Feiglin approaching 40% – Netanyahu may be on his way out!

Translated from likudnik.co.il

Let’s see what happens baby! The guy can run, but he can’t hide! Let him run away. His little cronies will follow, but the nation of Israel will NOT.

Barak is heating things up

Ehud Barak understands that it will be very difficult for Netanyahu to grant him and his friends political refuge in Likud. So he’s started taking down outposts. Every week another outpost, and it’s done with brutality, with the goal being short political gain: the angrier the religious Zionists get, the more they’ll turn to Feiglin. This way, with low voter turnout, Feiglin may get more than 30% of the vote, and could even approach 40%.

Such a scenario would be a political earthquake for Netanyahu and he wouldn’t be able to accept a situation where Feiglin became such a threat. So there may be a scenario in which Netanyahu would split the Likud but keep the Likud name in that when he leaves, most of the faction if not all of it would leave with him. Since they would be able to keep the name “Likud” without the baggage of the party’s institutions or the danger of the “knitted kipot” taking over the party and its next Knesset list.


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