Why the current state of Negotiations over Greece proves anarcho capitalism

Alexis Tripras is broken. Over the past 48 hours, Eurozone creditors have demanded more and more cuts from his government in order to stay in the Eurozone. Given that Tsipras is an outright and full-blown communist, this total and outright capitulation really shows how political theory is drenched in total and complete bullshit.

If printing money is great, then why can’t Greece print Drachma? Because even the total communists know that hyperinflation will follow, because there are no goods and services in Greece for those drachmas to chase. It all comes from productive Eurozone countries. Greece is a welfare state. Most of its GDP is welfare and it produces nothing but tourism.

When reality hits and there is no more to inflate or steal outright, all the disgusting illusion breaks down. Germany is demanding cuts far more drastic than anything Greece has rejected over the past 5 months, and Tsipras is desperate for any agreement whatsoever, as long as he stays in the Euro. Because he knows that if he exits, thousands will starve and die.

Debt is not a game. This is not a math game of numbers. If it is too high, people will die. It becomes all too real. Greece is just the beginning. When the illusion is sliced in half in the US and the $18 trillion debt pile comes crashing down in ashes, that will be the end of the West as we know it, forever. It will be globally catastrophic.

Syriza has lost. Ignominiously, completely, and totally. They will agree to almost anything. The only question now is Germany. They finance all this. Will they push Greece to the brink of the almost, making their acquiescence so completely humiliating in light of the Communist and Unionist policies they stand for that they will simply resign, or does Germany have a smidgen of faith left that the Communists in charge of Greece can understand that wealth is indeed scarce on planet Earth, and that economics is, indeed and reality, the study of scarcity and choice, no matter how your “electorate” votes?


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