Medical Marijuana Government Monopoly to Sarel has been Broken, but not for long

Moshe Feiglin announced today on his Facebook page that Sarel, the company with a government monopoly on supplying government hospitals, has lost its privilege as the only company allowed to supply government hospitals. Feiglin got interested in Sarel when it was suddenly given monopoly privilege over the entire medical cannabis industry. This is a great thing of course, and Feiglin deserves credit for putting pressure on whatever mafia boss is in charge of determining who gets a monopoly on the government health care sector.

However, the problem is that nothing has been solved. Listen to this stupidity:

Government hospitals are in extreme debt, meaning the government health ministry is over budget. They’ll raise taxes to fix that of course. Nothing is being cut. The health ministry itself is what determines that its own hospitals must buy from a favored company, this case Sarel. When a monopoly is established, prices rise, and Sarel was of course charging prices over market value for all the equipment they sold to government hospitals. So government hospitals were forced into debt by the health ministry which runs the hospitals which forced the hospitals to buy equipment over market value by forbidding it to buy from anyone else under threat of imprisonment.

Why would the “owners” of a company, in this case the Health Ministry, force its own assets to buy equipment over market value? Because the “owners” of the Health Ministry are not owners of a company. They are tax loot distributors. They don’t have to make money. They just take it. And they give it to whoever they want, and it doesn’t matter how much their assets (hospitals) go into debt because they can always take more money from us. And they will, believe me they will.

Now Sarel has lost its monopoly privileges, for now. What is going to happen now is that some other favored company is going to get that privilege instead, and the same thing will happen again. They will frame it by saying that hospital equipment and medication must be properly supervised for quality and therefore it must only come from one company for public safety reasons, and whoever mafia thug is in charge of deciding which company will get that privilege will pick his best friends and get a big kickback for it in some offshore bank account in the Seychelles Islands.

Sarel is not the problem. Government hospitals are the problem. If government controls hospitals, the primates who run the operation in government will funnel the money to whoever they like best. Some other company is going to screw us now.

Demand a separation of government from health care. That is the only solution to ending this problem. In a few weeks, the monopoly will be transferred to some other company. Mark my words.

If I ever become a Knesset member, I will go after the whole system, not just one company that happens to benefit from the system at any given time. I wouldn’t even go by the title of Knesset Member, in Hebrew חבר כנסת. I will insist on the title אויב כנסת. Enemy of the Knesset. And I wouldn’t take a Shekel in tax funds for anything whatsoever.


The Excess Reserves Problem Actually Makes it Into Yahoo Finance Front Page!

I’ve been railing about this problem for 3 years. There are currently over $2.5 trillion in excess reserves sitting at the Fed. Here’s the graph.

Eventually those reserves are going to come out into the banking system and absolutely flood the entire world with a tsunami of dollars. The effect on price inflation will be extreme.

What surprised me, even shocked me to a degree, was that this story was actually featured on the Yahoo Finance front page today. My mouth was hanging open, because I have never seen a mainstream report on this. The author even uses the term “price inflation” to differentiate it from “inflation”. The former, inflation, means an increase in the unbacked money supply. The latter, price inflation, means a rise in prices as a result of inflation of the money supply.

Only Austrian economists differentiate the terms, because only Austrians are logical about economics. Everyone else is practicing voodoo. I have to think there is an Austrian, or an Austrian-leaning journalist at Yahoo. The guy’s name is Jared Blikre. I’ll be doing more research on him to see if there’s a mole from our side at the MSM, or if this is just a fluke.

Karma is a bitch, especially regarding torture

A friend of mine wrote this on Facebook. I’m sharing it here word for word. Truth bomb. You can’t support a government army occupation of a swath of land where torture by the same Shabak is routine against Arabs, and complain about Shabak torture of Jews. Well, you can, it’s just inconsistent.

Some will call me inconsistent myself because I benefit from the security of the occupation. I benefit from every service the government monopolizes and forces me to use. If the government monopolized the food industry I wouldn’t stop eating. Arabs also benefit from the occupation because they get the same security too. The IDF stops private Jews from attacking Arabs because only the IDF is allowed to do that. So what?

Somebody asked me if I have proof that the Shabak tortures Arabs. That’s funny.

Suddenly, human rights are in everyone’s mind in Israel’s vibrant right wing. A group of Israeli Jews who were arrested for perpetrating the firebombing of an Arab home, while the inhabitants were still in it, according to these rightists, aren’t being given the proper treatment in custody.

Here’s something I agree with them about: nobody should be tortured by their government. If they are in custody, they should be allowed to talk to an attorney. If there is not enough evidence to sustain a finding of probable cause, they should not have been arrested.

What’s amazing to me is that the Palestinians living under the occupation regime have experienced the same – or, in many cases, worse – treatment by an arbitrary and capricious Israeli/occupation Justice system.

The very same rightists who are moaning about the treatment of these Jewish terrorists support that. And that makes them dumb. And maybe a little bit evil, too.

If it’s good enough for the Palestinians, it will be good enough for the Jews. That isn’t Karma. It’s just how this works. If your country routinely violates human rights norms, and that’s ok with you, you might be next.

Naftali Bennett on the torture of children by the State

From here.

שר החינוך התייחס גם לעדויות על התנהלות החקירות בשב”כ ואמר כי כל החקירה מפוקחת ומבוקרת “שמענו המון דברים ואני יכול לומר שהפעולות שמבוצעות הן פעולות בבקרה ובפיקוח משפטי צמוד ובמטרה למנוע את הפיגוע הבא. אנחנו יודעים לסמוך על השב”כ, השב”כ מגן עלינו יום יום מפני אלפי פיגועים פוטנציאליים וצריך לסמוך עליו גם בפעולה הזאת”.

“The Education Czar spoke about the testimony (including torture) regarding the Shabak interrogation, saying that the investigation was being conducted with oversight. “We’ve heard a lot of things (about torture) and I can say that what is being done is being done with judicial oversight. (Meaning Judges say the torture is OK so it’s OK.) The purpose is to prevent the next terrorist attack. We know we can trust the Shabak. The Shabak protects us day in day out from thousands of potential attacks and we need to trust them on this.”

Ah, Bennett. You are my favorite. Love you. May you live forever.

Lesson being: Question not. Be loyal. And shut up.

Notice what the primate is doing here. By saying “the purpose is to prevent the next terrorist attack” he is saying that the torture is happening and that it is justified. Because the “law” in Israel is that torture is legal when it is to stop a ticking time bomb, but not regarding past events. Bennett is saying that the kids constitute a ticking time bomb because their interrogation is for the purpose of stopping the next attack. Theoretically you can say that about anybody. Which means torture is legal in Israel.

He’s saying, in his own politician way, that the torture is happening as it should.

Feiglin tears into Bayit Yehudi and others for condoning state torture of Jewish children

All 120 primates in the current Knesset are evil and should be expelled from the country. I have said repeatedly that I never support violence against State officials and discourage anyone from acting violently against the State. However, given that all 120 of them support the torture of children by jackbooted State thugs, if any of them died of natural causes I would not mourn their passing.

The back story here is that 2 kids are suspected by the State of arson against Arabs that ended up killing a family in a place called Duma. The kids have been tortured by the Shabak, including being strung up by the legs while having their testicles repeatedly squeezed, presumably to get a confession. One of them was not allowed a lawyer for 3 straight weeks with no contact with the outside world, not to mention his parents.

The government gang is now made up of 61 primates, the minimum number required for a ruling gang. That means any one of them could bring down the ruling gang in response to this torture by simply voting no confidence and showing there is some sort of humanity in them, but all of them are doing nothing, preferring to stay in the gang. They are therefore complicit in the torture of children, with all the moral implications of being complicit in such a crime. Even so, I still discourage active violence against them.

Here is Moshe Feiglin at his very best, the one and only human being in Israeli politics. Translation below:

אינני מצליח להבין כיצד חברי הכנסת של הבית היהודי והיותר לאומיים בליכוד – לא מפסיקים את הזוועה הזו.

הרי מענים את הילדים של הבוחרים שלכם עינויים קשים – עינויי תופת! אין שום תירוץ לדבר הזה, אין שום פצצה מתקתקת ולא שום דבר שמתקרב לזה.

בקואליציה של 61 כל אחד מכם יכול לעצור את הזוועה הזו בהינף אצבע – ואתם לא עושים את זה.

לא רק חיי הנערים ושפיותם תלויים בצואריכם, כל עתידה של המדינה תלוי באצבע הקטנה שלכם.

כי לאיזו מן סדום נתתם למדינה שלנו להתדרדר! איזו מן מדינה נשארת לנו אחרי שזוועה שכזו מתחוללת כאן “ברשות ובסמכות ובפיקוח”…

היום השמאל מענה את הימין, מחר הימין יענה את השמאל – איזה יופי… העיקר שהכל “ברשות ובסמכות”…

כשהיה צריך הצבעתי נגד (!) הקואליציה (כששחררו מחבלים ובמקרים עקרוניים נוספים) מדוע אתם לא מסוגלים לעשות זאת עכשיו?!

הרי הממשלה והבוגי מבצעים את הזוועה הזו מכוחכם!
אף אחד מכם לא יכול להגיד – “יש להם רוב ממילא גם בלעדי…” ואם האופוזיציה תתגייס לתמוך (והיא לא) אז לפחות לא מכם יידרש הדם.

כשמדובר היה בזכויות אדם – תמיד הצטרפתי לשמאל.
נגד מעצרים מנהליים, נגד הזנה בכפיה, בעד זכותם לסרב, הפגנתי נגד קציר האיברים בסין ועוד.

אם הימין היה היום באופוזיציה – הזוועה הזו לא היתה מתרחשת.

I don’t understand how Knesset Members from the Jewish Home and the more nationalist Likud members do not stop the horror of the torture of the Duma suspects. After all, they are severely torturing the children of your constituents. There is no excuse for this. They are not suspected of being ‘ticking bombs’ or anything even similar to that.
In a coalition of 61 Knesset Members, it takes only one person to topple the government and to stop the horror. And you are not doing it. Not only are the lives of these boys and their sanity on your shoulders. The future of the State of Israel depends on your vote.
What kind of Sodom has the State brought upon us? What kind of state will be left after this horror, taking place with the authorization and oversight of the ‘law’?
Today it is the Left torturing the Right. Tomorrow the Right will torture the Left. As long as it is all with the authorization and oversight of the ‘law’…
When it was necessary, I voted against the Coalition (when they released terrorists and on additional matters of principle). Why can’t you do the same now? The government and the Defense Minister are perpetrating this horror with your vote!
Not one of you can say, “The Coalition enjoys a majority even without me.” Even if the Opposition would support the continued administrative detention and torture (and it won’t) at least the blood would not be on your account.
If the Right was in the Opposition today, this horror would not be taking place.

What Libertarians really hear when people say…

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People say…

It’s unthinkable that some workers aren’t paid a living wage. The minimum wage should be raised to at least $15 an hour so that everyone who works can afford to buy XYZ.

A libertarian hears…

It’s unthinkable that some workers aren’t paid a living wage, even though I have never employed a single person in my life. Anyone who isn’t worth at least $15 an hour should not be legally allowed to work at all. If they dare work, the government should arrest both employer and laborer immediately. That way, only the people whose labor is worth $15 an hour will have jobs, and everyone else can live off taxpayers.

People say…

OPEC is a cartel that will do anything to drive the price of oil down in order to bankrupt the American oil industry. To protect the American oil industry from OPEC flooding the market and driving the oil price down, Obama should raise a 30% tariff on oil imports.

A libertarian hears…

The government should force Americans to pay 30% more for oil by having the government take 30% of it, instead of some other industry getting the difference. In fact, all trade with America should be forbidden so American companies can supply Americans with everything. In fact, each state should forbid commerce with every other state in order to protect all state-level companies. Same with cities, blocks, and individuals. The division of labor should be made illegal.

People say…

(REWIND 8 YEARS) Oil is too expensive because OPEC is a cartel and they’ll do anything they can to jack up the price of oil. The US needs to put pressure on Saudi Arabia to pump more oil.

A libertarian hears…


People say…

I don’t buy goods produced in third world sweatshops because that is immoral.

A libertarian hears…

People who used to be starving and prostituting themselves on the street who are now working in sweatshops should go back to starving and prostituting themselves on the street, because sweatshops are immoral.

People say…

Women deserve equal pay to men in the workplace. Anything else is sexist.

A libertarian hears…

Any woman found accepting a job at a pay lower than what I think is reasonable, even though I don’t own or run a business and never have, should be forced to quit if she can’t get a raise. This should not apply to men. Anything else is sexist.

People say…

ISIS needs to be bombed so Islamic fundamentalist terror will finally stop.

A libertarian hears…

The best way to get people to stop wanting to kill you is to invade and bomb their country. Then they’ll give up and be your friend.

People say…

The US should bomb all the bad guys. Russia should get out of Ukraine because Putin is a megalomaniac.

A libertarian hears…

When the US bombs and invades anyone, it’s always good. When anyone else bombs and invades anyone, it’s always bad. Go red white and blue team!

People say…

The government needs to spend more to get the economy out of its funk

A libertarian hears…

$18 trillion of debt is not enough. If we up it to $30 trillion that should do it. Maybe it’ll take more though.


Samir Kuntar, Not a Muslim, is Dead

The Israeli Air Force killed Samir Kuntar yesterday. Before we get all mushy and proud of the State for exacting at least some sort of justice, let’s all realize that Kuntar should have been dead 36 years ago. Yes, better late than never, but why the hell didn’t Israel kill the bastard in 1979 and save us all the trouble and the expense of cross-border bombing raids following a prisoner exchange?!

Danny, Yael, and Einat Haran, just before they were all murdered in 1979

Samir Kuntar is the man who murdered the Haran family in 1979 in Nahariya. What many do not know about Kuntar is that he was not a Muslim. He was not even an Arab. He was a Druze. Those guys the State loves for their loyalty. Well, they’re also loyal to whatever State they happen to be in, and Kuntar was Syrian.

When Kuntar crossed over to Israel by boat to Nahariya in 1979, he and his group invaded an apartment building where they took Danny Haran and his 4 year old daughter Einat hostage, the one on the left kissing her father. The mother Smadar and her 2 year old daughter Yael, on the right, hid in a crawl space, where Smadar accidentally suffocated her Yael to death to stop her crying as they were hiding from armed invaders.

Kuntar took Danny and Einat to the beach, where he shot Danny in the back, drowned him in front of his daughter, and crushed Einat’s skull with the butt of his gun.

Kuntar was freed by the State of Israel in 2008 in exchange for the bodies of Eldad Regev and Ehud Goldwasser.

The problem with the State having a monopoly on the justice system is that someone like Kuntar was allowed to live for so long. He should have been killed in 1979, preferably by being shot in the back and having his head smashed to a damn pulp with the butt of his own rifle.

We still have those disgusting vermin Amjad Awad and Hakim Awad breathing air, the two primates who slaughtered half of the Fogel family in Itamar in 2011, including an 11 and 4 year old, and a 3 month old baby by slitting her neck in her crib. Mark my words, these primates will be released eventually and given medals by some politician, and it will take a costly and risky bombing to kill them when they could easily just be dispatched now and thrown in the Dead Sea.

The Awad brothers are sitting in a State prison for “5 life terms and an additional 7 years”. Nobody dares laugh at the inanity of something like that. People usually say “5 life terms! That’ll teach’em!” Only the State could think of something so stupid as “5 life terms” and then add 7 years to boot, as if they’re going to extend his life 5 times beyond that of an average human and keep them in prison on my money. Only the State is allowed to talk in such nonsense. It’s all empty words. They say 5 instead of 1 because it sounds harsher, but it’s all crap anyway. He’s in until he’s released in an exchange, so no need to take verbal hyperbole seriously.

The worst part is, I’m paying for their food and housing. When you pay taxes, you pay to feed these people. These people who slaughter babies. Because the State won’t kill them until after they are exchanged for a body or two.

The “controversial” gas agreement that exempts the gas industry from antitrust laws

The left is really pissed off now because the people who discovered a bunch of natural gas off the coast of Israel will not have to be harassed by the antitrust authority for trying to develop a natural resource. All the leftists who had absolutely nothing to do with discovering anything – no investment, no capital, no nothing – are all upset that they will not get a bigger piece of the action by having the companies who discovered the Leviathan field taxed up the wazoo and prevented from ever developing the field because doing so violates some arbitrary law.

Antitrust is a made up concept that is indefinable, because a trust is indefinable. If two companies working together on one project and setting a price for it is a trust, then two groups of people in the same company working together on one project and setting a price for it is a trust. If a trust is a thing and antitrust is justified, then all economic cooperation of any kind must be forbidden.

The result of consistent application of antitrust laws would be mass starvation and death, because nobody would be allowed to cooperate on anything, and all who are not completely self-sufficient would die.

So, in advocating for antitrust laws, these people are rooting on mass global starvation.

Good job and yasher koach to Netanyahu for at least getting this passed. I doubt it will stand up to the Supreme Court of Idiots, and if they overturn this and force the antitrust laws then I would encourage the discoverers of the field, Noble Energy, Delek, and Yitzchak Tshuva to destroy the field and blow it up, Francisco d’Anconia Atlas Shrugged style so nobody can use it, and stick it to those “judges”.