Glenn Beck – Wise up and Endorse Ron Paul

I saw a video of Glenn Beck discussing Newt Gingrich on Freedom Watch with Judge Nap. In it he basically ripped Gingrich for being a, basically, horrible fake of a human being, which is true. He doesn’t deserve any position of leadership. He said he would hold his nose and vote for Romney over Obama. Then he said he agrees with Ron Paul about everything except…


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I want to smack him. Really. I want to swing my hand back and snap it right across his face. He is going to throw out everything just because Ron Paul doesn’t want to give me three billion lousy worthless American dollars.

The question is why? The answer is simple. Jesus. It’s all about Jesus.

Beck came here in August because he believes he has to take care of the Jewish people himself. He thinks he’s my father. He thinks that if he doesn’t take care of the Jewish people, then we won’t convert and then Jesus won’t come back and give him a medal for facilitating the second coming. That’s why he will throw America down the tubes and vote for Romney. Because he thinks we have to convert to Jesusism and he’s self-righteous enough to believes he’s the one who has to do it by giving us a big Jesus hug.

Glenn Beck – leave us alone. I don’t want your money or your love. I have no one to rely on but my Father in Heaven, not you or your money. Go save your country from disaster and endorse Ron Paul. We’ll be fine over here and you can keep on believing in Jesus over there. But you’d be really stupid to make that belief be the only thing that stands in the way of your country healing itself or destroying itself.