Tzahal Recommends Arming Arab Government and Freeing Prisoners Because Why The Hell Not?

It’s a headline that could come out of The Onion.

צהל ממליץ להעביר נשק ותחמושת למנגנוני הרשות

IDF recommends transferring weapons and ammunition to the Palestinian Authority

Really, what did anyone expect? The cartel in charge of defending us, which prohibits anyone else from defending us, is recommending that more weapons be given to the people killing us and freeing of prisoners that already have killed us. This is all defended by the State’s intellectual bodyguards in universities all over the country who pedantically pontificate about how transferring lethal weapons to other governments is enlightened.

This is the government response to stabbings. Give arab governments more weapons.

Onion type news like this can elicit two responses. Either we can whine about how stupid the government is and try to change who is in charge of it, or we can come to the conclusion that there shouldn’t be a government and try to eliminate it nonviolently.

There is no benefit to having politicians lead a monopoly defense institution, because the politicians inevitably turn that institution into a pack of bumbling idiots who give weapons to the people trying to kill us. Again and again and again. Armies should be private insurance companies who know better than to give weapons to the people trying to kill its clients. That makes you lose money.

When the money you make comes from taxes though, as in the case of the IDF that doesn’t matter. They can test their insane policies out by experimenting with our lives like lab rats however much they want and there’s nothing we can do about it. Even though they’ve done this before and it resulted in the second Intifada. In effect, the morons in charge of the IDF are arming the Arabs with even deadlier weapons now because knives are not enough to elicit public sympathy from the “international community”.

It won’t stop until we privatize the IDF and split it up into competing insurance companies.