Glenn Beck – Wise up and Endorse Ron Paul

I saw a video of Glenn Beck discussing Newt Gingrich on Freedom Watch with Judge Nap. In it he basically ripped Gingrich for being a, basically, horrible fake of a human being, which is true. He doesn’t deserve any position of leadership. He said he would hold his nose and vote for Romney over Obama. Then he said he agrees with Ron Paul about everything except…


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I want to smack him. Really. I want to swing my hand back and snap it right across his face. He is going to throw out everything just because Ron Paul doesn’t want to give me three billion lousy worthless American dollars.

The question is why? The answer is simple. Jesus. It’s all about Jesus.

Beck came here in August because he believes he has to take care of the Jewish people himself. He thinks he’s my father. He thinks that if he doesn’t take care of the Jewish people, then we won’t convert and then Jesus won’t come back and give him a medal for facilitating the second coming. That’s why he will throw America down the tubes and vote for Romney. Because he thinks we have to convert to Jesusism and he’s self-righteous enough to believes he’s the one who has to do it by giving us a big Jesus hug.

Glenn Beck – leave us alone. I don’t want your money or your love. I have no one to rely on but my Father in Heaven, not you or your money. Go save your country from disaster and endorse Ron Paul. We’ll be fine over here and you can keep on believing in Jesus over there. But you’d be really stupid to make that belief be the only thing that stands in the way of your country healing itself or destroying itself.


7 thoughts on “Glenn Beck – Wise up and Endorse Ron Paul

  1. I like some of what Beck does. I love Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano so cudos to those of you who watch it. Best program on TV for extolling liberty.

    However, Beck is wrong on Newt. I have been a fan of Newt for a long time. I say this as a supporter of Ron Paul mind you. Newt is not a progressive. However, he is an idea guy and gets enamored of ideas and solutions to problems without always critically analyzing the underlying issues. He appeared with Pelosi to make the statement that conservatives care about the environment too without considering the message that it sends.

    What I like about Newt is that if you look at his actual legislation and the reforms he made in the 1990’s it was decidedly to the right. Welfare reform, balanced budgets, lower taxes, etc. He got rid of the democrat/socialist house leadership and enacted these reforms with a democrat president and senate. Outside of Ronald Reagan not one other Republican has actually legistlated to the right. Not one. I also believe that nice, cooperative, gentile Republicans will get run over…as they always do. Bush expanded Medicare with a gigantic unfunded new drug benefit to be nice. He abandoned proper Social Security and Freddie and Fannie reform when the heat started. Both programs are destroying America and actually the world. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid bent every rule in the Congress, twisted arms, kept sessions going till midnight and probably blackmailed their own party members to get Obamacare passed. Now, what kind of person do you think we need to oppose them? You think a Wilbur Milktoast can withstand the collectivist march of the State? I think not. So, while I will grant you many faults for Newt, his actions, his grasp of history, his understanding of how the sausage is made in politics makes him popular with me. I want someone who will break the current system which was only Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich and Herman Caine in my mind. Two of three are left.

    Rafi, I like your perspective on Christians and Israel/Jews. It gives me a new perspective. I agree that we are not here to “save” Israel. We can be friends and supportive friends, at that, but Israel with God’s help must work out it’s own history and destiny just like all other nations.

    • @ FreedomGuy so called conservatives,find themselves confused, on what being a conservative is all about. and the reason is that they have been indoctrinated with false doctrines, not only religious but political too, all those people that lisen to rush limbough,savage,levine,hennety,glenn beck, for yrs, these deciving agents of satan, have made people belive that, been conservative is having a drive to make money with out paying attention to the consecquenses, no matter who falls as long as you get to the top, well, facts are, that no body can stay on top, if the base is morals in most cases are thrown aside, in order to get there, take for instance newt gingrich, that man’s desire to be in the game, would lead him to belive, that if he can’t get there, married, to an ill wife, nor single, then his answer is just drop the sick wife and remarry a phisicaly healthy woman but with morals as low as his, there is rush limbough, a self profesed doctor truth, jet he is the bigest lier of all simce he happens to be the model to follo, for all wanna be radio/televition so called conservative idiots. that don’t understand the moral principles of what it is to be married and promises made to the living god as they bind themselves to another person for life, not just for as long as they are needed.if a man don’t honor its marriage oath, what could posibly make these men honor any commitment of truth to all the ignorant people that follows their every day deception preached, other than the very large quantity of dollars they get payed by their masters,to keep the mass number of audiance, that see them as if it was god leading them to the destruction of america, right to vote what right do all these followers have ,when like zumbis way for the endorsment of these false patriots, to end up trowing a vote away and at the end, find ourselves, with retared,satanic people like the bush family, the clintons,obamas, of this world, was not bush that pass the patriot act after sendin our kids into a war conflict on false pretense, of weapons of mass destruction, but all those criminal lyers continue defending the bush family as heros, after, so many millions of inocent people that have been killed around the world, under the lie of terrorism, if there is any one that hates america is not the muslims, but the criminals we have within our borders, and those are the zionist and their agents of deception that keep them under the radar, with their lies while they continue to prosper with blood money.

  2. He is using the scripture in Genesis, when God tells Abram ( Abraham ) that He would “Bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you”, speaking about the future nation in which Abraham would be the father. This is where he is coming from. However, Beck is not a Christian. A mormon is not in any way a Christian. They want you to worship Joseph Smith, not Jesus of Nazareth. They like Jesus as a good, moral teacher, and someone to admire, but they deny his deity. They also hold as superior the Book of Mormon as opposed to the Holy Bible. They know bits and pieces of the latter, but hold much more dear and sacred the first. They have a very screwed up theology and I am personally appalled that many so-called “Christians” link arms with him. I happen to be a Christian, and while I agree with Beck on many issues, his world view is a Mormon, not Christian.

    • Hi Leigh –

      My responses to this comment:
      1) I am aware that he uses my Bible to justify his positions. He is welcome to bless me, really, he is. But he has no right to consider himself my savior or caretaker. He thinks he knows what’s best for the Jews, he does not. He should bless us with words, and leave us alone to our business.
      2) Talking about the difference between Mormons and Christians is pretty irrelevant to me. You don’t take the Holy Bible seriously either as a “non-Mormon Christian”. You think it was superceded and cancelled, yet we’re still here and thriving. So then someone comes in and “supercedes” your own “supercession” of what you call the “New Testament” with the “Book of Mormon” and you’re insulted? Go on, be insulted, but Jews look at all this weird bickering about who’s the real “New Israel” and we laugh it off. You guys are cute…kinda flattering how much you want to be the New Jews that you call one another names over it.

      • Hi Rafi,

        I am a Christian. I however feel very isolated from many “Christians” because I do not see most Christians as people who truly love G-d, but love themselves much more. I think this core tenet of the bible, loving G-d more than yourself (meaning following His commandments), is forgotten or not even taught anymore. God is sovereign and most Christians do not believe that either. Is this what you mean?

      • What I mean is, I don’t mind christians believing whatever they believe. They are free as I am. I don’t want them interfering here BECAUSE of what they believe, and what they believe more often than no has to do with me. Any man can believe in whatever he wants. But the minute he starts trying to interfere with me in any way because of it, I reject that interference.

        Glenn Beck brought the head of Jews for Jesus to his rallies. That says everything.

      • Agreed! We all need to be free, and free from interference from those who think they know better, including the fake, Beck.

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