Rav Uri and Ronit Sherki’s Son Murdered

Rav Sherki is one of the few Rabbis I look up to, and can stand to listen to. I have many of his shiurim on my phone. I’ve gone to his home for the annual Manhigut Yehudit Sukkah party for many years. I recognized the picture of his son Shalom in the paper, though I’ve never spoken to Shalom. I see Ronit at almost every Manhigut Yehudit event I attend.

Shalom, Shalom Sherki

Shalom is dead now. He was murdered in an intentional car crash at the bus stop he was standing at on French Hill in Jerusalem.

The man who rammed the car into him is in the custody of Shabak.

Some people don’t like how cynical I am. But I am who I am. I can’t give any words of comfort other than to say Rav Uri, Ronit, and the rest of his family, as well as I and everyone else in Manhigut Yehudit and now in Zehut, know what has to be done. Only we know what has to be done. Nobody else does. And we will get it done.

I don’t blame “Arabs” for this. They are who they are. The fact that they are still here is the State of Israel’s fault. I blame the State of Israel.

Now that you’ve been warned of my cynicism, here it is in all its biting disgust and despair.

I wonder what academic degree this murderer is going to get while in the prison that I’m paying for, and whether he will have time to procure enough credits for a bachelor’s degree before being released in Netanyahu’s next good will prisoner exchange.

Shalom Sherki, may God avenge your murder, because the State of Israel sure as hell ain’t going to.


FREE MARKET AT WORK Private Police Force Forms in Jerusalem

Ynet is out with an article this morning about how 300 people have volunteered to be a part of a neighborhood watch group in order to spot lone wolf would-be murderers trying to plow into groups of people or hack at them with pickaxes or shoot them.

The most common objection to anarcho-capitalism is that the free market cannot produce a single, unified police force, and competing police forces would be at war with one another. But 300 people mobilizing to protect private property of their own free will is the same exact thing as a police force. The only difference is they’re not being paid. Are they going to spontaneously start shooting each other because they are not all the same police company?

Sure, sounds totally plausible, in an insane asylum.

But why shouldn’t they be paid? Why can’t a group of private businesses in Jerusalem pool their resources together to hire a few hundred people – maybe even poor homeless people who could use some money, train them in the basics of shooting a gun, and have them patrol the streets?

Why is this such a crazy idea? It’s perfectly sound and doable, much cheaper than supporting a police force, and puts money in the pockets of the poor.

Jerusalem does not need one single cop. All it needs is a cooperative populace to organize around the price system and hire some people to walk around, armed, and secure the whole city. The best guards will get raises. The worst ones will get fired. Eventually, you’d have a pretty damn good citizen’s police force protecting everyone and earning some income.

No taxes required.