Nir Barkat Doesn’t Get It

Nir Barkat interviewed on Fox News, misses the point and makes things worse.

Nir Barkat, Mayor of Jerusalem, just…doesn’t…get it. Nor does any Israeli leader currently in power.

Watch this interview. Notice how Barkat cannot explain why Arabs would want to rush Israel’s borders. Notice how Neil Cavuto seems to be pushing him to say something more, yet he can’t. Notice how Barkat keeps saying how we have to “manage the conflict” and how we are “peace seeking”. He slams the same points that every Israeli leader has been slamming since 1948. “We want to be left alone please. But we do have a nice tourism industry. Come stop by a hotel and have a falafel. After all, that’s why we’ve survived for 3,000 years. For the tourism. And the falafel.”

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There is no time to manage the conflict, Nir. The world is at a tipping point and we’re on the low end.

Nir – here’s what you should have said if you were a true Jewish leader instead of one who wants to pretend he’s just like Neil Cavuto and that Neil should check out the falafel.

Cavuto: Why are they rushing the border?

Barkat: Neil, they’re rushing the border because they want to destroy us. (That much Barkat understands. What he doesn’t understand is this:) They want to destroy us because they are Muslim. Jewish existence in Israel confirms the Bible and threatens the Quran, which puts their entire religion in question. If they can destroy Israel, they save Islam, and so they’re trying really hard to save their religion. You can’t blame them really.

They are encouraged when Israel is willing to give away land that was promised to the Jews, to people who it does not belong to. This shows the world that Israel, and by extension the Jewish People, don’t feel that they are justified in living in the land that God gave them. If they’ll give up the land of their ancestors, they’ll definitely give up the land of their parents 63 years ago. This is what gives them the strength to think that the “Zionist Entity” as they call it, is only temporary. And they rush Israel’s borders.

Cavuto: A lot of folks are gunning for you Nir, what do you think you should do about it?

Barkat: This isn’t the first time a lot of folks have been gunning for the Jewish People, Neil. We’ve survived it all. But nobody who has ever attempted to destroy us has ever survived that attempt. So if they want to try, I say bring it on. God will protect His people as He always has, and the bad people in the end will be destroyed.

Cavuto: Doesn’t it bother you that the world thinks you’re the bad guys?

Barkat: First of all, no. The Jewish People don’t rely on the world. We rely on our God. Second, they think we’re the bad guys because we keep saying we occupy land that isn’t ours. If our Prime Minister said that God gave us all of Israel, then they wouldn’t think we’re bad. They’d think we’re Jews, and they’d be scared.

Cavuto: Don’t you think the world is upside down, investigating you for what you say is self defense, investigating the US for killing Osama bin Laden…

Barkat: They’re investigating the USA for killing Osama bin Laden because the USA no longer sees itself as the moral example for the rest of the world, and opens herself up to evil people judging her. Obama going on apology tours to Saudi Arabia doesn’t help. Same with Israel. We don’t see ourselves as a moral example for the rest of the world. We see ourselves as occupiers who want to compromise because we took too much. When we stop saying we want to give them a State, we’ll stop being seen as evil. When you stop apologizing for being Americans, you’ll stop being seen as evil as well.

This is how he should have closed:

We are a peace seeking people, but we are also a war seeking people against anyone who dare threaten us. What we really seek is the glory of the God of Israel. If our neighbors leave us alone, we’ll do that by living in our country as a moral example to the rest of the world. If they fight us, we will fight them in the name of God and win, as we always have.

The problem with Nir Barkat and all the rest of Israel’s leadership is they go around trying to convince Neil Cavuto that we are just like Neil Cavuto. What they don’t understand is that Neil Cavuto believes in the Bible, and he is looking for leadership, for a voice coming from Jerusalem. Speak to Neil Cavuto and the rest of the West in the name of the God of Israel, and you’ll get their respect. Otherwise they’ll just get confused, and you’ll be alone with a bunch of Arabs rioting on your border while you’re being investigated by the UN for shooting them.