Four Days to Hoshana Rabba While US and Russia Bicker Over Who Gets to Bomb Syria

Calm down you two murder clowns. The headline on Fox News (which I almost never check unless I know something big is happening and I want to see how the MSM is screening it) is this: RUSSIAN ROULETTE: US Rejects Russia’s Demand to Stop Airstrikes as Putin Launches His Own.

There’s enough bombs and airspace for everyone to bomb Syria as much as you want. Calm down people. If it makes you feel any better, I’d much rather you come to terms with how you are both going to bomb Syria rather than fight each other over it, because that would be much worse. So I hope Putin and Obama come to an agreement about who can bomb what parts and when, before the Cold War starts up again and becomes hot.

Speaking of that, there are four more days until Hoshana Rabba, hands down the weirdest holiday in Judaism. The friend who pointed out the whole blood moon phenomenon to me also insists that Putin is Gog, citing that Gog is referred to as נשיא ראש משך ותובל. Why Nasi (president) and Rosh (head)? Putin is both president and prime minister of Russia, I believe, and the capital of Russia is Moscow – משך. Don’t know what Tuval is.

Look, I still don’t put much more than curiosity into any of these readings. If it’s true, great. If it’s not, reality is what it is. But the fact that Russia and America are now fighting over Syria is certainly bringing to mind Gog uMagog imagery in my head. This Shabbat we will be reading that Haftarah from Yechezkel. So let’s see what happens.