Golan “Accident” Was Probably Intentional Friendly Fire Murder

Today was a very good lesson on how the government media operates. Two soldiers were killed today in the Golan. The headlines are all “Accident” and “Husam Wanted a Military Career” and “Two Soldiers Killed After Grenade Explodes In Golan”

What is being buried deep within the article is this:

תחקיר ראשוני העלה כי סמוך לשעה 7:10 הגיע ג’יפ הסיור הממוגן ממשימות פתיחת ציר שגרתית בגבול עם סוריה, לקרבת המוצב שאותו חוצה כל מבקר במרגלות החרמון. טפאש והחיילים שברכב ניהלו שיחה, ובשלב מסוים, כשהג’יפ עצר צמוד למוצב, הנהג יצא ממנו, אחז רימון רסס בידו וצעד לכיוון דלת המפקד. הוא הקיף את חזית הג’יפ. כאשר דלת המפקד נפתחה, טפאש הנהג חזר לאחור ואז התפוצץ הרימון.


An initial investigation stated that around 7:10am on Sunday morning, the military patrol jeep came from a routine brush cleaning operation on the border with Syria. The jeep approached an IDF outpost on the foothills of Mt. Hebron. Tafash and the soldiers in the jeep talked about something, and at some point there was the an altercation that ensued between the driver Tafash and the soldiers on the force. At a certain point, as the jeep got close to the outpost, the driver got out of the jeep, pulled the pin out of a fragmentation grenade, and walked towards the commander’s door. He then went to the front of the jeep, and when the commander’s door opened, Tafash the driver pushed his way inside and released the grenade.

The translation is from here with my bold additions, but even so it is not an exact translation even though both are Ynet and certain details are even different, so I don’t know which source to trust. Is the driver Tafash, or is Tafash someone else? The news is doing its best to cover up what happened here to make it look like some poor guy stepped on a grenade. What happened was murder and it is what can happen when you have a militarized culture where everyone is taken by force to “serve”.

Not a single article will dare question the draft so they have to bury what actually happened.

If Tafash is the driver, the news is certainly trying to hide it and bury it deep within the article and obfuscate so as not to kill the coexistence narrative between Druze and Jews. This is exactly how the media controls the national dialogue. When whatever happened is discovered beyond doubt, look for it to be in a tiny non-article somewhere in the classifieds.

Actually, I just found a more detailed account at Jpost, which Israelis don’t read. It seems Tafash was the driver, the murdered soldier was trying to stop him and stood between him and the Jeep. So, it seems the loan soldier Shlomo Rindenow may have saved the other soldiers from this Druze driver who was attempting to murder them all. Maybe this is what happened. We don’t know because the army keeps saying “we do not understand what happened. 

Here’s Jpost:

A senior IDF source provided preliminary details of the incident.

According to the source’s account, an IDF David light armored vehicle, carrying soldiers and a commander from the 601 battalion – a part of the Combat Engineers Brigade – pulled over near the Majdal checkpoint position. The jeep came to a stop a meter away from the position’s concrete wall.

“At this stage, a conversation began, and the driver exited the vehicle, holding the grenade,” the source said. The driver, a reservist from the northern Druse village of Beit Jann, had previously served as a career military driver, and recently returned to service. As the driver walked around the front of the vehicle, holding the grenade, the lone soldier, who was part of the checkpoint personnel, stood between the jeep and the wall.

“We do not understand the circumstances of this event yet,” the source said. “The commander of the David vehicle then opened his door. At this time, the blast occurred.” The explosion killed the driver holding the grenade, and the lone soldier standing between the jeep and the wall. The commander in the vehicle sustained serious injuries. Two additional soldiers were lightly wounded by shrapnel.

Nobody “died for their country” today.

Reminds me of Gilad Shalit. The story of his kidnapping is so pathetic it’ll make you cringe. He did absolutely nothing right during the whole ordeal, and it would not have happened if he were not drafted by force.

These people died for the draft. Did one murder the other? Where they both victims of a third? Does anyone want to report what actually happened and put it in a headline??