who may not be able to marry anyone after the attack for cultural reasons, which would put her in an economically destitute situation. She has the option of forcing him to marry her and support her, which we find unconscionable, but could work in a case Patty Hearst-type case, which is not that uncommon.

Anyway, I doubt God would fault a woman for killing her rapist in any case, and by libertarian law anyone has the right to kill his or her rapist without state permission at any given opportunity.

I personally thank Hailo for ridding the planet of the thing that attacked him and I hope he gets out of his government cage as soon as possible. As far as I’m concerned, Hailo has the status of a captive, a שבוי though I am not at all recommending anyone try to break him out of prison. Never fight the state directly.


In defense of Bill Cosby

News is coming out now that Bill Cosby gave drugs to women he wanted to have sex with who were not his wife. Nothing says he raped any of them or tricked any of them or gave them something they did not agree to take.

People love it when otherwise good people slip up. The better they are, the better people feel when it is revealed they made a mistake. It makes them feel better about themselves.

A few years ago my father and I discussed a case of a family friend’s husband soliciting a 15-year-old for sex. It turned out to be a cop and he got arrested. I argued, and still argue, that this is not a crime, and that sex with a post-pubescent teenager is not pedophilia or especially perverted. A bad idea, yes, but sick, I wouldn’t go that far.

Pedophilia is a crime and a perverted sickness because young children cannot consent, and there is no biological reason to even want to have sex with a child. The desire belies something deeply wrong that infects your fantasy world. To want to have sex with a prepubescent child shows that something is inherently wrong with your sex drive. As for homosexuality (if we want to go there), it does exist in the animal kingdom, so there is room to say it is not a sickness but simply an aberration that is known to exist across species.

Pedophilia, in terms of sex before breeding age, does not exist among animals. It is a uniquely human sickness.

In any case, the cops should stay out of all consensual sex, which does not include children, and Cosby must only answer to his wife and family.

Drugging women consensually in order to have sex with them is a problem of low self esteem. Some people hurt themselves because of low confidence, some suffer depression, some take drugs, and some have consensual sex with people who are not their spouses. It is all the same disease, stemming from a lack of satisfaction from current circumstances leading to an inability to control one’s fantasy world (which we all have) and prevent it from intruding on reality.

But it goes full circle with the people dumping on Cosby because he did this. They want to feel better about themselves because they are, to a degree, suffering from a lack of confidence in themselves. Pointing a finger at Bill Cosby for doing this is just a different way of dealing with a lack of confidence, just like having sex with multiple women who are not your wife.

We would not dump all over Bill Cosby if he were simply depressed. We would reach out and try to help him. This is the same thing. If he actually raped women (I don’t know if he did, but the news that came out today had nothing to do with rape) then Cosby haters would have more of a case.

Oh, and if you don’t like Bill Cosby, you’re a racist. Etc.