Scottish Independence from the United Kingdom: Unbaffling the Bullshit

There really is a lot of inane nonsense being spouted by all sides about tomorrow’s independence referendum vote in Scotland. It’s all rhetorical bullshit and nobody is getting at the heart of the matter.

The No side (the ones against independence) speaks in terms of “unity” and “shared values” and the UK as some Godly project that was divined out of the silver mouths of Saints to further Peace on Earth and Good Will Towards Men.

It was nothing more than a bailout for a failed Scottish colony in Panama called the Darien Scheme in the late 17th century, where big banksters went bankrupt trying to settle a freaking wasteland and failed miserably. These losers were in the hole for lending out other people’s money just like fractional reserve bankers always do, and Britain promised them £398,085 if Scotland signed the deal.

The banks got their bailout, and England got a whole new tax base to loot. That was it. No shared values other than bank bailouts, no divine intentions here, nothing holy, just a bunch of bullshit. That’s all it ever is with states. They make dirty deals to satisfy their banker funders who get in trouble loaning out other people’s money and losing it, then they spin it as some kind of progress for the human race and “shared values”.

What about the Yes side? We have this nice article from Sean Connery who, while it is nice that he’s supporting independence and I commend him for that, doesn’t say anything of substance and just goes on about “exporting culture” and “investing in culture” and how Scotland will have more money for cultural activities like sheep shearing or something or kilt wearing or film or whatever Scotland does when it declares independence.

And there’s the No side again going on about how it will be an economic catastrophe if the State breaks up, just like it’s been everywhere else that declared independence from Britain, like AMERICA and ISRAEL and CANADA and AUSTRALIA. Yeah, all of those are catastrophes. Maybe they should have all stayed part of the UK.

Notice who's missing on the map? הן עם לבדד ישכון, ובגוים לא יתחשב
Notice who’s missing from the map? Israel, 1948? הן עם לבדד ישכון, ובגוים לא יתחשב

What will be a catastrophe? That they won’t use the Pound? Who wants to use the damn pound? Printed fiat currency that keeps depreciating and stealthfully stealing your wealth. All you need to do is allow the private economy to start producing money and compete, the best money wins, that’s it, screw the pound!

Here’s the issue: Will Scottish people decide to keep paying taxes to politicians in England, or not? Do they want to be slaves, or not? Will they be tempted to stay and eat from the government pig trough or not?

It has nothing to do with cultural pride or shared values. The question is, do you want to move on with your life and stop acting as if you need a political guardian who does nothing but steal from you?

The vote will be a rough approximation of tax payers and tax receivers in Scotland. The tax payers generally want independence. The tax receivers want to stay on the couch watching kilted rugby players or whatever Scottish tax receiver deadbeats watch, excuse my cultural ignorance. (No offense to the Scottish tax payers, only the tax receivers.)

Break up the UK, Be independent. Get rid of the politicians, live free, be responsible for yourself, and don’t pick a new political sugar daddy.


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